The Hubris Campaign Setting Links Page

I figured it’d be good to create a page with all the links to the various stuff that’ll be going into my Hubris campaign setting (or won’t and I’m using).  This  setting uses the awesome Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.



Charts and Tables



Occupation List

Nations, Territories, and Places of Interest

Optional Rules

Magic Items


Classes/Races Not Being Published in Hubris (but I’m allowing players to use anyways)

Various Session Recaps

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

53 thoughts

  1. Hello ! I Just order the Hubris book.
    I have a question, as i look at the map i dont see any scale for distancies. As à exemple what is the distance between Scydar and Fairweather ?

    Thanks in d’avance for your reply

    1. Awesome:) Thanks for the support. I purposely left it so there is no distance. It’s up to the GM to determine how big Hubris is. I run it as a massive continent that takes weeks of travel across the Great Plains.

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