Land of the Spirits Fighter and Conjurer Black Hack Style

I’ve been working on Land of Spirits for a few months now (in between Starrunner Kit, Hubris, and High Noon), sorting out inspirations, what I want to do, designing classes, races, etc.

I really wanted to go with a merge between White Box and what I dig from 5e (here is the Fighter class and Magic User). Recently David Black released the Black Hack and I really enjoy it (I’ve been doing posts about it for the last two weeks).  Anyways, David Black did an awesome job and it’s a more streamlined version of what I was planning on doing- so I’m seriously contemplating using Black Hack instead of continuing on nailing out my own mechanics (there will be one or two things I add, but not much).

So I figured I’d show the classes of Land of Spirits Black Hack’d here.



Fighters excel at combat and prefer to on the frontline of battle. Fighters use their prowess of weapons and keen senses to devastate an enemy and take them down quickly.  A fighter is able to mow through enemies quickly, making them a formidable and deadly killing machine.


Class Abilities


Starting HP: d10 + 4HP

Per Level/Resting: 1d10

Weapons & Armor: Any and All

Attack Damage: 1d8 / 1d6 Unarmed or Improvising



Once per hour, whilst in combat, a Warrior can regain d8 lost HP.

As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per level.

Choose one Specialization, see below.



See option in Specialization





Duelists are highly trained warriors able to fight with finesse and defensively while wielding two one-handed weapons; their ability to deflect a foe’s attacks has made them the stories of legend.

 Parry: The Duelist knows how to deflect a person’s attack by fighting defensively.  When a Duelist fights in this manner as a full action, duelist rolls Advantage to avoid an enemy’s melee  attacks. The duelist takes no other actions.

Two-weapon Fighting: The Duelist is able to wield a light weapon in their off-hand, gaining a +2 to damage without suffering +2 to the attack roll.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex




Rangers are huntsman and trackers comfortable in the wilds of nature; their keen eyes able to spot game, water, or ground to make a safe camp quickly.  Rangers form a deep bond with an animal of the wilds who serves as a loyal companion.

Animal Companion: Rangers start play with a trusted animal companion.  Roll 1d8: 1) arctic fox; 2) hawk; 3) boar; 4) lynx; 5) wolf; 6) bear dog; 7) wolverine; 8) badger

If the animal companion dies the ranger can attempt to bond with a new one after one week of mourning.  They must go in the wilds and attempt to coax the animal to them.  A single ST must be passed for this to succeed (treat as a background/class ability for TN).

At 10th level a Ranger is able to tame a brown bear as an animal companion, should they choose.

Survivalist: Rolls with Advantage when performing tasks in nature such as finding food, tracking, identifying plants and animals, hiding or moving silently, etc.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Wis



Ravagers are vicious combatants known for their ferocity and brute-force.  Where other Fighters may use finesse, the Ravager swings wildly and uses their devastating blows to punish and take down an enemy.

Juggernaut: When a Ravager is using a two-handed weapon they +2 to damage due to the ferocity of their attacks, but do not suffer the +2 to their attack roll.

Thick Skinned: A Ravager does not fear death or pain.  At 1st level they ignore 1 point of damage (even from magical sources).  At 5th level this is increased to 2 points of damage.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Con




Skalds are battle hardened fighters who tell stories of old about bravery, victory, and honor, inspiring their allies or terrifying their enemies while in battle.  A Skald can elevate a pauper to a prince, or bring a chief to his knees with but a few words.

Inspire: The Skald bellows stories of their ancestors and past victories to inspire an ally within 60’, spurning them to greater heights.  This speech takes one round to accomplish.   At the end of the speech the ally gains Advantage on a roll of their choosing within the next 10 minutes.

Terrify: The skald speaks of ill-omens, bad-tidings, and of vengeance and horror, causing unsettling fear in their enemies through the power of their words in a Nearby area.  The Skald must successfully test their Charisma for each group of creatures they are attempting to rattle, adding the creature’s HD to the roll . A GM will determine which creatures are in any particular group.  Creatures that are Terrified by the Skald must spend all their movement (and convert actions to movement) to move away from the Skald for 2d4 Moments after being Terrified.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Chr




Vagabonds live on the fringes of society and have learned to fight to stay alive.  Vagabonds roam around and pick up many handy skills and are known for their uncanny luck and unscrupulous fighting tactics.

Roll with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage or effects from traps and magical devices.

Rolls with Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2d6 / 2d4 + the Vagabond’s level damage.

Rolls with Advantage when performing delicate tasks, picking pockets, climbing, hearing sounds, moving silently, understanding written languages and opening locks.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex


Shielded Warrior


Shielded Warriors are masters of defense, using their trusty shield to deflect and absorb an enemy’s attack.  Shielded Warriors are able to stand as a wall against onslaught, survive a vicious attack, and still keep fighting.

Shield Bash: The Shielded Warrior is able to wield their shield as a weapon and make an attack with it instead of their weapon. A small to large target that is successfully hit takes damage and is stunned for 1 round.

Tower Shield: A shielded warrior knows how to use a tower shield effectively.  Normally a person can only wield a tower shield.  A knight can wield one and a 1 handed weapon effectively.  A Shielded Warrior cannot perform a shield bash while wielding a tower shield.

Shielded Warrior: If a Warrior fails a STR or DEX test and would be dealt damage from an attack, they can opt to sunder (destroy) their shield – if they have one equipped – and ignore the damage.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex


Conjurers are a strange lot, able to manipulate the powerful energies of the spirits, twisting them into strange and devastating spells.  Female Conjurers are called Seiðr, and are held in weary, and also often high, regard.  Male Conjurers are called Ergi and are held in some distrust as magic is considered unmanly.  Many Ergi hide their tattoos and ability to cast magic until they are around those they trust or a dire situation arises.  There are Ergi that are unashamed of their abilities and have no thoughts on the taboos that society puts on them.


Class Abilities

Starting HP: d6 + 4HP

Per Level/Resting: 1d6

Weapons & Armor: Any weapon and no armor

Attack Damage: 1d4 / 1 Unarmed or Improvising


Roll with Advantage when testing INT to avoid damage or effects from spells or magical devices

Choose one Specialization, see below.



See option in Specialization


Schools of Magic: A Conjurer chooses a specialization at level 1.  Once this choice is made, it’s permanent.


Tattoos: Magic spells are tattooed on the flesh of the Magic User.  The Magic User need not see the tattoo to cast the spell, but pulls from the connection to the ink in the flesh and the magical world, almost like a tether or string that binds the two together.


Starting Spells

Conjurers start with a large spellbook containing a total of 1d4+2 spells from the Level 1 and 2 Spell lists.


Any spell can actually be turned into a ritual and stored in a pendant or ring to be cast at a later date. A person can only have one item tied to them at a time.  Rituals take a number of hours equal to their level to cast and require special ingredient and 1 or more people. The main caster rolls under their Intelligence.  Each servant assisting in the ritual lowers the roll result by 1 (up to a max of 10 servants).

Should spell failure occur while casting a ritual something weird/terrible happens (up to the GM to determine this).

Anyone can cast a ritual, not just a Magic User, however they do not receive Advantage on the roll whereas Magic Users do. This is to highlight how scheming nobles or power hungry peasants foolishly dabble in magic.






Sorcerers focus on arcane arts; bewitching the senses, casting powerful illusions, or raining fire down on their enemies.  Their ability to sense magic and their bond with their animal familiar gives them an edge in the world of magic.


Summon Familiar: The sorcerer gains a familiar.  Roll 1d12: 1) cat– have Advantage on Dex checks for sneaking; 2) bat– gain echo-sense (cannot be blinded- can detect targets hiding within Close range, but must be concentrating and still); 3) raven– reroll one failed Savings Throw per session; 4) lynx– grow claws and gain attack at class damage; 5) dog– aura of loyalty- retainers are immune to fear effects while Close to you; 6) arctic fox– Increase Dexterity score by +2 (max of 18); 7) pig– gain ability to track with scent, must succeed a Wis check; 8) otter– talented swimmer, gain Advantage on any Str checks for swimming; 9) squirrel- can climb things easily- gain Advantage on Dex rolls ; 10) raccoon– Have Advantage on Dex checks to do sleight of hand style actions; 11) owl– gain dark vision- see in darkness (even magical) up to Far Away; 12) pseudo-dragon- can actually speak not just empathic link to sorcerer, start with an additional level 1 Arcane spell .

A sorcerer gains an empathic link with heir familiar, and their familiar can deliver touch spells for them.  If a familiar is killed the sorcerer is stunned, suffers 3d6 damage, and loses all abilities granted by the creature.  The sorcerer can summon a new one in one month.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for INT or WIS





Priests pay homage to the world of the spirits, believing in preserving the memories of their ancestors and beliefs of their people.  While Priests focus on healing, philosophy, and religion, it is not below them to cast devastating spells on their enemies or those who have wronged them.

Speak With Spirits: The priest is able to consult with the spirits and chooses one of two actions: A warning of events or the consequences of an action.  If the priest chooses warning of events, they may choose to reroll a failed save (before the sunrise of the next day).  If the priest chooses consequences of an action, they will find out if an action will have good or bad consequences.  This will be within a 30 minute period of asking.  This lets the priest be prepared for a course of action.



Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for WIS or CHR




Druids are Magic Users who revere their bonds with the spirits and the natural way of life.  They are savage and as ever changing as the very nature they revere.  Druids are able to transform into a natural creature and through bonding with nature have taken on an aspect of the animal.

Animal Shape: The druid is able to transform into a small or medium creature (no larger than a wolf, boar, or cougar, and no smaller than a dog, cat, eagle, etc.) While in this form the druid can track by scent (rolling under Wis with Advantage), move as the creature would (IE. Swim, fly, etc.), gains their ability to breathe (IE. fish or frog can breathe underwater), a bite attack (and possibly claw attacks at a d4 as well- Judges call), gains 4 Armor Points (this does not stack with any other armor- this armor does not refresh with each transformation), and can see in a Far Away radius in the low light conditions.  The druid cannot communicate with other people while in animal form.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.  A druid can change into an animal a number of times equal to their level.



Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or WIS


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