Hubris Murder Machine Black Hack’d

So Black Hack is a damned cool version of D&D!  It’s right up there for me with Into the Odd, White Box, and DCC.  I thought it would be fun to Black Hack my Hubris races (and maybe the classes) with Hubris so close to being done (Alex is kicking butt on layout!).


So today here is the Murder Machine!

Murder Machine

The Murder Machine by Jeremy Duncan


Whether you were a criminal, beggar, or an invalid just trying to get by you managed to anger the Black Queen and were “volunteered” into her service.

You were strapped into a suit of specially crafted armor and dumped into a vat full of boiling, swirling alchemical substances and sealed in a chamber for three days.  The intense heat and pressure of the chamber caused your flesh to melt and meld with the suit of armor.  While the Black Guard of Abhorrent Action watched in stoic silence, your screams of pain still ring in your ears.

You emerged from the vat as one of the Black Queen’s terrifying Murder Machines.  Through her bizarre technology and sorcery she has created a living construct which she uses to mercilessly destroy her enemies.  You killed, labored, destroyed, and terrified all in her name.

While most murder machines are utterly loyal and obedient to the Black Queen, you are different.  The alchemical substances did not manage to destroy your consciousness and personality.  Eventually you were able to break free of her control completely.  You bided your time, and when able you made your escape.

Now you are on the run from agents of the Black Queen while attempting to etch out a life for yourself in the strange and grim world of Hubris.


Construct: As a bizarre living construct a murder machine does not require sleep, food, or air.  They are also immune to diseases and poisons.  Due to being a construct normal magical means of healing are not as effective on you, only giving you half the amount (minimum of 1HP back).

Natural Armor: The body of a murder machine is made of tough metal and wood and gives natural armor protection.  Murder Machines are treated as though they are wearing chain mail.  This follows the normal Black Hack rules (pg 3).

Punch Them in the Face: A Murder Machine’s fist is hard metal and wood and does class weapon damage.

Swiss-Army Hand: A Murder Machine is built to kill, and as such is outfitted with a hand that can rotate and become one of three weapons.  At character creation a player chooses three weapons from the following list: hand crossbow, dagger, flail, hand axe, mace, short sword, wheellock pistol

Shut Down: A Murder Machine is able to shut down for eight hours and repair their body.  They repair a number of hit dice equal to half their level.

Hunted: The Black Queen is furious that you have somehow resisted her control.  Agents of The Black Guard of Abhorrent Action are hunting you, eager to please their queen.


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