Hubris Avarian- Black Hack’d

So Black Hack is a damned cool version of D&D!  It’s right up there for me with Into the Odd, White Box, and DCC.  I thought it would be fun to Black Hack my Hubris races (and maybe the classes) with Hubris so close to being done (Alex is kicking butt on layout!).

So today here is the Avarian!

Hubris- Avarian Action Shot

The Avarian by David Lewis Johnson

You are an enigmatic and elusive humanoid that closely resembles a crow or raven, ranging 4’5” to 5’5” in height.  Your culture is bizarre to outsiders, as your race tends to be secretive and exhibit a magpie mentality for hording items and mementos- even if they may seem like junk to others.  Many of the other races tend to distrust you as yours is a race of consummate tricksters.  Some avarians have a natural ability to cast illusion spells, while others have a bizarre ability to cause people to become unlucky, and often delve into crime, using their various skills as spies, thieves, or assassins.

Your people’s homeland is the Realm of the Echo Forest, located in the Razorback Mountains of the Frozen Wastes pg XX).

Weapon Training: Avarians are thieves by natures and know how to get out of trouble.  Avarians are proficient with blackjacks, bolas, and hand crossbows.

Flight: The arms of an avarian are also his wings.  An avarian can fly at a rate of Far-Away. While flying, an Avarian cannot attack or cast spells.  An Avarian cannot fly if they are wearing any armor (other than padded) or while having an abundance of items and weapons, or large weapons (half their Strength score in items).

Low-Light Vision: An Avarian can see in near dark conditions normally in a Nearby radius.

Magpie: Avarians collect things that others find useless or mundane; it’s a compulsion.  Once per session an Avarian can find a “useful” mundane item hiding in their pockets.  The item could be a hairpin, a few coins, a shiny button, an ancient skeleton key, etc.  The idea should be fun and clever to the situation.  The Judge has final arbitration.

Mocking Bird: An Avarian is able to mimic the voice or sound of any creature that they have heard in the past (Judge has final say).  Sneaky Avarians use this ability to lure a mark into a dark alley, or to distract a guard.  The Avarian must roll under their Charisma to determine if they successfully pull off the sound.  If they fail, whoever they are attempting to trick knows the sound is not genuine.


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