Beyond the Wall House Rules

At the end of May I am going to be running a game for some friends who have never RPG’d before and I figured I’d use Beyond the Wall to introduce them to the fun that is rolling dice and BSing with friends.

I’m really digging Beyond the Wall, since it’s a departure, feeling-wise, of what I normally run (that being the twisted and fucked up world of Hubris).


I like how simple each class is, however I like my classes to have just a few more abilities than what is in BtW, so I created or hacked a few for the game.

Here’s what I added:  PDF version- Beyond the Wall Home rules
The Warrior
– If a warrior’s attack strikes their intended target successfully they may make another attack on an adjacent target.

<Choose One>
Rage– For the duration of one combat the warrior gains + 2 to attack and damage and + 2 Wisdom saves against mild-altering and fear effects, but suffers -2 to AC.  After combat the warrior is exhausted and suffers -2 to all rolls and AC until they rest for one hour.  This ability cannot be used again until the exhaustion has passed. (Thanks to Crypts and Things for the cool version of berserk- I modded it slightly).

Shield Master– The warrior knows how to use a shield effectively.  They gain an additional + 1 to their AC when wielding a shield.  Additionally a shield master can absorb two blows before their shield is shattered (Original houserule suggested by Trollsmyth).
Two Hander– The warrior can wield a two-handed weapon more effectively, dealing maximum damage on their first attack in combat if the strike is successful.  All subsequent damage from successful attacks are resolved normally.

The Archer– The warrior has learned how to use a bow very effectively.  If the warrior doesn’t take another action in a round they are able to fire two arrows in a row.  Each attack must be resolved separately.

The Rogue
Back Attack
– A rogue that successfully sneaks up on a target can make an attack at a + 2.  If successful the attack deals an additional 2d6 damage.  (normal back attack rule will be no “+” modifiers and only an additional 1d6 damage).

<Choose One>
Two-weapon Fighting– A rogue wearing light armor and holding a small weapon can make one additional attack a round.

Artful Dodge– A thief wearing light armor and no shield gains +2 to AC (again- nod to Crypts and Things).

Improved Initiative– The thief knows that those who are quickest to act usually live longest.  Add +4 to Initiative rolls.  (I am not using the static initiative bonus.  I’m doing Dexterity modifier + d20 rollif you are using the BtW static rules- just increase the rogues Initiative bonus to +2 instead.)

Ledge Crawler– A rogue’s movement is not slowed or hindered when walking along tight ropes, ledges, or cliffs.

The Mage
Successful Cantrip
– The mage can burn a Fortune Point to cast a cantrip successfully (no rolling needed).

Magical Reserve– Once per day a mage can burn a Fortune Point to regain a spell that they have already cast.  This will work even if the mage has expended all magical power (IE- failing a cantrip roll).

Counter Spell– A mage is able to counteract a spell of another caster by sacrificing the energies of one of their spells per day.  This cancels the energies of both spell-effects.  This cannot be used on cantrips or rituals.

Additional Rules
Rolling a 20 on an attack or skill is a critical success.  For critical attacks roll damage twice, add it together and then add appropriate modifier bonuses.  For skills it means the task is completely successful, even if it normally would be impossible.

If a 1 is rolled on an attack or skill check, the character has fumbled the roll.  If it is an attck roll, the character finds themselves in a bit of a pickle (GM’s choice- IE. the character drops their weapon, falls prone, impales themselves on their own weapon, the opponent gets a free attack, etc.)  For a skill check the character has botched the roll and it is no longer possible for them to attempt it again (IE. picking a lock and rolling a 1 results in the lock breaking and becoming jammed).
For Fortune Points

Second Wind- Once per session a character can burn a FP and regain half of the HP back.

Added rule for Rituals

A ritual can be cast and stored into a gold ring.  The ring must be expertly crafted and equal 100 x ritual level in gold.  A mage can only have one ritual stored in a ring at a time, but can cast other rituals during this time.

Once the ritual has been released, the ring is destroyed.

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