The Launch of DIY RPG Productions and With it the Starrunner Kit for White Star and Other OSR Sci-fi Games


DIY RPG Productions Logo (would you expect anything else…?)

I am very happy to announce the start up of my own RPG publication Co. DIY RPG Productions, under which I will (hopefully) be releasing a plethora of RPG products, apparel, and possibly comics.

Hubris is nearing completion of layout and art, and will be up for sale to the general public mid-to-late April.

And High Noon is complete and waiting for art to be commissioned (after Hubris).

The launch title for DIY RPG Productions is The Starrunner Kit for White Star (by James Spahn) and other OSR space games!

What’s in the Starrunner Kit?

The Starrunner Kit- A Sci-fi Space Toolkit Cover
Seven new classes: Assassin, Bionic Soldier, Hover Bike Racer, Scoundrel, Scout, and Tech Specialist- and optional Psionic rules.

Four new races: Alien Psychic Weapon, Changeling, Plant-like Life Form, and new Robot Models

New weapons, advanced items, vehicles, and cyberware.

Mech rules (including Light, Medium, and Heavy Mechs).

And twenty two charts and tables to use generate planets, sectors of space, pirates and raiders, space stations, available cargo and pricing, NPCs, and more all on the fly!

This was fun to write!  Thanks to Reece Carter for helping to proof this bad boy and James Spahn for the encouragement!

There are pictures of sample pages at the bottom of this post.

Starrunner Kit is #3 hottest title on RPGnow and #18 on DrivethruRPG!

Jacob R has already given a review of Starrunner Kit:

Get this. Get it if you GM White Star, get it if you ref Traveller and get it if you GM Hulks and Horrors. Lots of player classes (I like the Changeling and the Alien Psychic Weapon, oh, and the Plant-Like Lifeform the best). A metric buttload of tables for time-pressed GMs rounds out the last half of this book in a very good way. Events, places and other setting dressing automate things for you.

Here’s to many more books in the near future!!


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