Hubris Carousing Table

Carouse 3


What player doesn’t like to put their character through hell by carousing and causing mayhem that they don’t remember?  Jeff Rients over at Jeff’s Gameblog came up with an excellent Carousing table (that is the stuff of OSR legend now), and Zak later flushed it out more for Vornheim.  I have used both table several times, altering results on the fly to fit my setting… However I finally decided to make a table up for Hubris, as my players seem to enjoy punishment and have caroused several times.

Hubris Carousing Table

Carouse 4

When the characters are in a populated area, they may wish to dive into the depths of debauchery and get drunk at the local tavern.  If characters are willing to pay gold and take a gamble on what happens for the evening, they gain xp.  When a player carouses they roll a die and spend an amount of gold equal to what was rolled x 50gp.  The die rolled corresponds to how large the city is: 1d4 for villages; 1d6 for a town or city; 1d8 for Shadowfall or Fairweather, as they are dens of debauchery and excess.  The character then must succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude save, with the number rolled on the die acting as a negative modifier.  If the character succeeds roll on the night passed without incident and a good time was had by all.  If the character fails they roll on the Carousing Mishaps table.


The amount rolled on the die also equals the amount of XP gained for carousing.  If the player doesn’t have the actual amount of gold spent, they receive only half the XP gained and are now in debt to someone.

Carouse 1

Example: A PC decides to try their luck and carousing while the party is resting in Fairweather.  The player rolls 1d8 and gets a 6.  In the course of the evening the player spends 300gp and needs to roll a DC 12 Fort save with a -6 to the roll.  The player rolled a 4 on their Fort save, thus failing the roll  The player now rolls on the Carousing Mishap table.


Carousing Mishap Table

Carouse 2

1- You make a complete fool out of yourself in public.  You gain no XP.  Roll a Luck roll.  If successful you suffer -2 to Personality rolls for 24 hours.  If the Luck roll failed you gain reputation as the drunken lout and all Personality rolls are made one step lower on the die ladder for the next 1d4 months.
2- Get into an epic pub brawl!  Roll 1d3: 1-2) there are an equal number of brawlers to party members; 3) There are 1d4 more brawlers to party members.  Party members suffer -2 to attack for being drunk.
3- A slight drunken misunderstanding with the local constabulary that results in a fine of 2d8x10gp.  Failure to pay said fine results in 2d10 days in jail.
4- You wake up in bed with someone… roll on Wake Up in Bed With… table below.
5- You lose an additional 1d10x50 GP in gambling loses and gain 0 XP.
6- You drank and celebrated and were the life of the party.  Roll a DC 10 Personality Check- if you fail, you manage to be forgotten and fade into the mists of inebriation.  If you succeed on the roll you become the stuff of legend and all future carousing in this location cost double due to people who glom onto you for free drinks and revelry.
7-8- You insult a notable person of importance.  Roll on Local Person of Rank table.
9- Sharing mugs, swapping spit (or worse) isn’t the smartest thing…  You picked up a disease..  Roll on the Diseases of Hubris table (pg XX).  Use this util the book is published.

10-You get hammered and decide it’s a great idea to get a new tattoo: Roll 1d7 1) PC chooses; 2) Judge chooses; 3) player to your left chooses; 4) player to your right chooses; 5) PC carousing with you also gets the same tattoo; 6) PC chooses, but the tattoo artist botches it terribly; 7) PC chooses and the piece is a work of art.
11-The drunken player boasts about their vast amount of riches (whether true or not) and is set upon by a group of opportunistic thieves when the PC is alone.  Roll 1d4: 1) 1d3 level 1 thieves; 2) 1d2 level zero mooks; 3) 2d2 level zero mooks; 4) 2d5 level zero mooks, but after 1d3 rounds two city watchmen get involved in the fight.

12-Make a Luck roll: Success- wake up in with only your armor; Critical Success- wake up with  your armor and your most prized possession; Failure- wake up with no possessions; Critical Failure- wake up with no possessions and suspended upside down in an abandoned building, a pile of  dead bodies below you.
13- You wake up with the hangover from hell.  All rolls (including spellcasting) are made one step lower on the die ladder for the next 24 hours.

14- In your drunken stupor, you managed to upset a witch…  She casts a horrible curse upon you (DCC, pg 438).
15-You joined a local organization… It’s kinda foggy on which one you joined, but you somehow remember all the secret codes, handshakes, and passwords.  Roll on Local Organization table below.
16-You had a night of gambling: Roll 1d6: 1) You bet on a brain grub match and won!  1d10x2 gp; 2) You bet on a boxing match and lost!  2d4x10 gp; 3) You bet on a boring chess match and won!  3d6 gp! 4) You went to a brain grub match that went awry!  Resolve with normal combat!  -2 to PC because they are drunk; 5) You won big at a pie eating contest!  1d100 gp; 6) You went to a cage match- a giant spider VS a poodle…  You bet on the poodle… sure thing, right? Wrong- lose 2d100 gp!
17-Wake up stark naked in local temple, roll a 1d7 on the Local Organizations table below.
18-Someone slipped you a love potion.  Roll on the NPC table to find out who you are smitten with (pg XX).  Effect lasts for 1d10 days.
19- You got yourself in some sort of mess while in your drunken stupor and begged and whined to your god to get you out of this mess… Unfortunately for you, your god heard and answered you.  Now they are demanding you go on a quest for them.

20- You manage to start a fire in your drunken idiocy.  Roll 1d6 twice: Part One- 1-2) burn down your favorite inn or tavern; 3-4) you burn down some other den off ill-repute; 5-6) you burn down a large portion of the town.  Part Two- 1-2) no one knows what you did; 2-3 your fellow carousers know what you did; 5) someone else knows and are planning on blackmailing you; 6) everybody knows and are quite angry…

Local Organizations (d14) Gods of Hubris

1) Church of the Stillborn Unwanted Child
2) Church of Set
3) Church of Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence
4) Secret temple of the Heathen Below
5) Holy library of the God of the Terrible Whisper

6) Lavish temple of the Corpulent One

7) Church of Bailey
8) Church of the Great Slumbering Monolith

9) Church of Zxyldon

10) Secret church of Digradia

11) Chamber of Drallic the Flayer

12) Temple of Vralkar

13) Sect of the Spider Goddess (info on the Spider Goddess)

14) Cult of the Molted Raven (info on Cult of Molted Raven)

15) Band of Skeletal Gun Runners (info on Skeletal Gun Runners)

16) Guardians of the Egg that has Yet to Hatch

Local Person of Rank (d8)
1) Priest of most one of the religions of Hubris- roll 1d12 on the Local Organizations table for the deity.
2) Local magistrate
3) Tavern owner
4) Chief of the constabulary/local military
5) Court wizard
6) Plague Doctor (info on Plague Doctor)
7) Random local noble, female
8) Random local noble, male

9) Emissary from a different nation of Hubris: Roll 1d4*: 1) Floating Island of Terror; 2) Eisenbar; 3) Shadowfall; 4) Fairweather.

*reroll if outcome is nation characters are currently in

10) Prominent member of the local thieves guild
Wake Up In Bed/Smitten Subtable (d14)
Beer Goggles
1) A succubus- make a Luck roll- Success- she’s satisfied; failure- she’s not satiated and she’s angry.
2) A dead person: Roll 1d2- Even) random NPC (roll on Hubris NPC generator); Odd) roll on Local Person of Rank table
3) “Apparently” a normal attractive member of orientation-appropriate gender
4) Randomly determined other PC (neither remembers anything)
5) S/he’s ugly. You’re married.
6) (Roll again on this table.) You’re married.
7) Ekrask female who loves you
8) Half demon who is filled with regret.
9) Most important NPC in game
10) A Murder Machine
(what did you do?!)
11) Roll on “Local Person of Rank” table
12) Priest/ess of…Roll d10 on Local Organizations Subtable

13) Your mom/dad- a manifestation of the Twisted One sits on the edge of the bed looking pleased…  You are not.

14) A reoccurring villain of the game… they open dialogue with “so… what are you thinking about?”

The Morning After

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