A Very Mutated Post: The Mutant Becomes Even More Mutated in My DCCifed Hubris!

Thanks to the feedback of several people, most notably Dak, and Chuck (from Geek Life Project), I’ve cleaned up the Mutant Race as Class for DCC.  I have made changes to the other races that I have put up: Kenku, Ekrask (Lizardfolk), and Half Demon, but I will put those together in a PDF (along with the Mutant) and put that on the blog in a few days.

The reason I wanted to put the Mutant up a second time is because I’ve added a table of Cosmetic Mutations and Calamitous Mutations.  I’ve also changed the way a Mutant gains new mutations from 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th level to a percentile roll affected by luck EVERY level.  To off set the possibility of gaining many powers, there is a 50% shot of gaining a Calamitous Mutation as well.

Anyways..  enjoy!



While wizards and other people who unwisely dabble in the arcane arts will eventually succumb to the effects of corruption, Mutants are born in it.  Whether your father or mother was a person who dabbled in the arcane arts and passed their corruption on to you in the womb, or a demon or devil played a trick on you when you were conceived, you were born twisted with corruption.

As a mutant ages and becomes more powerful the corruption spreads through their body and shapes and warps them further.

Mutants are shunned in many societies across Hubris, although many find work as bounty hunters sent to track down their fugitive brethren.  Mutants who operate in this manner tend to be hated and shunned in their own communities.

Mutants can be found anywhere in Hubris, although in the city state of Eisenbar it is extremely rare to find one that isn’t dead and strung up on the walls of the Blood Spire, where the leader, the Anointer of Pain, Altor Von Krall, resides.

Hit Points: The body of a mutant fluctuates and that is represented by the way they gain HP.  Each level roll 1d4 for HD type, then roll for HP (plus any Stamina modifiers).  1) d4; 2) d6; 3) d8; 4) d10.


When a Cleric performs lay on hands on a mutant the HD that they rolled for the current level is what is used for the healing dice.


Weapon Training: A Mutant is proficient in the following weapons: crossbow, dagger, longbow, longsword, mace, polearm, shortbow, shortsword, spear, and two-handed sword.  Should the mutant be granted a natural weapon through mutation, they are proficient in that as well.  A mutant can wear any armor that they like.


Alignment: To be a mutant is to be one with chaos and corruption.  As such it is extremely rare to find a mutant that is Lawful.  Most have developed a bitter demeanor from being mocked, feared, and persecuted in Hubris.  Most Mutants are Chaotic and tend to operate alone and on the fringes of society.  Some mutants may develop a more neutral (or apathetic) alignment.

Hound Dog: By concentrating for 1d4 rounds and succeeding on Intelligence check (DC 12), a mutant is able to “sense” other mutants in a 50’ radius.  If the mutant concentrates for 1 minute he can hone in on one mutant, know where they are, and know its mutations.

Mutation: At level 1 a mutant starts with one cosmetic mutation, two power mutations, and roll 1d6 to see if you have a calamitous mutation (see below).  Every time a mutant gains a level they roll a d100 and if they roll under 20% they gain a new mutation.  A mutant’s luck modifier increases the chance of a mutant gaining a new mutation by 5% for each +1 (IE a mutant with an 18 in Luck will have a 35% chance to gain a new mutation).  When a mutant gains a new mutation they gain both a cosmetic and a power mutation.  They also roll a d6- Even) Safe mutation- do not gain a calamitous mutation; Odd) Bad Transformation- gain a calamitous mutation.


Level Attack Roll Crit Die/Table Action Die Ref Fort Will
1 +0 1d8/III 1d20 +1 +1 +0
2 +1 1d8/III 1d20 +1 +2 +1
3 +2 1d10/III 1d20 +2 +2 +1
4 +2 1d10/III 1d20 +2 +3 +1
5 +3 1d12/III 1d20 +2 +4 +2
6 +4 1d12/III 1d20+1d10 +3 +4 +2
7 +5 1d14/III 1d20+1d12 +3 +4 +2
8 +5 1d14/III 1d20+1d16 +3 +5 +3
9 +6 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 +4 +5 +3
10 +7 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 +4 +6 +3



Title by Alignment

Chaotic Neutral
1 Dredge Vagrant
2 Fiend Beast
3 Monster Abnormality
4 Horror Freak
5 Abomination Twisted One
Cosmetic Mutations
Roll Mutation
1 Hair is always wet and slimy.
2 Face has split and looks like you have two faces.
3 Skin has changed color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
4 You sweat profusely.
5 Your tears are milky white.
6 Eyes change color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
7 One eye changes color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
8 You develop red patches that flake and crack all over your skin.
9 Your voice changes to: 1) A growl; 2) Opposite gender; 3) A young child; 4) Like the whispering of the wind.
10 You change to opposite sex.
11 You smell like cookies.
12 You smell like garbage.
13 Your face is covered in thick black hair.
14 You wake up bald every morning and your hair grows to mid-back by midnight, then falls out and the process starts over again.
15 Hair changes color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
16 Your nose becomes a: 1) Pig snout; 2) Dog nose; 3) Two noses; 4) Disappears.
17 Flies swarm around you and die when they touch your skin.
18 Your skin is squishy to the touch.
19 You turn pink when wet.
20 Roll twice.

Power Mutations

Roll Mutation Effect Roll Mutation Effect


Chameleon Skin- You can blend in with environment if you stand still for 2 rounds.  Targets suffer -4 to notice you.


Fear Suppression– You are immune to all fear type effects.


Slimy Skin– You are a slip and slide.  Barefoot must make a Ref Save (DC 12) to stay standing.  Targets have a hard time grappling you.  -2 to their rolls


Heightened Immunity– You are immune to all diseases, no matter their origin.


Extra Limb– 1) Arm- You can get an additional attack, but a d16 Action Die; 2) Leg- When running increase your pace by 15’.


Heightened Fortitude– You are immune to all poisons.


Extra Stomach (External)– It’s gross and bulging and pulsating.  You can go twice as long without starving.


Aura of Death– You can release an aura of decay and stench in a 20ft radius once per day.  Regular plants wither and die instantly.  Living creatures must make a Fort save (DC 12) or take 1d8 damage per round while in the radius.


Extra Heart– You get +2 on Fort rolls for endurance. 


Bleeding Eyes– Your eyes weep blood constantly.  You gain +2 to intimidation based checks and Darkvision 30ft.


Fire Breath– You can breathe fire (2d6 damage) 1 time a day.  Ref Save (DC 15) half damage.  15ft cone effect.


Strange Luck– You gain double the bonus for luck points burned.  There is also a 10% chance that you regain one Luck Point when you sleep.


Telepathy– You can read others minds.  This is an opposed Will roll.  If you roll a 1 you are overloaded by the mental assault and suffer 1d4 temp Wisdom damage.  Can also communicate with willing targets.


Milky White Eyes– You see in shades of grey, white, and black.  You cannot be blinded by attacks or magic.


Acid Blood– When struck with a sharp weapon acid blood spurts forth dealing 1d4 damage to the attacker.  You go through lots of new clothes and armor.


Touch of Madness– If you choose, when you touch a target you both make an opposed Will save.  If you succeed you drain them of 1d6 Personality.  If the target rolls a critical failure they lose the amount on the d6, and one permanent point.


Stomach Maggots– Strange maggots grow in your stomach.  Once per day you can vomit 1d6 of these things out and they will attack your chosen target.  They have 1 HP each, no bonus to attack (but do get a +1 for each as a gang up option).  Damage is 1d3 (+1 for each attacking the target).  They die at end of the day.  If you don’t puke them up, oddly enough you aren’t hungry.


Thick Skinned– You gain a DR of 2 against all damage.


Jaunt– Once per day you can teleport up to 15ft away.  You can do this all at once or in 5ft clumps.


Tentacle Arms– You gain +2 on grapple and disarming (against you) checks.


Chitinous Skin– Your skin is hard and nasty.  You gain +2 Natural Armor bonus.


Magical Resistance– You receive +2 to any save against magic.


Hypnotic Gaze– As Charm Person spell, once per day (can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Life Leach– On a successful touch attack the target must make a Fort save (DC 15) or suffer 1d4+1/2 level damage.  You can regain this as HP.  You cannot go over your maximum HP.


Natural Weapons– 1) Spiked Tongue- 5ft long- 1d4 damage; 2) Claws- 1d6 damage; 3) Tusks- 1d4 damage.


Carrion Eater– For every pound of carrion you eat you regain 1d4 HP.  You cannot eat more than twice your Stamina bonus in carrion a day.


Patagium (Flying Squirrel)– You can glide at 25’ per round.


Quadruped– You are able to (should you choose) to run on all four legs, increasing your speed to 60’.  You cannot hold anything while running.


Bat Wings– Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.


Huge Head- Your head is huge.  Helmets must be crafted as a specialty for you, increasing the cost by 25%.  However you receive +1 to your Intelligence and +1 to Will saves VS mind altering effects.


Eyestalks– Poke you in the eye and it goes into your skull.  You gain +4 to notice type checks.


Two Brains– You have two brains.  You are immune to mind altering affects and gain two extra skills that you are considered trained in.


Compound Eyes– +4 against surprise attacks.  Can’t victim of back attack.


Brute- You are more muscular than average.  Increase your Strength Score by +1 and your attack by +1.


Exploding Pustules– Once per day you can make this explode with a successful Fort roll (DC 12).  They do 1d4+ ½ Stamina score damage to all in 5ft radius.


Mind Invasion– As Forget Spell, once per day (you can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Protruding Bone Spurs– Bones jut out of your skin at odd angles.  They are sharp and extremely painful.  When you grapple with someone they take 1d4 damage per round.


Obsidian Skin– Your skin is pitch black.  You gain +4 to hiding in shadows at night.


Worm Infested Skin– Worms poke out of your skin and wiggle around.  It’s creepy.  You get +2 to Personality checks when intimidating.


Poisonous Fangs– You have fangs that do 1d4 damage on a successful attack.  Also the target must succeed a Fort save or suffer an addition amount of damage equal to ½ your level (min 1) per round for 1d6 rounds.


Plague Skin– The GM selects an appropriate disease.  Anyone who touches your skin must make a successful Fort save (DC based on disease) or become infected themselves.  You are a carrier of the disease.  It will manifest (description wise) on you, but you do not suffer the adverse effects yourself.


Malformed Conjoined Twin– This small creature has its own mental stats and gains ½ the experience you do.  It’s class is 1) Cleric; 2) Sorcerer; Any negatives that affect it from spell casting affect you instead.  The creature gains HP of class and if it dies you suffer 3d10 damage.


Mandibles– Can bite for 1d4 damage.  Also able to gnaw through metal, given enough time.


Thick Fur- You gain +1 to AC and are able to keep warm in the coldest temperatures.


Scorpion Tail– You have a tail full of nasty venom.  The sting does 1d4 damage.  Target must make a successful Fort save  (DC 12) or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.


Thick Mucus– Once per day you are able to shoot a giant glob of snot out of your nose at a target up to 30ft away with a successful ranged attack.  The target must make a Strength check (DC 15) to break free.  They are stuck and immobile until successful.


Hulking Figure– Large creature- +1 Attack, -2 AC.  Up weapon damage one type.


Malfunction– Once per day you are able to cause a target to go blind, deaf, or mute for 1d6 rounds.  They can resist with a successful opposed Will save.  If they succeed the effect is reflected back on you for double the duration.


Tiny Figure– Small creature- -2 Attack, +1 AC.  Lower weapon damage 1 type.  +2 to hiding checks.


Innate Fighting Ability– Increase your attack bonus by +2


Terrible Gaze– As Scare spell, once per day (can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Gaseous Form– Once per day you are able to turn into fog.  You are immune to nonmagical attacks, able to move 10ft a round.  You can be blown about by stiff winds.  Strong winds deal 1d6 damage per round to you.  This effect last a number of minutes equal to your level. 


Swarm of Flies– You can blow a swarm of flies out of your mouth once per day.  The flies occupy a 10ft radius and stay for 2d4 rounds.  Anything in the area suffers -2 to attack rolls and takes 1 point of damage per round.


Plant Head– A small shrug is growing on top of your head.  No matter how many times you’ve cut it down it comes back.  When you wake up in the morning the plant has yielded 1d4+1 berries.  The berries are: 1) Red- Heal 1d4 HP per berry; 2) Blue- Can be thrown and deal 1d3 cold damage to target.  Can freeze 1 gallon of water instantly; 3) Orange- Can be thrown and deal 1d3 fire damage to target; 4) Purple- Causes skin to thicken and turn purple.  Gains +1 AC per berry eaten for 24 hours; 5) Yellow- Acts like an extremely bright torch to holder for 1 hour; 6) Black- Creates a pool of tar in a 10ft radius.  Creatures must make a Reflex save (DC12) or be slowed to ¼ movement.


Regeneration– You regrow body parts.  Each hour roll a FortSave (DC 12), if successful you regain 1d3 HP.  Crit fail you lose 1d6 hp.


Filter Feed– You never have to consume food or water to survive.  The air gives you all you need.


Hands on Palms– You can talk in any language, but suffer -2 to Personality when you do, because it’s freaky.


Medusa– You have a gaze that turns all who fail a Fort save (DC 15) to stone.  This includes allies who look at you!  Better get some sunglasses or a good mask.


Antlers- You receive an additional +2 on attack when Charging (using these). Does 1d4+str mod damage.


Damage Immunity– You suffer no damage from: 1) Fire; 2) Cold; 3) Acid; 4) Electricity.


Serpentine Body- You’re fast and lithe.  Increase movement by 10’.  Increase Agility +2 (max of 18).


Moleman– You can borrow in the ground like a mole (as long as it isn’t solid stone) at a rate of 15ft a round.  You also gain Darkvision 30ft.


Acidic Belch- As Choking Cloud spell, once per day.  You can also suffer the negative effects of the spell (you can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Soul Eater– Anytime a sentient living creature dies near you, you and the soul make an opposed Will Save.  If you are successful you consume their soul and gain 1 Luck point back (if you are not at your maximum).  If you fail you lose 1 luck point  If you critically fail you lose 1d3 luck points.


Suckers on Hands- +2 to climbing checks and +2 against being disarmed.


Retractable Arm Bone Blades– You have bone blades that deal 1d6 damage.


Rough Skin- Ignore 2 point of damage.


Mangler– Increase your critical hit table by one.


Extra Adrenal Gland- Once per day get a second action to do something physical (move, attack*, take potion). *=Attack is at 1d16 Action Die.


Invigorate– You can burn a luck point to give yourself or another target life.  Treat as a Clerics Lay on Hands ability, treat all targets as opposed alignment for this purpose.  Treat yourself as adjacent.


Shape Shifter- You can transform yourself into a natural animal (from small to medium size) once per day.  You gain all abilities and physical traits while keeping your own metal abilities.


Portent of the Future– You can burn a luck point to see a glimpse of your future.  How this plays out is you designate an attack, skill check, or save and roll two dice and take the higher of the two.


Ooze-like Body– Once per day you become a rubbery, puddle on the ground.  You’re pace is reduced to ¼ but you gain DR 2.  You can fit under cracks of doors.  This takes 1 round to do and 1d4 rounds to reform.  All your clothes and possessions are left behind.


Rock Skin– You cannot wear any armor but you gain +4 to AC, a DR against physical damage of 1, but your pace is reduced to 20’ and you’re incredibly heavy.


Angel Wings– Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.


Burnt Body– You have a blackened, skull-like appearance.  You can touch a target and channel that heat, dealing 1d6 damage.


Metallic Entropy– Regular metal items must decay and rust in your hands if you touch them with your bare skin for 2 rounds.  The more complex the item the longer it takes to ruin.


Ant Colony– Ants live in your body.  Once per day you can command them to pour out of your body and attack a target with a successful touch attack.  The target suffers -2 to attacks and 2 points of damage per round for 1d4 rounds.


Sickly Demeanor– You look gaunt and ill.  People think you’re a zombie and try to attack you!  If you touch them, target must make a Fort save (DC 12) or become sickened for 1d4 rounds, suffering -2 to all rolls.  Cannot be affect for 24 hours if successfully saves.


Thorns– You can shoot thorns out of the palms of your hand.  These thorns do 1d3 damage.  Each day you wake up and have 1d4 thorns growing out of each your hands.


Amphibious– You are able to breathe underwater and on land.


Cat-like Grace– You are agile and quick.  +1 to your Agility score.


Pheromones– Despite the fact that you are a freak you are able to attract others.  +2 to Personality attribute.


Boneless– When you touch a target they must make a successful Fort save (DC 15) or have all their bones disappear for 1d4 hours.  They cannot move or talk.  They can gurgle and whimper.  When the bones return it is extremely painful and the target takes 2d4 damage.


Goat Legs– It hurts when you kick someone- 1d4 damage.


Supreme Health– Increase your HD type by one.  Also roll an additional amount of HP on the new HD type.


Animal Face– 1) Bat- Blind-sight; 2) Dog/Wolf- +2 to track with scent; 3) Pig- Ability to eat almost anything and live; 4) Feline- Darkvision 50ft; 5) Goat- Horns- 1d4 damage; 6) Weasel- Low-light vision 50ft.  Suffer -1 to Personality score regardless of head type.


Cursed– All targets go down one die type (both good and bad) when interacting with you.  This is attacks, saves against you, opposed checks, healing, spells, etc.


Behemoth Arms– +1 to Strength and fists do 1d4 damage.


Animal Affinity– Use your Luck and Personality Modifier when attempting to calm/train animals.  You also have a dog as a loyal pet.


Crab Claws– You don’t quite have the dexterity you want with your hands, but your claws hurt like hell and do 1d6 damage.*cannot hold normal weapons or small objects.


Puckered Skin– You gain tremor-sense in a 15ft radius.


Magical Aptitude– You are able to cast a single level 1 Wizard spell (roll randomly.  You can gain corruption for this.  You cannot use Spellburn).


Spores– You are covered in large pulsating fungal spores.  When struck in combat by a physical attack a spore explodes in a small cloud of dust.  Anyone in a 10ft radius must make a FortSave (DC 12) or become trapped in a hallucinatory effect and unable to act for 1d3 rounds.  Success means cannot be affected again for 24 hours.


Elongated Arms– Your reach is increased by 10ft.


Ageless– You are truly immortal.  You will never age, even with age affecting attacks from certain undead.  You can still be killed through normal means, but you never age.  You stop aging at 23 years old.


Savage Temper– You have trouble controlling your temper.  When something injures you roll a Will check (DC 10 minus damage) to keep it in check.  If you fail you go berserk, gaining +2 to attack and damage, but -2 to AC and Int checks.  You can also attack friends- roll randomly.  This lasts until a successful Will save is made or you’re knocked unconscious. 


Absorption– Once per day you can touch someone of a different class and gain one of their abilities for 1 hour.  You must succeed at a Will Save (DC 15).Cleric: Cast divine spells (as per their level and spells they know).  Treat disapproval as 1-5; Thief: Gain skills of touched thief (at their alignment and level); Warrior: Mighty Deeds (as your level); Wizard: Cast arcane spells (as per their level and spells they know, you can also use Spellburn); Dwarf: Sword and Board ability; Elf: Contact Elf character’s patron and attempt to parlay with creature and gain as own patron; Halfling:  Gain two weapon fighting ability; Kenku*: Gain Kenku’s Jinx ability; Ekrask*: Gain Ekrask’s Rage ability; Mutant: Gain one of Mutant’s mutations (roll random- disappears at end of duration); Half-Demon*: Gain Half-Demons corruption ability.

*= Races in Hubris setting and not in DCC core book.


Bulbous Shimmering Eyes– You can see through things up to 2ft thick, but not lead.


Magic Immunity– You are immune to all forms of magic, both good and bad, arcane and divine.  No magic can touch you.  There is a 25% each time you attempt to use a magic item that it will not work for you.dered trai

Calamitous Mutations

Roll Mutation and Effect
1 Strange Anatomy– Healing spells are only half effective.  If you roll this again you cannot be healed by magical means.
2 Light Sensitivity– All checks go are rolled one die step down while in sunlight.  If you roll this again it increases to two steps.
3 Weird Body– Armor and clothing costs you 25% more because it has to be especially made.  If you roll this again cost goes up to 50%
4 Terrifying– Lower your Personality attribute by 2.  If you roll this again, people must make a will save or flee from you.
5 True Abomination– Your Will save is rolled with a d16 against Turn Unholy (Neutral Clerics).  If you roll this again your Will save die for Turn Unholy is a d14.
6 Unlucky: You lose 1 point of luck.  Lose one point of luck each time this is rolled.
7 Moon Sensitivity– All checks go are rolled one die step down while in moonlight.  If you roll this again it increases to two steps.
8 Maggots for Blood– The squiggly and writhing causes you to be unsettled.  You suffer -2 to all checks permanently.  If you roll this again you roll a d16 on all checks rather than a d20.
9 Standout Aura– Other Mutants can recognize your aura easily and if they concentrate on you they know 2 of your mutations, instead of 1.  If you roll this a second time they know 3 mutations.
10 Bad Aura Sense– You suffer -2 to your Intelligence check when attempting to use Blood Hound.  If you roll this again lower die roll to a d16 when using Blood Hound.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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