Hubris Occupation List for DCC Redone

A bit a go Jez over at Giblet Blizzard wrote a post about the DCC funnel and how the different races didn’t fit into the philosophy that well.  His post is awesome and worth a read.

For me I find that it is the case that there is too high a chance to get a demi-human race in the funnel and that having a town with 3 of X race, 2 of another and then 1 lowly human throws off the whole feel of “these villagers should be freaking the fuck out when they are in a dungeon and see a skeleton with snake eyes.”  Especially when my setting, Hubris, has five races.

I took the original Occupation List and instead of having each race listed 5 times, I reduced them to one each (so there is still a chance to play a different race other than human in the funnel).  If you roll a race, go to the bottom of the page, find that races listing and then roll a d6 for career and starting goods.

For the race as classes- here you be: Murder Machine, Ekrask, Kenku, Half Demon, and Mutant


Roll Occupation Trained Weapon Trade Goods
1 Actor Staff Two masks
2 Academic Bust of historical figure (as club) Book of history
3 Alien abductee Bizarre Metal pike (as polearm) Strange small beeping metallic box
4 Anarchist Shortsword Torch and book of propaganda
5 Apothecary Test Subject Large ladle (as club) Vial of liquid*
6 Asylum guard Blackjack Rope, 5ft
7 Atilliator Crossbow Target dummy
8 Bailiff Short sword Book of law
9 Baker Rolling pin (as club) Half a dozen cookies
10 Bartender Crossbow 3 pints of mead
11 Boatman Oar (as club) Nautical compass
12 Bottler Broken bottle (as dagger) Large sack
13 Bowyer Short bow Thick string, 5ft
14 Brain worm breeder/trainer Dart Brain worm larva
15 Brewer Club Bottle of beer or mead
16 Butler Staff Bottle of Wine
17 Caravan driver Crossbow Carriage driver whip
18 Carpenter Handaxe Wooden stool
19 Cartographer Drafting compass (as dagger) Map of random town
20 Chimney Sweep Child Broom (as club) Rope 100ft
21 Clockmaker File as dagger Pouch of gears and sprockets
22 Conspiracy theorist Knife (as dagger) Aluminum (tinfoil) hat
23 Constable Short sword Leather armor
24 Cook Cleaver (as short sword) Blood-stained apron.
25 Corpse gatherer Shovel (as club) Cart
26 Crystal farmer Hammer (as club) Bag of crystals worth 1d100 sp
27 Cultist Jagged blade (as dagger) Black leather cloak
28 Dancer Staff Fancy dancing shoes
29 Deputy Short sword Padded armor
30 Dog breeder and trainer Paddle (as club) Attack dog and whistle
31 Ekrask (1) See below See below
32 Entrail reader Curved blade (as dagger) Ornate silver bowl (worth 10sp)
33 Eunuch servant Club Nice servant clothes
34 Executioner Battleaxe Executioner’s hood
35 Ex-Slaver Short sword 5 gp and 30 sp
36 False Prophet Dagger Book of misguided prohpecies
37-40 Farmer* Scythe Pig**
41 Fisherman Cutting knife (as dagger) Fishing pole, block and tackle.
42 Flimflam Blackjack 1d3 gold, 1d10 silver, 1d6 copper
43 Food taster Thick iron mug (as club) Bottle of anti-toxin
44 Gardener Pruning Shears (as dagger) Bundle of flowers and herbs
45 Gem Cutter Small hammer (as club) Loupe and fine brush
46 Gladiator Warhammer Shield
47 Guard Short Sword Shield
48 Half Demon (2) See below See below
49 Heathen Bone with rotten meat on it (as club) Bucket of dung
50 Herald Staff Speaking Trumpet
51 Herder** Staff Llama
52 Hunter Longbow Hunting dog
53 Informant Hand crossbow Cup
54 Insect Breeder‡ Dagger Jar of insects
55 Kenku (3) See below See below
56 Lamplighter Crossbow Lantern on 10ft pole
57 Lignite Farmer Pitchfork (as spear) Net
58 Magistrate Gavel (as club) Writ/stay of execution
59 Messenger Crossbow Pony
60-63 Miner*** Pickaxe (as club) Helmet with candle
64 Monk Staff Candle and incense
65 Muckracker Club Journal and quill
66 Murder Machine (4) See below See below
67 Mutant (5) See below See below
68 Mystic Ceremonial blade (as dagger) The bones
69 Night watchman Spear Lantern
70 Nosey Neighbor Rake (as club) Rooster
71 Page Dagger Steel polish and rag
72 Painter Dart Paint brush and paint
73 Physician Scalpel (as dagger) Leeches
74 Pig Wrestler Dagger 25ft rope
75 Plague Doctor Blowgun Plague mask and potpourri
76 Poet Sling Book of soppy poems
77 Porter Bedpan (as club) Broom and urine stained rag
78 Potter Turning Tool (as sickle) Clay jug
79 Prostitute Dagger Bag with 1 gp, 20 sp
80 Pus diviner Giant needed (as dagger) wooden bowl
81 Rabid Raven Fanatic Raven feather (as dart) Black cloak of raven beaks
82 Racketeer Blackjack 5 gp, 40 sp, 150 cp
83 Raving Lunatic Board with nail in it (as club) Mason jar full of fingernails
84 Scat scooper Shovel (as club) Sodden bag of scat
85 Sculptor Chisel (as dagger) Wooden mallet
86 Sheriff Crossbow Leather armor
87 Slaver Crossbow Net
88 Smuggler Shortsword Illicit drugs
89 Snake Handler Tongs (as club) Snake
90 Spy Short sword Drinking glass
91 Street performer Dagger Five Juggling balls
92 Street rat Rusty knife (as dagger) Loaf of stale bread
93 Taxidermist Bone saw (as handaxe) Stuffed Racoon
94 Teacher Heavy book (as club) Five apples
95 Town drunk Steel jug of liquor (as club) Necklace don’t remember owning
96 Undertaker Scissors (as dagger) Embalming fluid and herbs
97 Vicar of deity Staff Holy water, 1 pint of holy water and holy symbol
98 Wet Nurse Piece of firewood (as club) Thick wool blanket
99 Wheellock gunsmith Wheellock pistol Pouch with clamp and gears
0 Wrangler Club Horse with saddle

Roll 1d6- if the die lands on an odd number roll on the Occupation table found in the Dungeon Crawl Classics book (pg 22-23).  If the die indicates a race (Dwarf, Elf, or Halfling) then ignore the race and simply use the class.  If the die lands on an even number roll on the table above.

1 Ekrask: 1) Escaped slave (chains, as flail, and head of slaver); 2) Pit fighter (pole arm and shield); 3) Swamp farmer (pitchfork, as spear, and stilts); 4) Tracker (short sword and hawk); 5) Wildling (tree branch, as club, and five animal skulls); 6) Witch doctor (staff and bag of herbs)

2 Half Demon: 1) Advisor (dagger and book of local lore); 2) Alchemist (staff and flask of acid, 1d6 dmg); 3) Assassin (dagger and poison- ooze toxic, pg 450); 4) Exile (staff and three torches); 5) Hunter (longbow and hide armor); 6) Scholar (staff and book on politics)

3 Kenku: 1) Gypsy (hand crossbow and crystal ball); 2) Pack rat (club and bag of junk worth 5 cp); 3) Record keeper (quill, as dart, and journal of deeds); 4) Seed farmer (dibble, as dagger, and bag of seeds); 5) Spy (short sword and spyglass); 6) Worm harvester (shovel, as club, and tongs)

4 Murder Machine: 1) Bounty hunter (wheellock rifle and sleeping potion); 2) Enforcer (crossbow and 2d6 gold); 3) Guard (polearm and lantern), 4) Mercenary (longsword and shield); 5) Tinkerer (wheellock pistol and repair kit), 6) Torturer (dagger and disgusting torturers kit)

5 Mutant: 1) Bounty hunter (bow and mancatcher); 2) Corruptor (crossbow and vial of tainted blood); 3) Cutthroat (saber, as short sword, and bag with 20 sp); 4) Gladiator (two-handed sword and net); 5) Sailor (wheellock pistol and bottle of grog); 6) Sideshow freak (whip and circus megaphone)

† If a missile weapon, roll 1d6 for number of ammunition.

* Roll 1d8 for type of farmer: (1) hemp; (2) rye; (3) flax; (4) lentils; (5) barley; (6) peas; (7) oats; (8) cabbage.


** If there is more than one farmer in group, roll randomly (1d6) for animal with each duplicate profession: (1) ox; (2) turkey; (3) yak; (4) llama; (5) chicken; (6) herd dog.


*** Roll 1d# to see what you are mining: (1) iron; (2) steel; (3) coal; (4) gold; (5) sapphire; (6) crystal.

Roll 1d# to see breed of insect: (1) flies; (2) beetles; (3) ants; (4) spiders; (5) centipedes; (6) ticks; (7) bees; (8) leeches.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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