Hubris Recap, Group 1, Sessions 5 and 6- Life and Mostly Death and the People of the Pit

After canceling a session and also running a playtest for a Hubris module I am writing with Group 1, we are back on track and continue where our last adventure left off with starting the PEOPLE OF THE PIT module.

WARNING: This will have some spoilers for the People of the Pit Module, but I will TRY to keep them to a minimum.

Session 5


John- Ekrask

Fletch- Human Cleric of Drallic the Flayer

Liam- Carrion Eating Mutant

Cybill (NPC)- Cleric of Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence

This session started off with several players announcing that they’d be unable to attend- oh well that stinks- so as one does in Hubris, Cybill magically appeared and the players then demanded that several of the town folks come with them to be bullet catchers…  er..  I mean provide support.

What lurks within the shadows...?
What lurks within the shadows…?

The group made their way to the pit and  I described the area where the village girls had been sacrificed for centuries.  After looking around the players decided to venture down the staircase and into the very pit itself, with both of Fletch’s red shirts taking the lead.  After about 50 steps, several grey cloaked figures emerged from a crag.  All had featureless-rubbery faces with small tentacles wiggling from their flesh.  One ran forward and began to attack Fletch’s minion while the other four began to issue a eerie moan-like chant.


Fletch’s red shirt killed the cultist in one hit, and I sensed a sigh of relief from my players…  a “Oh this is gonna be EASY!!” type elation..  UNTIL I described the cultists stomach bulge and a disgusting tentacle horror burst from it and fly at the red shirt.  It slapped him in the face and killed the poor lil mook in one hit.

Fletch decided to step in front of his mook and bring these abominations down in the name of Drallic the Flayer!!  But he failed (horribly) on his Reflex save and slipped on the stairs and fell into the mists of the pit and to his death.  Thus bringing the leveled character death toll to two thus far (in both groups).

Come on!!  Gimme a kiss!!
Come on!! Gimme a kiss!!

Fletch’s remaining minion (a grave digger) managed to kill another cultist AND both tentacle horrors before the whole group fled back up to higher ground so they could fan out and work together.

The fight was quick after that.  Both sides rolled poorly after that (mostly my enemies), and after the fight was over I decided to call the night because there was no way with only 2 level ones and a bunch of minions they were going to be able to proceed.

I told Fletch he could make his grave digger into a level 1 character.   He decided to go with a Shadowdancer.

Session 6


John- Ekrask

Fletch- Human Shadowdancer

Liam- Carrion Eating Mutant

Cybill (NPC)- Cleric of Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence

Omar- Human Alchemist

Stephen- Murder Machine

This session started back at the pit, each player having 2 red shirts from the village and Liam also controlling Cybill.  The group proceeded back down the stairs into the pit more carefully this time, but still fell prey to sneaking grey robed cultists and traps.  Omar lost both of his minions- one died when the Omar’s alchemist attempted to burn the creature off his compatriot with a torch, setting both of them ablaze.

The second triggered a trap in a crawlspace and got a small sickle to the forehead.

John’s Ekrask was dropped to zero HP by a similar trap, but his minion quickly dug through John’s stuff, found a healing potion and shoved it down his throat in the same round.

The group explored quite a bit more and Omar became fixated on a small room where water dripped from the floor to the ceiling.  He shot his wheellock pistol at the water on the roof, deafening himself for 7 hours due to it being such a small room.  He then decided that the room must die and was about to commit suicide by causing all of his bombs to explode.  Stephen’s minion arrived in the nick of time and stopped him.

Now there is a way in this module to skip quite a bit of the dungeon.  My players found it and ventured down into the depths, bypassing a large portion of section 1.

In section two the group found 4 slaves working a mill which was grinding up grey chunks of what looked like dehydrated flesh.  Mmmmmm..

Fletch cloaked himself in shadows and moved into the next room, discovering a training area full of baddies.  6 gray robbed uglies, 3 yellow ones, and an impressive looking crimson robbed mutha.  Fletch sneaked back to the group and they formed a battle plan.  The room with the slaves forms a choke point where the cultists would have to come through.

Once combat got started Stephen threw a glue grenade, stopping all 6 grey robes in their tracks.  Omar threw a bomb, killing all six of them..  Now they just had to deal with the six tentacle horrors.

Liam, who has a whopping 6 HP at level 2 (Stephen takes the cake with 4 at level 1- who is SUPPOSED to be a meat shield), attempted to free the slaves that were attached to the mill, in order to bolster their numbers.

They yellow robbed cultists started chanting and a massive tentacle shot through the catacombs, smashing part of the mill and killing one of the four slaves.


We had to leave off their for the night because it was getting late.  The group did really well and are ready to kick some ass (or get their ass kicked) next session!!!

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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  1. Having played PotP – and absolutely DESTROYING it [see session report: I’m interested to hear a spoiled adventure. Maybe in your blog reports you can write a more detailed account, and then edit it so both versions are available? Also a compiled review when you guys finish a mod [intro, previous posts combined, lasting impressions] would be helpful to your follower count I think.

    Not only would it satisfy MY curiosity [hehe] but I think it would up the interest level for DCC vets.

    Anyhow, you’ve got yourself a new follower, sir!

    1. @CrunchyRolling- Thanks!

      I’ll be doing the recaps as we continue and then have a link to all for the module in the last one (IE- session 1, session 2, etc.). I probably won’t have time to do a detailed review (spoiler version and spoiler free) as most of my writing time goes into completing Hubris for publication. 🙂 Need to cross that bridge first.

      Honestly thanks for the feedback though 🙂

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