The Glory That is Me

Finger 2

I am an avid gamer, much to the consternation of my wife, Angie. I have been role-playing since I was 15 (22 years now), and have been running games just as long.

I love getting new people into gaming.  It’s awesome to show them that it is fun and dispelling the myths that role-playing is boring, weird, and silly. Most newbies, to their surprise, find that they actually have a great time!

I love the OSR-DIY gaming movement and enjoy hacking the shit out of systems and frankengaming shit!  I have started a publishing company called DIY RPG Productions.

The book I’m proudest of is Hubris.

Display it with pride

Display it with pride


The systems I tend to run are:
OSR-style D&D (i.e., Black Hack, White Box, and Into the Odd) and Dungeon Crawl Classics

I lived in New Jersey for 8 years while Angie got her PhD in toxicology at Rutgers University.  We moved to Rochester, NY nearly four years ago and Angie is working at the University of Rochester.  I was the Director of Operations at an Early Childhood Education and Development Center.  I have recently left that position and started working at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester.  I oversee a massive warehouse sale filled with cool stuff and excellent and dedicated volunteers who make the sale (and charity) possible.


BatfingerI also love reading and video games.

For those who care- my top bands/performers are Louis Armstrong, Nirvana, Cake, B-52’s, Bad Religion, Dead Weathers, Black Keys, The Kills, Elvis, Fats Waller, Tool, and Perfect Circle.

I love getting tattoos and currently have 16- most of them are geek-centric.  I have 5 Star Wars tats, a Death Eater and Batman symbol, Hellboy and Hecate, and Alice and Wonderland original illos, a Sticky Note monster tattoo- plus a few other things.

You can always email me at to discuss role-playing or to shoot the shit!

For more stupid tidbits on me- I did an interview over at Appendix N Happy Meal.

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