The Glory That is Me

Finger 2

I am an avid gamer, much to the consternation of my wife, Angie. I have been role-playing since I was 15 (26 years now), and have been running games just as long.

I love getting new people into gaming.  It’s awesome to show them that it is fun and dispelling the myths that role-playing is boring, weird, and silly. Most newbies, to their surprise, find that they actually have a great time!

I love the OSR-DIY gaming movement and enjoy hacking the shit out of systems and frankengaming shit!  I have started a publishing company called DIY RPG Productions.

Display it with pride
Display it with pride

The systems I tend to run are:
OSR-style D&D (i.e., Black Hack, White Box, and Into the Odd) and Dungeon Crawl Classics

I lived in New Jersey for 8 years while Angie got her PhD in toxicology at Rutgers University.  We moved to Rochester, NY nearly eight years ago and Angie is working at the University of Rochester.  In my “professional life” I have served as the Director of Operations at an Early Childhood Education and Development Center as well as Director of Operations at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester.  Currently I am the Executive Director for the South East Area Coalition and love what I do.


For those who care- my top bands/performers are Louis Armstrong, Nirvana, Joywave, Caravan Palace, Cake, B-52’s, Bad Religion, Dead Weathers, Black Keys, The Kills, Tool, Pennywise, Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog, and Perfect Circle.

You can always email me at to discuss role-playing or to shoot the shit!

For more stupid tidbits on me- I did an interview over at Appendix N Happy Meal a few years ago.

7 thoughts

  1. Yo punk….is this how I need to get your attention? How was your surprise B-day party? I know..I know…you miss me too….honestly I wish I can make it out these days….what’s your plan like 2 weekends from now? I’m thinking that if all (most) of you guys are free that weekend….maybe have a bitchin party at my place.. Anyway, email me if you read these comments at all….
    Tell Angie I said hello 🙂

  2. I am all that is RPG…. and completely give an honest perspective of all that is hotness when it comes to a female gaming geek. As far as intellectual perimeters I’m all about making a great C/d … 😉

  3. Hi, I found your picture on the cleric of Yelsa and I was just wondering were you got the picture. Do you know the artist who drew it or the source?

    Here is the link to the picture.

  4. Has the hardcover come out? I backed the KS but don’t think that I’ve received any link or code to get the physical product.

  5. Hello sir! Just saw Questing Beast’s video review of Gathox and it has me intrigued. Soon as I can get my hooks on it I’ll review and try to do it justice.

    Nice place ya got here. You have good taste in games and excellent taste in music.

    -Glen Hallstrom
    AKA Ol’ Man Grognard

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