The Glory That is Me

I am damned sexy

I am an avid gamer, much to the consternation of my wife, Angie. I have been role-playing since I was 15, and have been running games just as long.

I love getting new people into gaming.  It’s awesome to show them that it is fun and dispelling the myths that role-playing is boring, weird, and silly. Most newbies, to their surprise, find that they actually have a great time!

I love the OSR-DIY gaming movement and enjoy hacking the shit out of systems and frankengaming shit!

Display it with pride

Display it with pride


The systems I tend to run are:
OSR-style D&D
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Savage Worlds

Beyond the Wall
Lamentations of the Flame Princess


I lived in New Jersey for 8 years while Angie got her PhD in toxicology at Rutgers University.  We moved to Rochester, NY 2 years ago and Angie is working at the University of Rochester.  I am the Director of Operations at an Early Childhood Education and Development Center.  It’s a living, but my passion is in writing, history, and gaming.

I’m a very sophisticated person

I also love reading and video games.

For those who care- my top bands/performers are Louis Armstrong, Nirvana, Cake, B-52’s, Bad Religion, Dead Weather, Elvis, Fats Waller, Tool, and Perfect Circle.

I love getting tattoos and currently have 14- most of them are geek-centric.  I have 5 Star Wars tats, a Death Eater and Batman symbol, Hellboy and Hecate, and two Alice and Wonderland original illos- plus a few other things.

You can always email me at to discuss role-playing or to shoot the shit!

4 responses to “The Glory That is Me

  • Neil Parikh

    Yo punk….is this how I need to get your attention? How was your surprise B-day party? I know..I know…you miss me too….honestly I wish I can make it out these days….what’s your plan like 2 weekends from now? I’m thinking that if all (most) of you guys are free that weekend….maybe have a bitchin party at my place.. Anyway, email me if you read these comments at all….
    Tell Angie I said hello 🙂

  • B Johnson

    I am all that is RPG…. and completely give an honest perspective of all that is hotness when it comes to a female gaming geek. As far as intellectual perimeters I’m all about making a great C/d … 😉

  • Ellena

    Hi, I found your picture on the cleric of Yelsa and I was just wondering were you got the picture. Do you know the artist who drew it or the source?

    Here is the link to the picture.

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