The Iron Maiden- DCC Monster

I posted this picture on G+ yesterday and a bunch of people dug it and Michael Pfaff said someone needed to stat her up… So I did.

I considered what system to use and this picture just struck me as a motherfucking DCC monster- it’s metal and so is DCC… So that’s my reasoning- totally sound.

I am considering putting her in my Hubris campaign book..  We’ll see though.

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden: Init +8; Atk claw +8 melee (1d6 + life drain), barbed scythe +12 (2d8 damage + Lamented Existence; AC 16; HD 8d10, HP 75; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SP Un-dead traits (immune to non-magical weapons, flight, life drain), Lamented Existence, heads of the four generals; SV Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +7; AL C.

The Iron Maiden was once a powerful general in the king’s grand army.  She led a failed march against a heavily fortified keep owned by an enemy of her king.  The army generals were quick to place blame on her and her troops.  Her troops were all executed as she was made to watch.  She was then soaked in their blood for two weeks in the freezing cold as a public spectacle.  She was then tortured for sport and beheaded, her head and body left on display as a warning for failure.  There it remained for 1 year, until it disappeared.  Shortly after her body disappeared each of the four generals that presided over her execution were found dead.

The Iron Maiden is an undead creature filled with hatred and bitterness.  She holds her severed head high in one hand while she rambles incoherently about injustice and atrocity.  Her eyes roll, her mouth froths, and blood flows from her neck.  She can attack with one claw attack once per round and those touched by her must succeed a DC 16 Fort save or lose 1d3 Stamina (temporary).  If a target rolls a one on their Fort save they lose 1d6 Stamina permanently.  She can also attack with a jagged scythe.  Those struck by this terrible weapon must make a DC 14 Will save or suffer the memories of Iron Maiden as she watched her loyal soldiers die.  They collapse to the ground and weep uncontrollably for 2d4 rounds.  Floating around the Iron Maiden are the four severed heads of the generals who betrayed her.  Once per round she can cause one of her choosing to act.

General Bryth– The general hovers before a target grants +4 additional armor to the Iron Maiden.  This effect lasts for 2d6 rounds.

General Mordon– The generals teeth are sharp and jagged.  He gets a bite attack of +4 and does 2d4 damage.  If he successfully hits he latches onto the target and does 2d4 damage each round unless a DC 14 Strength check is passed.

General Grys– The face of this general is gaunt and covered in frost.  He releases a 20’ cone of cold at all targets in front of him.  Targets caught in the blast suffer 5d6 damage and are slowed, reducing their movement speed by half for 2d4 rounds.  If a successful DC 14 Fort save is made the target takes half damage and is not slowed.  This attack can only be done once every 5 rounds.

General Fythyr– Was the adviser on magical tactics.  This head is able to cast one wizard spell every 5 rounds.  Roll 1d3 to determine the level of the spell.  Then roll 1d20 on the spell list (DCC, pg 127) to determine the spell cast.  If the spell doesn’t make sense (IE Patron Bond)- simply reroll.  The general casts spells at a 1d20+1d10+1d4.


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