Hubris Recap, Group 1, Session 7- Further Into the People and Sprinkle of Demonic Corruption and Death…

We continue our harrowing adventure of death, disease, and horror in the DCC module- People of the Pit.


Fletch– Human Shadowdancer

Lisa– Human Thief

Liam– Carrion-eating Mutant

ChuckHalf Demon

NateMurder Machine

WARNING: This will have some spoilers for the People of the Pit Module, but I will TRY to keep them to a minimum.

Last session we had to leave off in the middle of a fight with six grey, three crimson, and one yellow robed and a giant tentacle in a fight of daring-do.

As with the mysteries of Hubris a fog filled the room and suddenly Nate’s, Lisa’s, and Chuck’s characters were there and Omar and Stephen had vanished… Spooky.

When we started up this session the tentacle got to hit first before I had everyone reroll initiative for the new session.  The tentacle got a natural 20 and bitch-slapped one of the redshirst into a squished pile of goo.

This fight got pretty brutal.  In the first round I rolled 6 natural 20s.  Many of the minions and slaves were killed and the player characters were badly injured (mostly Nate, Fletch, and Chuck).

After the fight was over the the group decided to head to the northern area and found four peasants wearing grey smocks collecting shluffed off suckers from a massive tentacle that was rubbing itself against the rockwall, causing the nasties to fall off.  Watching over them were two grey robed cultists.


Fletch sneaked up and attempted to gut the grey robed cultists (who were facing away from the group), but only managed to get one.  The rest of the group ran into the room to catch up and help, while one of the peasants fled out of the room to the east.  The fight was over quickly and then a horrible noise rang through the caverns as something terrible began moving their way from where the one peasant had fled.

Fletch sent his two red-shirts to see what was coming and they saw this:

Gimme a kiss
Gimme a kiss

Both of Fletch’s minions failed their Will saves (one critically failed and permanently lost 1 Personality and was reduced to a gibbering idiot for 1 hour).  Fletch cast darkness on the area, to little effect.

The fight was a bit long due to the creatures thick skin and DR, but they managed to down the bitch.  Lisa was excited when the thing disintegrated into a pile of mud and rock and quickly grabbed a bunch for her minions sling.  With all the baddies dealt with, and seeing that there was nothing left worth taking, they turned around and head into the area of the cultist maze that they hadn’t gone before…


The group enters an area that has clearly been delved out and comes across a door.  Lisa checks it for traps and opens it to find a sleeping area filled with sleeping mats.  He rolls three of them up and ties them to his gibbering idiot red shirt, who he has been guiding with a leash.  The corridor went splits into a “T”.  After a quick talk Lisa went left and Fletch right…  What could go wrong with splitting the party, right?

Lisa came across a small locked closet (that was trapped), but she rolled a crit success on her Luck roll, so for her the door was unlocked, untrapped, and OPEN.  Inside it there was a ton of supplies, fabric,  and a scroll case.  She popped the lock on it easily and pulled out the old parchment.  It was warm to the touch and glowing words appeared on it:

“Though the Mewling Babe had no life of his own when he was born into this world, his gift to bestow it on others is given.  This will aid in reviving a friend and then be no more.”

Aside: This was a funny part because Fletch, Liam, Nate, and Chuck all about wet themselves with excitement.  It’s a humorous moment when four grown men are shouting at the computer screen “I know what that is!  I know what that is!”

Lisa brought the supplies back to the group, keeping the scroll and some of the other stuff for herself.

Meanwhile Fletch found another sleeping area and pouted (jokingly), “I choose the wrong path…”

Lisa went back down her path and found a workshop, stealing a hammer and running into a grey robed cultist and killing him and his tentacle innards easily.

What lies within the cultists is pretty nasty.
What lies within the cultists is pretty nasty.

Fletch meanwhile found a door at the end of his corridor and heard an unsettling chanting from it.  The rest of the group got impatient and went to help him.  They burst into the room thinking that they will easily kill whatever is in here… and utterly fail.  No one died, but Chuck was seriously injured as was Nate.  They rolled horrible and the three grey robed cultists kept hitting them…  More hilarious was Chuck had two of the tentacle monster hitting him in the face constantly.  Like tribbles on steroids.

Fletch put it best…  stating that the fight reminded him of the moment in Ghostbusters when they sneaked up on Librarian.

At the end of the fight Chuck decided to use his demonic powers to heal himself, rolling  1 and thus losing part of his humanity to his demon side.  I had him roll on the demonic corruption table for the Hubris class.  He now has a spiked tail which he can attack with at a d16 for 1d4 damage and he has an unsettling presence.  Normal people will shy away from him while Lawful religious will attack him outright.  Good for him.

This is where we left off for the week.  To be continued this Sunday!

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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