High Noon OSR-style Gritty Western RPG- Weird West Class- The Shaman

The first big piece of news is that the Hubris Kickstarter will be going live soon!  I’m very excited about this!  I look forward to finally seeing this book in print with tons of kickass art by some really talented people!

Anyways- that full announcement will be coming soon!  On to new projects.

A few weeks ago I was watching the newest season of Hell on Wheels to hit Netflix Streaming (season 4) and was really enjoying it (especially the first half- the second half kinda goes heavy-handed in how they resolved many of the characters story arcs).

Anyways every time I watch a season of Hell on Wheels, I get the urge to run a western (or weird west) game.  Thus far it hasn’t happened.  However I decided that I wanted to write my own.  The mechanics are inspired by White Star, Swords and Wizardry, Beyond the Wall, along with some stuff inspired by games like Savage Worlds, etc.

I figured I’d post a couple of the classes over the next few days.  I’ll be posting the Gunslinger, the Scout, the Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor.

Full class list when the book will be released will also have: Rifleman, Maverick, and Monk

High Noon will also have a chapter called “But I Want it Weird” with rules on Weird West.  This chapter will have Knight of Faith, Sorcerer, Shaman, Weird Scientist, and The Showman.  I’ll post Knight of Faith and Shaman as well!

The book is bout 50-75% done for first draft already- so I’m hoping it’ll release in the next couple of months!

Posted thus far: Gunslinger, Scout, Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor

Here’s the Weird West Classes: The Knight of Faith

Enjoy the weird class- The Shaman


The Shaman

Shaman 3

Shamans are the spiritual leaders of many Native American tribes.  These men and women are able to commune with nature and spirits in a way that normal mortals cannot.  Many shamans lead their tribes, protecting from danger, and attempting to help them find a place in this new and violent world.


The shaman is able to summon the powers of nature to aid their allies and hinder and harm their foes.


Weapon Restrictions: Shamans are proficient with knives, bows and arrows, staves, spears, and axes.


Animal Form: The shaman is able to transform into a small or medium creature (no larger than a wolf, boar, cougar and no smaller than a dog, cat, pig, eagle, etc.) While in this form the shaman gains the Skill: Notice- scent and a bite attack at a d4 damage (and possibly a claw attack at a d4 as well). Increase the shaman’s AC by +2 and their Initiative bonus by +2 while under the spell.  The shaman cannot communicate with other people while in animal form.  This effect lasts for 1 hour, after which the shaman reverts to their natural shape.  The shaman can use this once per day until 5th level, where it increases to two uses.


Shaman Mysticism: A shaman is able to draw energy and power from the natural world and its spirits.  The shaman can use any of the eleven powers (twelve at 10th level) they choose, however only up to a limited number of times per day (see below).  A shaman can push their luck and use more abilities by making a Test of Faith (see below).

Shaman 1

Shaman Powers Per Day
Level Number of Uses
1st and 2nd 1
3rd and 4th 2
5th and 6th 3
7th and 8th 4
9th and 10th 5


Saving Throws:  A shaman receives +2 to saves against poisons and natural effects (IE. extreme temperatures).


Shaman Abilities


Animal Growth: The shaman is able to channel the energies of nature and life into a natural creature and cause it to grow in size. The creature can be no large than a grizzly bear. While under the affects of this spell the creature doubles in size and eight times in weight. Increase the creature’s AC by +2 and base attack bonus and damage by +4. The creature’s damage die is increased by one type (IE a lion’s claws go from a d4 to a d6 and its bite from a d10 to a d12). Unwilling creatures are allowed to make a saving throw to resist this effect.


Create Water: The shaman is able to summon forth water from even the most parched and arid ground. The shaman simply thrusts their staff into the ground and rotates it 360 degrees. Once they remove their staff fresh, clean water bubbles up from the ground. The water can be gathered up into water skins or other receptacles and is free of dirt and debris. This ability summons enough water for 5 water skins (or 5 days worth of water if it’s for one person).


Cure Light Wounds: The shaman offers a chant to the spirits and is able to heal 3d6+3 HP back to a target within 30’.


Endure Elements: The shaman is able to ignore elemental effects (even extreme) for 1hour per shaman level.


Entangle: The shaman coaxes all the plant-life within a 40’ radius to reach out and ensnare any target within the area (except the shaman).  Targets are allowed a saving throw to avoid becoming entangled, but move at half their normal rate.


Evade Animals: The shaman is able to cause the target of this spell to go by unnoticed by animals of any kind. Attacking or acting aggressive towards the animal breaks the effects of this ability immediately.


Neutralize Poison:  The shaman is able to channel the power of the spirits into their body and touch a target, instantly neutralizing any poison coursing through their veins.


Speak With Animals: The shaman is able to speak with animals.  This does not mean the animal(s) are friendly towards the shaman, unless they have reason to be.  Wary animals will treat the shaman cautiously.  This effect lasts for 1 minute per shaman level.


Speak With Spirits:  The shaman is able to consult with the spirits and chooses one of two actions: A warning of events or the consequences of an action.  If the shaman chooses warning of events, they may choose to reroll a failed save, or evade a successful attack (before the sunrise of the next day).  If the shaman chooses consequences of an action, they will find out if an action will have good or bad consequences.  This will be within a 30 minute period of asking.  This lets the shaman be prepared for a course of action.


Summon Animal: The shaman can call the name of one type of animal that is native to the region, and 2d6 available creatures will appear.  These animals can be up to one mile away, so it may take time for them to arrive.  The arrival time depends on the animal summoned.  The animals will help the shaman, but retain their own free will.  They will not needlessly sacrifice themselves for the shaman.  The animals remain for roughly one hour before they return to their normal routine/life.


Water Breathing: The shaman is able to cause gills to grow on a touched target, giving them amphibious abilities of breathing in air and water. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to the shaman’s level.  The shaman is able to touch multiple targets, granting each of them water breathing, but shortening the duration (IE. A 3rd level shaman can touch three characters, granting them each water breathing for an hour, two characters with one and a half hours of water breathing, or one character with three hours of water breathing).


Control Weather (10th): The shaman chants and dances and offers prayers to the earth and nature.  The shaman must dance and sing for 1 hour before the effects will manifest.  The shaman is able to alter the weather in a 2 mile radius to whatever effect they desire.  The shaman can summon a violent wind and hail storm, thunder and lightning, a hurricane or tornado, etc.  The effect lasts for 2d6 hours, after which the weather returns to its normal state.


Skills: A shaman begins play with two skills.


Starting Currency: 2d6 x 10 dollars.


Shaman 2

Shaman Level Progression
1 HP Option +0 15
2 +1 HP +0 14
3 +1 HP +1 13
4 +1 HP +1 12
5 +1 HP +2 11
6 +1 HP +2 10
7 +1 HP +3 9
8 +1 HP +3 8
9 +1 HP +4 7
10 +1 HP +4 6

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