High Noon OSR-style Gritty Western RPG- Weird West Class- The Weird Scientist

The first big piece of news is that the Hubris Kickstarter will be going live soon!  I’m very excited about this!  I look forward to finally seeing this book in print with tons of kickass art by some really talented people!

Anyways- that full announcement will be coming soon!  On to new projects.

A few weeks ago I was watching the newest season of Hell on Wheels to hit Netflix Streaming (season 4) and was really enjoying it (especially the first half- the second half kinda goes heavy-handed in how they resolved many of the characters story arcs).

Anyways every time I watch a season of Hell on Wheels, I get the urge to run a western (or weird west) game.  Thus far it hasn’t happened.  However I decided that I wanted to write my own.  The mechanics are inspired by White Star, Swords and Wizardry, Beyond the Wall, along with some stuff inspired by games like Savage Worlds, etc.

I figured I’d post a couple of the classes over the next few days.  I’ll be posting the Gunslinger, the Scout, the Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor.

Full class list when the book will be released will also have: Rifleman, Maverick, and Monk

High Noon will also have a chapter called “But I Want it Weird” with rules on Weird West.  This chapter will have Knight of Faith, Sorcerer, Shaman, Weird Scientist, and The Showman.  I’ll post Knight of Faith and Shaman as well!

The book is bout 50-75% done for first draft already- so I’m hoping it’ll release in the next couple of months!

Posted thus far: Gunslinger, Scout, Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor

Here’s the Weird West Classes: The Knight of Faith, the Shaman, and the Sorcerer

Enjoy the weird class- The Weird Scientist

The Weird Scientist

Weird Scientist 1

Weird scientists are dreamers, always pushing the envelope of conventional science.  They continuously seek to discover and unlock the mysteries of the universe… usually getting themselves and their friends in trouble with terrified and superstitious locals.


Where you hear the hum of electricity, the belching of soot and the smell of fried hair, you’re sure to find a weird scientist delving deeper into the mysterious realms of science.


Weapon Restrictions: Weird Scientists are proficient with pistols, shotguns, knives, clubs, hammers, and dynamite.


Tinker: A weird scientist is able to use the items at hand to create amazing pieces of technology.  Creating an item takes 1 turn and can be used for 24 hours before becoming inert or non-functional.  A Weird Scientist is only able to make a certain number of items per day before running out of supplies (see below).


The weird scientist can allow others to use these items instead of themselves.


Saving Throws: A weird scientist receives +2 to saves explosions and spells.


Skills: A weird scientist begins play with two skills and gains an additional skill every odd level (IE 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th).


Starting Currency: 3d6 x 10 dollars.

Weird Scientist 2

Weird Scientist Level Progression
1 HP Option +0 15
2 +1 HP +0 14
3 +1 HP +1 13
4 +1 HP +1 12
5 +1 HP +2 11
6 +1 HP +2 10
7 +1 HP +3 9
8 +1 HP +3 8
9 +1 HP +4 7
10 +1 HP +4 6



Level Number of Uses
1st 1
2nd and 3rd 2
4th and 5th 3
6th and 7th 4
8th and 9th 5
10th 6


Weird Scientist Gadgets


Chain Lighting Gun: This gun shoots out a blast of lighting striking any target(s) within 100 feet- including allies. The lightning deals 1d6 damage. The target(s) receives a saving throw for half damage. Once the lightning strikes the first target, it lances off and strikes another target within range. The lightning will strike a number of targets equal to the weird scientists. Each target can only be struck once.  This weapon can be discharged twice before being drained.


Control Crown: This item allows the user to attempt to control a target, ensnaring their mind, and making the target treat the wearer as an ally and friend.  The target will do whatever the wearer asks, but will not obey harmful or suicidal orders; giving such an order breaks the enchantment immediately.  The target is allowed a saving throw to avoid this effect.  The spells duration is 1 hour per weird scientist level.


Field Meds: When a doctor isn’t handy a weird scientist is able to create a makeshift healing kit.  This device heals 2d6 HP back.


Flamethrower: The weird scientist creates a flamethrower.  They are able to use this and spew a jet of fire in an arc, reaching 25’.  Targets caught in the flames take 2d6 fire damage.  Flammable materials instantly catch on fire.  These can be extinguished by normal means.  Targets are allowed a saving throw to take half damage.  The flamethrower can be used twice before being drained.


Intangibility Field: This item allows the wearer to pass through walls up to three times per day.  After the third wall, the item is rendered useless.


Invisibility Cloak: This item turns the wearer invisible.  The target cannot be attacked unless the attacker knows the invisible person’s exact location.  Should a target swing blindly at the invisible person, their attacks suffer -4.  If the invisible person attacks, the item’s effect is broken immediately.  This effect lasts for 1 turn and can be used three times before being drained.


Jet Pack: The weird scientist creates a pack that allows flight.  They can move at 120’ a round and fly up to 1 mile high.  The jet pack can be used for 1 hour before being drained of fuel.


Magic Ring: The wearer of this ring is immune to one magical attack or effect.  They do not get to choose which one is blocked, it is the first one that goes off while the item is being worn.  The item is useless after the magical attack or effect is negated.


Mechanical Automaton: The weird scientist builds a small clockwork creature that serves them without question.  The creature has a six-shooter (1d6) for one hand and a knife (1d6-1) for another.  When the six-shooter runs out someone must spend 2 rounds reloading it.  The mechanical automaton has the following stats: 10 HP; 15 AC; +2 attack; Saving Throw 10.  If brought to zero HP or after 24 hours, the mechanical automaton falls apart and ceases functioning.


Mutagen: The imbiber transforms into a horrifying creature.  They grow 8 feet tall and twice as wide as a normal man.  Any normal clothing and armor is destroyed in this transformation.  The affected targets gains +4 AC and +2 to melee attacks.  The damage with their fists is 2d3+2.  They gain the skill: Intimidation.  While under the effect of the mutagen the target is immune to mind-altering effects.  The mutagen lasts for 1 turn before the target transforms back into their normal self.  The transformation takes 1 round.


Personal Shield: This item creates a force field that blocks damage (even spell or falling damage).  The force field absorbs 15 points of damage before shorting out and becoming useless.


Smoke Grenade: The weird scientist is able to make three grenades that cause smoke to fill an area 10’ x 10 x 20’ high area with thick choking smoke.  Targets in the area must succeed a saving throw or suffer -2 to all attacks due to choking.  All attacks have a 20% chance to miss while in the cloud.


Stun Gun: The weird scientist is able to piece together a make shift weapon that gives off an electrical discharge. The target hit by this must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.  Once this is used the device is ruined.


The Teleporter: The weird scientist somehow is able to warp the realm of reality and transport themselves to another location within 1000’.  This device works twice before becoming useless.


Weapon Enhancement: The weird scientist is able to enhance a firearm of their choice, doubling its damage. After the initial attack roll a 1d6, if the result is a 1-3 the weapon shorts out and is useless.  After each shot do this roll to see if the weapon continues to function properly.  The enhancement becomes useless after 24 hours.

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