The Bizarre and Horrible Gods of Hubris- Set, the Serpentine God of the Klind and other Deviants

I am posting each of the gods of Hubris with their info and Invoke the Name ability.

I also have tried to find artwork that is close to how I envisioned the clerics and gods looking.


The serpentine god of the Klind is often depicted as a gigantic cobra with large jagged fangs.  He is as patient as time, more conniving than the meanest mage, and more deadly than the most virulent plague.  Long ago Set was banished to the Void by the other deities of Hubris.  Set revels in depravity, degradation, and sexual deviance.  The Klind sex prophets, alchemists, wizards, and clerics all work tirelessly to bring their banished god back to the Material plane.  Over the millennia others have opened their hearts and minds to the presence of Set.

Non-Klind clerics of Set tend to wear flowing light fabrics of white, black, and green.  Like the followers of Yelsa, clerics of Set enjoy using sexuality as a weapon.



Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Invoke the Name- Simply roll a spell check (d20 + CL + Personality Mod).

Priestess of Set

Priestess of Set

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