High Noon OSR-style Gritty Western RPG- Weird West Class- The Sorcerer

The first big piece of news is that the Hubris Kickstarter will be going live soon!  I’m very excited about this!  I look forward to finally seeing this book in print with tons of kickass art by some really talented people!

Anyways- that full announcement will be coming soon!  On to new projects.

A few weeks ago I was watching the newest season of Hell on Wheels to hit Netflix Streaming (season 4) and was really enjoying it (especially the first half- the second half kinda goes heavy-handed in how they resolved many of the characters story arcs).

Anyways every time I watch a season of Hell on Wheels, I get the urge to run a western (or weird west) game.  Thus far it hasn’t happened.  However I decided that I wanted to write my own.  The mechanics are inspired by White Star, Swords and Wizardry, Beyond the Wall, along with some stuff inspired by games like Savage Worlds, etc.

I figured I’d post a couple of the classes over the next few days.  I’ll be posting the Gunslinger, the Scout, the Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor.

Full class list when the book will be released will also have: Rifleman, Maverick, and Monk

High Noon will also have a chapter called “But I Want it Weird” with rules on Weird West.  This chapter will have Knight of Faith, Sorcerer, Shaman, Weird Scientist, and The Showman.  I’ll post Knight of Faith and Shaman as well!

The book is bout 50-75% done for first draft already- so I’m hoping it’ll release in the next couple of months!

Posted thus far: Gunslinger, Scout, Cult of Personality, the Pugilist, and the Doctor

Here’s the Weird West Classes: The Knight of Faith and the Shaman

Enjoy the weird class- The Sorcerer


Sorcerer 1

Sorcerer’s wield the strange, powerful and horrific arts of the demons and devils: magic.  These men and women are able to cast powerful foes that hinder and harm their enemies.  These men and women are feared by many, and often end up being lynched by panicked townsfolk.


The path of a sorcerer is a dangerous one, but the power and glory make the dangers worth it.


Weapon Restrictions: A sorcerer is proficient with pistols, knives, spears, and staves.


Familiar: A sorcerer begins play with a familiar.  These creatures have a link to the sorcerer, allowing them to communicate telepathically.  The creature can also deliver spells that require the sorcerer touch the target.  Each familiar grants an ability or bonus.  This is in effect so long as the familiar is alive.  Should the familiar perish, this ability is lost.  A sorcerer chooses one of the following familiars:


Bat: Can see in total darkness (not magical)

Cat: Gain the Stealth skill

Fox: Receive +1 to saving throws involving Dexterity

Hawk: Gain the Perception skill

Imp (lesser demon): Receive +1 to saving throws involving Wisdom

Otter: Gain the Swim skill

Owl: Gain low-light vision

Raccoon: Gain the Sleight of Hand skill

Rat: Receive +1 to saving throws involving Constitution

Raven: Gain the Appraise skill

Viper: Receive +1 to Initiative rolls

Toad: Gain additional +2 HP

Weasel: Receive +1 to Initiative rolls.


Should a familiar be killed, a sorcerer cannot attempt to bind with another animal for one month.  After which they must spend eight hours in a drug-induced trance before the creature will come and bond with them.


Magic: Sorcerers are able to yield the strange and terrifying arcane arts and are able to cast powerful spells.  Magic is a fickle friend and can abandon the sorcerer at a moments notice.


A sorcerer is able to cast a number of spells equal to their sorcerer level.  To cast a spell the sorcerer chooses which spell they want to cast and then makes a base saving throw.  If the ST is successful, they spell goes off without a hitch.  Should the ST fail, the spell fizzles and the sorcerer loses the ability to cast any spells until they sleep for night.


If the sorcerer critically fails on the saving throw, a gateway to hell opens and a demon emerges and will attempt to drag the sorcerer back to hell.  The demon will attack anyone who attempts to interfere.  Roll 1d3: 1) minor demon (1HD); 2) lesser demon (2HD); 3) demon (4HD).

Demon 1


Learning Spells: A sorcerer begins play with three spells of their choice and gains an additional spell with each level they gain.


Luck Points: A sorcerer is able to burn a Luck Point to automatically succeed on the saving throw to cast a spell.




Blind/Deafen: The sorcerer touches a target, causing them to become either blind or deaf (sorcerer’s choice).  The target must succeed a saving throw to avoid this affect.  Should the target fail their saving throw, they are afflicted by this curse for a number of days equal to the sorcerer’s level.


Blur: The sorcerer is able to touch a target and bring them just out of focus. A target effected this spell is hard to pinpoint. All attacks have a 20% chance of missing the target.  The spell effect lasts a number of minutes equal to the sorcerer’s level.


Cause Fear: The sorcerer is able to point at a target with less than 5HD (or levels) within 100’ and cause them to experience absolute terror.  The target must make a saving throw or become panicked and flee from the sorcerer for 1d4+1 rounds.


Charm Person: The sorcerer is able to speech a soothing word to a target, ensnaring their mind, and making the target treat the sorcerer as an ally and friend.  The target will do whatever the sorcerer asks, but will not obey harmful or suicidal orders; giving such an order breaks the enchantment immediately.  The target is allowed a saving throw to avoid this effect.  The spells duration is 1 hour per sorcerer level.


Chain Lightning: The sorcerer builds up a force of static electricity that throbs and hums, finally releasing it with a mere snap of their finger. The static electricity releases as a huge arc of lighting, striking any target(s) within 400 feet- including allies. The lightning deals 1d6 damage. The target(s) receives a saving throw for half damage. Once the lightning strikes the first target, it lances off and strikes another target within range. The lightning will strike a number of targets equal to the sorcerer’s level. Each target can only be struck once.


Curse of the Viper: The sorcerer whispers the words of a dark and ancient rite and fixes their gaze upon an adversary’s weapon, which instantly transforms into a python. The python immediately attempts to strike the target with a +5 attack. If struck, the target suffers 1d4 damage and must make a saving throw or die instantly. The weapon transforms back into a weapon the following round.


Darkness: The sorcerer causes an impenetrable darkness to fall in a 15’ radius.  Even darkvision will not work in this area.  A light spell will counteract this effect.  Darkness lasts for 1 hour.  The spell can either be cast on an area, where it remains immobile, or on a person, which then becomes mobile.


Flaming Hands: The sorcerer stretches their fingertips into a fan like pattern and spews a jet of fire in an arc, reaching 15’.  Targets caught in the flames take 1d4 fire damage for every sorcerer level (max of 4d4).  Flammable materials instantly catch on fire.  These can be extinguished by normal means.  Targets are allowed a saving throw to take half damage.


Freedom of Movement: This spell enables the sorcerer and one target they touch to be able to move and attack unimpeded through things like briars, thick brush, or thorns. This spell even breaks the effects of spells like web, paralysis, and slow. Once the duration of this spell ends the mage and target can be affected by web, petrifying gaze, or slow if it is cast on them again.  This effect lasts 1 minute per sorcerer level.


Invisibility: The sorcerer is able to turn themselves (or another touched target) invisible.  The target cannot be attacked unless the attacker knows the invisible person’s exact location.  Should a target swing blindly at the invisible person, their attacks suffer -4.  If the invisible person attacks, the spell is broken immediately.  The spell lasts until the sorcerer dispels the effect.


At 5th level the spell effect increases to a 10’ radius that moves with the enchanted target (allowing up to four other individuals to become invisible.  The same spell effects mentioned above are still in place.


Light: The sorcerer is able to touch an object and cause it to glow like a torch or lantern.  This gives a 20’ radius of illumination.  This effect lasts for 1 turn per sorcerer level.  A sorcerer can only have one light in effect at a time.


Mage Armor:  The mage gains a +4 bonus to their armor class for a number of hours equal to their level (max of 8).


Magic Missile: The sorcerer lets bolts of energy fly from their fingertips.  These bolts will home in on their target, even going around cover.  The mage only needs to see part of their target.  The bolts deal 1d4+1 damage.  Every third level, the sorcerer is able to cast an additional magic missile (max of 4).  These bolts can be directed at a single target or multiple targets.


Ray of Enfeeblement: A twisting ray of black energy leaves the sorcerer’s hand and strikes her intended target. The target must succeed a saving throw or suffer -4 to all physical rolls including attack and damage rolls. This effect lasts for 1 min/level.


Sleep: The sorcerer is able to put enemies into an enchanted slumber.  Any target within a 40’ radius of the spells origin (up to 100’ away from the caster) must make a successful saving throw or fall asleep for one hour.  Targets can be coup de graced in this fashion and are considered helpless.  Normal noises do not wake up the creatures, but causing damage or slapping them does.


Stinking Cloud: A mustard yellow mist flies from the sorcerer’s hands, up to a location 100ft away, and spreads to a 20ft radius. Any creature in the area must succeed a saving throw or become sickened. The affected targets are unable to attack, cast spells, or do anything that requires concentration. They are only able to move as if they are on difficult terrain. This sickness continues for 1d4+1 round after the target leaves the cloud. If a creature succeeds on their save, but stays in the cloud they must roll for each round.  The cloud is immobile and remains for 1 round per sorcerer level, however a strong wind will immediately dissipate the cloud.


Tongues: For one hour the sorcerer can speak and understand any language.


Web: The sorcerer causes thick sticky webs to fill an area 10 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 20 feet high.  Anyone who is in the affected area must make a saving throw or become entangled and immobile.  Targets that are immobile can attempt to break free of the webs by succeeding on a Strength check.  Targets that break free (or were successful on their saving throw) move at one quarter their normal speed.  The webs can be cut with a sharp blade or burnt away with a torch.  The webs are not flammable, but melt away from the heat.


Fireball (10th): The sorcerer automatically learns this spell at 10th level.  They fill a 30’ radius with fire and brimstone.  Any target caught in the area takes 5d6+5 damage.  Flammable objects are instantly ignited, dealing 1d6 damage per round to those who are wearing them.  Targets can roll a saving throw for half damage.


Skills: A sorcerer begins play with two skills.


Starting Currency: 2d6 x 10 dollars.


Sorcerer 2

Sorcerer Level Progression
1 HP Option +0 15
2 +1 HP +0 14
3 +1 HP +1 13
4 +1 HP +1 12
5 +1 HP +2 11
6 +1 HP +2 10
7 +1 HP +3 9
8 +1 HP +3 8
9 +1 HP +4 7
10 +1 HP +4 6

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