The Four Goblin Clans of Hubris and My First Piece of Commissioned Art!!

Finally I have moved onto the next phase of heading towards the publication of Hubris… ART!!  I am very excited to be working with the awesome and talented David Lewis Johnson (here’s one of his websites– he is currently developing another one).  David will be doing most of the artwork for Hubris, as I want to keep the aesthetic similar, although I will have a few other pieces by various artists.


When I developed the goblins, as with orcs– I wanted to keep them familiar, but add my own take on them.  The goblins were influenced by horror movies and things like the Goblins in the Castle book and Labyrinth.

These goblins are sacrificing an Avarian for a delicious meal.


In my current Hubris game, my  players have encountered the Fire Breath Clan and Vile Gut Clan goblins… but seem to afraid to go to the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire for some odd reason…

The Four Goblin Clans of Hubris

The Four Goblin Clans of Hubris

The Four Goblin Clans of Hubris


Vile, conniving, dastardly, disgusting and cowardly are a few of the words people use to describe the four goblin clans.  These despicable creatures are as varied in their temperament, appearance, and tactics as any race in Hubris.  The clans show little loyalty to their own brethren and even less to the other factions, preferring trickery, backstabbing, and outright conflict over any sane form of reasoning.  Each clans name comes from their strange physical appearance and the bizarre or horrific ability they are able to perform.


Fire Breath Clan Goblin: Init +2; Atk -1 claws melee (1d3), -1 as weapon; AC 10 + armor; HD 1d6; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP infravision 60’, Fire breath (+2); SV Fort -2, Ref +2, Will -2; AL C.


Fire Breath Clan goblins stand roughly 3’ in height with fire red or grass green skin.  Their large oval-shaped heads are made even more ludicrous by their large bat-like ears, which flap and slap their face as they run.  Their eyes are blood red and their mouths are filled with sharp needle-like teeth.  Fire Breath Clan goblins prefer jokes, pranks, and backstabbing to outright conflict.  Their chaotic nature makes it difficult to understand the clan’s creed or even their alliances, as they have been known to befriend or aid other humanoid races.


Fire Breath Clan goblins name comes from their ability to belch a ball of fire at a target within 10’.  A target that is successfully hit by the ball of fire takes 1d6 damage and has a 1 in 6 chance to catch on fire, taking an additional 1d6 damage per round until the fire is out.  Fire Breath Clan goblin’s can use this ability once turn.


In combat Fire Breath Clan goblins are as likely to point at their fallen comrades and giggle as they are to lament and weep.  Sometimes they forget what they are doing entirely or even breaking into song.  Only against their sworn enemy, the Vile Gut Clan, are they focused and show resolve.


Fire Breath Goblins live in the Bogwood Swamp or Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow.


Vile Gut Clan Goblin: Init +1; Atk -1 claws melee (1d3), weapon, -1 as weapon; AC 10 + armor; HD 1d6; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP infravision 60’, Vomit (+2); SV Fort -2, Ref +1, Will -1; AL C.


Vile Gut Clan goblins are disgusting creatures that revel in filth and decay, standing 4’ tall, but are hunched over.  Their skin ranges from light green to brown.  Their beady eyes are jaundiced and filled with goop and filth, but are sharp and always searching for their next meal or victim.  Vile Gut Clan Goblins build their structures much like a bee or wasp, using their toxic spit to paste together a hive.  Often times their structures are built on the back of gigantic crabs or other creatures that they have subdued.


Vile Gut Clan goblins are able to vomit a glop of a highly acidic substance onto their victims, which immediately begins to dissolve their flesh, allowing the goblins to suck up the sludge with their proboscis tongue.  The acidic goop deals 2d4 damage and 1 point of damage per round until washed off with water for 4 rounds.   A Vile Gut Clan goblin can vomit their acidic goop once per day.


Vile Gut Clan goblins love to set ambushes or attack in the dead of night; they enjoy inflicting as much pain on others as possible.  These loathsome goblins live in the Bogwood Swamp or Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow.



Icy Flesh Clan Goblin: Init +2; Atk +2 claws melee (1d3 plus frostbite), +1 as weapon; AC 14; HD 1d6; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP infravision 60’, Frozen Flesh, Frost Burn; SV Fort +1, Ref +1, Will -2; AL L.


Icy Flesh Clan goblins are found in the Frozen Wastes at the north of Hubris.  These goblins stand 3’ tall with pale to deep blue skin which is covered in icy protrusions.  Their cruel pale blue eyes glint with malevolent intent and their claws and teeth are made up of jagged icicles


An Icy Flesh Clan goblin’s skin is tough and frozen, allowing them to ignore 1 point of damage (physical or magical), however fire does an additional 1d4 points of damage.  Their icy claws and teeth are able cause the flesh of a creature to become necrotic.  Targets struck with the goblin’s teeth or claws must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or take an additional 1d3 damage.  After one week the wound will turn white and then black within two weeks and never heal (although lost HP can be regained).


Shriveled Eye Clan Goblin: Init +2; Atk +1 claws melee (1d4), +1 as weapon; AC 10 + armor; HD 1d8+1; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP infravision 60’, Mummified Gaze; SV Fort +1, Ref +1, Will -1; AL C.


Of all the goblin clans none are as feared as the Shriveled Eye Clan, which roams the wastes of the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire.  These hunched over grey-skinned creatures stand roughly 3’-4’ tall with overlarge dirty, chipped claws, yellowed teeth, and hairy pot-bellies.  Many throughout Hubris believe that these vile creatures were originally from another goblin clan and got too close to the Bleeding Mountain that Pierced the Sky and became corrupted by the tainted blood that flows down its peak.


While vile and disgusting in appearance, it is the Shriveled Eye Clan’s mummified eyes which twitch and glare from their large eye sockets that give them their name.  Those who are struck by the gaze of a Shriveled Eye Clan goblin must make a successful DC 16 Fort save or suffer 2d3 Stamina damage and feel their bodies start to become mummified.  Targets that are reach 0 Stamina die and are reduced to a lifeless mummified husk.  Nothing, not even resurrection, can bring back someone who has died such a horrible death.  Shriveled Eye Clan goblins can see in any darkness (even magical) up to 60’.

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