Into the Odd Campaign Idea


I really dig Into the Odd.  It is super rules-lite, got a nice bit of weirdness (which I dig, obviously).  I even created a few house-rule abilities for it that I would allow players to choose from.

So this AM I was pondering what I would include in a campaign- if I were to run an Into the Odd game…

I like broad brushstrokes type shit when first creating a campaign…  If the players decide to “head in that direction”- that’s when I better get shit prepped (a major reason I love tables and charts).

Into the Odd World



Vornheim would be to the north (because I love that book).  Vornheim and Bastion (the mega-city in Into the Odd) have some weird war or competition going on…  There is a deep seeded mistrust going on… People from Bastion would all say, “All people from Vornheim are fops and too avant garde!” even though they are equally foppish and avant garde-y… but you know- it’s a BETTER and more enlightened style (to them).  Vornheim people would scoff and roll their eyes, “can you believe that people from Bastion wear blue jays and parrots in their hats… those are SO last year… Flamingos are the way to go- the Red Queen loves them (Red and Pleasant Land leaking in here).”

Anyways- both cities are huge- and they HATE one another…  They also despise the fact that SOMEHOW Underground is always connected between the two cities- no matter how often the portals are destroyed, plugged or whatever.  It’s just a matter of how long it takes to traverse the great distance and the dangers, troubles and treasures you face…

Vornheim is actually built on the glacial Polar Ocean- because Vornheim is opulent and grand and filthy and whatever else.  Whoever built Vornheim said “fuck you!” to nature and dared to dream big…  Thus it is.

Red and Pleasant Land is to the North West.  You have to slog through a terrible forest with screaming trees, flesh eating snails, fucked up fae, and ruins that stretch for miles and miles, yet can be contained in the brain of a small child.  Red and Pleasant Land can also be reached through traveling the Underground…  Oftentimes on a Wednesday- if you crawl through a portal backwards with a pig on your head.  Merchants and their body guards attempt this most often to ensure an expedient trip… doesn’t always work.

To the East is the Floating Island of Terror (from Hubris)- I wrote it and love- so I’m putting it in there…  hundreds of miles of waste, metal, bodies, and rubbish stretch below the Floating Island of Terror- discarded by the factory workers, loyal (or afraid) of the Black Queen.  Terrible creatures and treasures can be found in this rusted wasteland… It is said a Vorn has a massive church here somewhere.  Also a shanty town- it’s like Borderlands- cannibals, mutants, midgets with shotguns and mohawks, etc. Oh and its like Limbo- always shadowy, scary, and lonely…  Only the laughing of psychos running after you or the growl of an emaciated nightmare greet your ears…

To the South West is a swamp- flowing down the River of Tears to the fetid swamp.  It is believed that many towns and cities fell into ruin when this land became cursed.  Surly goods can be found here.  It’s also where Scenic Dunnsmouth can be found, because it’s awesome and killer and weird and perfect.  Oh and their are snake cults and flesh readers in the swamps- have fun getting there.

To the South East is the stretching sands and dunes of the Slumbering Ursine Dunes.  Oh and orcs with explosives (Mad Max Fury Road style).  They enjoy going boom!  Sandstorms, werebears and weresharks…  A cool pointcrawl adventure that is easy to run and cool.

The Golden Lands

Not pictured here, but I can see Yoon-Suin being part of the Golden Lands… Alien, isolated, far away… Oh and horrible…

I think this would be a fun way to run Into the Odd and easily connectable by the Undergound and just a happy ol’ fuck all attitude.  I think once shit calms down I’ll run it for my group!  First I gotta playtest High Noon though.



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