The Strange and Terrible Gods of Hubris and New Weapons of Hubris

I’m having fun DCCifying my Hubris setting over from my OSR hack.  DCC just seems to strike many of the right cords for me, game and philosophy wise.

Earlier I converted the races in my setting to race as class (Kenku, Ekrask (Lizardfolk), Mutant, and Half Demon).  Now I figured I’d better get my gods converted to a more DCCable fashion (especially since our first DCC game is next Sunday and the Cleric needs to choose his god).

One things I wanted to do was keep the information on the gods short and sweat and not go on for paragraphs (or fucking pages!) about how the god does this and that and gets angry when people eat truffles in front of them…  blah blah blah.

I’m debating on whether or not I’ll put a small “the priests wear X and Y.” And maybe a SMALL single sentence or two about the god.  MAYBE.  Not sure yet.  I think everyone gets a good idea of who/want the god is and represents by their realm and alignment.

Gods of Hubris

God of the Terrible Whisper

Realm: God of Knowledge, Secrets, and Madness

Holy Symbol: Book of ancient lore

Weapons: Club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, mace, staff, and sickle**

Alignment: Neutral

Unholy Creatures*: The illiterate, fire elementals, and creatures that drain intelligence



Realm: Goddes of Sex and Violence

Holy Symbol: Metal Headdress that pierces the skin

Weapons: Crossbow, dagger, flail, garrote, bow (any), longsword, short sword, and spear

Alignment: Chaotic

Unholy Creatures*: The celibate, androgynous, and pacifists



Realm: God of Sacrifice, Shadow, and the Poor

Holy Symbol: Vial of cleric’s own blood

Weapons: Blackjack, blowgun, dart, dagger, garrote, handaxe, hand crossbow**, short sword, and sling

Alignment: Chaotic

Unholy Creatures*: Creatures of light, hedonists, the selfish, nobility


The Corpulent One

Realm: God of Excess, Want, and Obsession

Holy Symbol: Necklace of giant maggot with baby head

Weapons: Battleaxe, club, crossbow, longbow, longsword, polearm, spear, and staff

Alignment: Chaotic

Unholy Creatures*: Peasants, animals, those who practice abstinence



Realm: God of Trickery, Deceit, and Profit

Holy Symbol: Iron Skull with two gold coins for eyes

Weapons: Blowgun, dagger, darts, handaxe, mace, polearm, short sword, and wheellock weapons**

Alignment: Chaotic

Unholy Creatures*: People in love and those who tell the truth



Realm: God of Battle, Strength, Pride, and Survival

Holy Symbol: The cleric’s weapon

Weapons: Any melee weapon with a metal head or edge.

Alignment: Lawful

Unholy Creatures*: The weak, pacifists, and ?



Realm: Serpentine God of the Klind- God of poison, Schemes, and Forbidden Knowledge

Holy Symbol: Necklace or bracelet of snake made of jade and silver.

Weapons: Battleaxe, blowgun, crossbow, flail, longsword, polearm, shortsword, and wheellock weapons**

Alignment: Lawful

Unholy Creatures*: Warm-blooded nonbelievers and slaves.

The Heathen Below

Realm: God of Death, Decay, and Betrayal

Holy Symbol: Vial of corrupted blood from a murdered victim

Weapons: Crossbow, dagger, garrote, bow (any), longsword, polearm, scythe**, spear, and warhammer

Alignment: Chaotic

Unholy Creatures*: The pure, children, and scholars


Drallic the Flayer

Realm: God of Pain, Intolerance, Strength, and Righteousness

Holy Symbol: Armband made of the tanned skin of an impure human (or mutant) with obsidian gem.

Weapons: Battleaxe, flail, longbow, longsword, polearm, two-handed sword, warhammer

Alignment: Lawful

Unholy Creatures*: Mutants, the elderly, and the weak



Realm: Goddess of Nature, Weather, and Change

Holy Symbol: Leather pouch with animal teeth, bones, and hair, seeds, and soil

Weapons: Battleaxe, club, handaxe, bow (any), scythe**, short sword, sling, and staff

Alignment: Neutral

Unholy Creatures*: Corrupted elementals and animals, aberrations, and undead


The Great Slumbering Monolith

Realm: God of Dreams, Prophecy, and Time

Holy Symbol: An hourglass

Weapons: Crossbow, hand crossbow**, longsword, shortsword, polearm, two-handed sword, and wheellock weapons**

Alignment: Neutral

Unholy Creatures*: Sleepless creatures and sightless creatures, and undead


The Little One (Child God)

Realm: God of healing, life, and love

Holy Symbol: Necklace of open hand

Weapons: Club, crossbow, dagger, dart, short bow, short sword, sling, and staff

Alignment: Lawful

Unholy Creatures*: Abusers, those who commit adultery, the infected, and corrupted wizards


*= These creatures are in addition to what is considered unholy by alignment in the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core book (pg 32).

**= New weapons found in Hubris setting.

New Weapons of Hubris

 Sickle– 1d6

Scythe*– 1d10

Hand crossbow– 1d4/1d10 (a rogue can use this up close and in surprise.  If successful back attack use second damage).  Range- 30/60/90

Wheellock Pistol– 1d6 (takes two rounds to reload.  Roll damage die twice and take higher of the two.  Firearms critically fail on a roll of 1 and 2, instead of just 1.) Range- 50/100/150

Wheellock Rifle*– 1d8 (two handed- use 1d16 for initiative.  Takes two rounds to reload.  Roll damage die twice and take higher of the two.  Firearms critically fail on a roll of 1 and 2, instead of just 1.) Range- 70/140/210

*=Two handed weapons use 1d16 for initiative.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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