The Bizarre and Horrible Gods of Hubris- Drallic the Flayer

I am posting each of the gods of Hubris with their info and Invoke the Name ability.

I also have tried to find artwork that is close to how I envisioned the clerics and gods looking.

Drallic the Flayer

Drallic the Flayer of Flesh, is the patron deity of Eisenbar.  Over a thousand years ago he offered salvation for the heathen tribes of Eisenbar and passed down the Sacraments of Pain, Torment, and Intolerance, on which the nation is now founded.  Drallic demands that his followers not wait, but take the battle to the enemy and protect His realm.  Drallic hates mutants, corrupted wizards, and the weak.

Clerics of Drallic test themselves through acts of flaying and scaring their own flesh.  Clerics also must have undergone the deadly Trial of Pain as a child to prove their worth to their intolerant and fickle god.

Drallic the Flayer
Drallic the Flayer
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Invoke the Name- Simply roll a spell check (d20 + CL + Personality Mod).

Cleric of Drallic the Flayer
Cleric of Drallic the Flayer

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