The Planes of Hubris- Weird Dice Generator for the Planes



Planes are cool and I enjoy putting extra-dimensional encounters/travel into my games.  I wanted to create a quick die generator for Dungeon Crawl Classics that will be used in my Hubris game.


This gives me a few interesting tidbits that I can flush out myself, rather than having to read a bunch of stuff that my players may or may not interact with/give a shit about.


All you do is drop the following dice: d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30.

Then consult the table below.  Once you’ve generated a plane scratch them off and write new stuff in its stead.


d3- You Emerge From the Portal

  1. Sopping wet, covered in ectoplasm
  2. Completely normal, but all your clothes and possessions are at your feet.
  3. Dry, sunburned, dehydrated, and exhausted.


d4- Seasons (or equivalent)

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Fall
  4. Spring


d5- The Local Denizens are… 

  1. Giant humanoids
  2. Sentient oozes
  3. Reptilian in nature
  4. Have demonic heritage
  5. Creepy living dolls


d6- Time Functions

  1. Slower- one minute there is an hour on home plane
  2. Faster- one hour there is one minute on home plane
  3. Normal as on home plane
  4. Does not function in a perceivable manner to outsiders
  5. Slower- one hour there is one year on the home plane
  6. Faster- one year there is one hour on the home plane


d7- Interesting Thing

  1. People use conch shells filled with blood to talk across great distances
  2. Sentient airships are used for travel
  3. Anthropomorphic cat-people are used as slaves
  4. Food never rots
  5. Certain people are able to utilize strange powers with their mind
  6. Creatures tan in the moon, not the sun
  7. The younger are revered and the elders become servants and slaves


d8- Problems…

  1. A cylindrical planetoid is being drawn nearer and nearer
  2. The sun and moon collide.  The entire plane is now in a permanent solar eclipse like state
  3. Insects have become infused with magic and have become super intelligent and are ravenously hungry
  4. Sky pirates have begun laying siege to important ports of the realm
  5. Extreme cold is causing whole areas/villages to freeze
  6. Vengeful spirits of a long forgotten battle have risen and believe that the war still continues
  7. Enraged living spell stalks easy targets
  8. Two opposing factions are on the brink of full war


d10- Religion is…

  1. A thing of the past…
  2. Rigidly controlled and monitored
  3. Free thinking, openly discussed and welcomed
  4. Does not exist (clerics cannot cast spells while here)
  5. Not tolerated.  Those that practice are jailed or executed
  6. The cause of current open civil war between three prominent religions
  7. Practiced privately in own home, not something to share
  8. The theocratic god-king allows worship in himself only
  9. A twisted mirrored image of the home plane
  10. What saved the plane from the last cataclysm


d12- More Problems…

  1. Violent storms rage across the landscape
  2. The memories of the people are being consumed by a dark phantasm.
  3. The enemy of the current leader of the Plane (roll d14 again) is declaring war
  4. Magic is not function as should, causing chaos
  5. Strange cult is vying for power against established religion(s)
  6. All the elementals of the plane have turned to stone
  7. A giant vortex is gobbling up everything in its path and slowly expanding
  8. All humanoid children in the world suddenly grow old and die
  9. Ancient evil awakens
  10. Two planes collide and merge
  11. Strange and horrible creatures invade from another plane
  12. Drought, famine, plague, chaos, death, riots, you name it…


d14- Leader of the Plane (or just local area)

  1. An old war hero
  2. A prophet that heralds a grim future
  3. A boy-king attempting to live up to parents legacy
  4. An outsider to the realm that conquered
  5. The ghost of a murdered demi-god
  6. An extremely intelligent talking idol
  7. Religious leader of prominent religion
  8. The Council of Six Nightmares
  9. Conglomerate of prominent/powerful citizens
  10. Reanimated corpse of a hardened criminal
  11. A sorcerer claiming to be from another world
  12. A gigantic dragon
  13. A glowing 20ft orb
  14. An old man with too many stories


d16- You Appear in the Plane Here…

  1. Cramped in a broom closet
  2. In a placid lake full of carnivorous fish
  3. Burst up from a grave
  4. Crawl out under the bed of a child
  5. In the cage of a hungry humanoid
  6. In the hut of a witch
  7. Explode out of the back of a giant
  8. In the depths of an outhouse
  9. In a locked room in a dungeon
  10. In a violent whirlwind
  11. Spit out of a whirlpool spinning counterclockwise
  12. Dribble out the nose of a creature with a cold, then reform as solid
  13. As a faded memory of someone then made real
  14. On the back of a giant flying bird
  15. On the edge of a volcano
  16. An electrical storm that ravages a small town


d20- How to Travel to Plane

  1. Through the mouth of a gigantic fish
  2. On the breath of a dying man
  3. Drinking the tears of a weeping heartbroken princess
  4. Through the closet in a child’s bedroom
  5. Walking backwards through a maze
  6. Having sex in a cemetery
  7. Dancing too fast to a slow song
  8. Climbing to the peak of a frost-capped mountain
  9. Singing a song long forgotten to man
  10. In a locked room in a dungeon
  11. By seeking forgiveness from someone you’ve wronged
  12. By breathing in the first laugh of a newborn baby
  13. By potting a plant in the desert
  14. Sailing on a still sea with no wind
  15. Swimming in a pool filled with alchemical substances
  16. Staring into the sun for 1d3 days straight
  17. Taking a door of hinges and rotating it to open the other way
  18. Being shrunk and going into a teapot
  19. By striking a deal with an extra-dimensional being
  20. By breaking a promise to a king


d24- Random Strange Effect on You When Entering the Plane

  1. All copper is turned to gold
  2. All glassware and vials are turned to sand
  3. Sex is changed (will return to normal upon leaving realm)
  4. Become spirit (will return to normal upon leaving realm)
  5. Gravity lighter (jump higher)
  6. Gravity heavier (no jumping, move slower)
  7. Magic is amplified (+5 to rolls for 2d4 days)
  8. Magic is muted (-5 to rolls for 2d4 days)
  9. Magic ceases to work (for 2d4 days)
  10. Make Fort save (DC 12) or gain 1 minor corruption or mutation
  11. Your foreign body collides with an object of realm that causes explosion (2d6 damage 15ft radius)
  12. All liquids are turned to ice (potions receive a save)
  13. Any animal companion transforms into anthropomorphic version
  14. Age 2d6 years
  15. Reverse age 2d6 years
  16. All wounds are healed.
  17. All corruptions, mutations, injuries, diseases, curses gained AFTER character creation are healed and removed (whether beneficial or detrimental)
  18. Gain ability to speak random language
  19. Gain glimpse into future (allowed to reroll one failed check while in the plane)
  20. Become ravenously hungry as though haven’t eaten in 2d10 days
  21. Body becomes luminescent
  22. Skin changes color (choose one from rainbow)
  23. All hair falls out for 1d3 years
  24. Roll twice


d30- Type of Plane

  1. Chaos
  2. Law
  3. Light
  4. Darkness
  5. Lies
  6. Fire
  7. Water
  8. Life
  9. Death
  10. Alternate reality
  11. Pleasure
  12. Torture
  13. Water
  14. Dreams and Nightmares
  15. Earth
  16. Nature spirits
  17. Astral
  18. Ethereal
  19. Sorrow
  20. Outer Realm
  21. Prismatic Saturation
  22. Insanity and Madness
  23. Temptation
  24. Knowledge
  25. Realm of the Gods
  26. Time
  27. The Imprisoned
  28. Beastmen
  29. Failure
  30. The Dragons


Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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