Hubris Ekrask- Black Hack’d

So Black Hack is a damned cool version of D&D!  It’s right up there for me with Into the Odd, White Box, and DCC.  I thought it would be fun to Black Hack my Hubris races (and maybe the classes) with Hubris so close to being done (Alex is kicking butt on layout!).

So today here is the Ekrask!


The Ekrask by Jeremy Duncan


You are so much more than your dim-witted lesser-kin, the lizardman, and you bask in your superiority.  You are proud, agile, muscular and savage.  Your people stand as tall or taller as any of the puny humans, reaching 5’8”-7’5” in height.  Long ago Klind sorcerer-slavers invaded the Bogwood Swamp and subjugated your people, turning your proud race into slaves and things to be sacrificed to their dark god, Set.  Eventually your people resisted the Klind, and expelled them from the Bogwood, and now most are free.  However, many of your kind are still slaves in Klind lands and the battle drums beat as ekrask warriors seek to liberate their brethren.


Infrasion: An Ekrask can see in the dark up to 60’.

Natural Weapons: An ekrask has a nasty bite attack and razor sharp claws that deal class damage.  An Ekrask is never considered unarmed.

Blood Spout: Once per day an Ekrask can shoot blood out of its eyes.  The Ekrask must succeed a ranged attack (roll under Dex); if the attack is successful, the target is stunned for 1d3 rounds.  The smell of the blood makes target easier to track by scent; an Ekrask has Advantage on Wisdom rolls for tracking.

Rage: An ekrask is a savage fighter that is able to tap into their ferocious nature and attack with reckless abandon.   For 1 minute the Ekrask gains Advantage to attacks, +2 damage and Advantage on saves against mild-altering and fear effects.  After combat the character is exhausted and suffers Disadvantage to all rolls until they rest fully for one hour.  This ability can be used once per day.


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