The Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow- A Hubris Territory and Some Awesome Art

First off I wanted to share some great art by the talented David Lewis Johnson for my upcoming Hubris campaign setting!

Here are two pictures of the Avarian race/class

Avarian 1





This is the Four Goblin Clans of Hubris


This will be the last territory I put up on the blog before going live with the kickstarter.  I wanted to put this up in honor of Jez Gordon’s Awesome RPG day!!!

Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow- Three of the major kingdoms of Hubris reside in these great plains, although none are at war tensions always run high.  The castles of powerful lords, outposts, and villages dot the landscape of these rolling plains.  While some of these structures are inhabited, many others have been abandoned for centuries; the cries, moans, and calamity issuing from these decrepit ruins keeps the curious at bay, leaving these remains undisturbed.  The largest structure on the plains is the Ruins of Mallanthory, an ancient city, recently destroyed, that holds mysteries, horrors, and untold treasure.  Terrible monsters, hordes of undead, and enclaves of the Wretched, the corrupted fae of the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories, make their home on the plains; this land is extremely dangerous for unprepared or unseasoned travelers.


Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow- Lay of the Land

1-15 Rolling plains of grass, farmlands, grey mud, and thorns.

16-17 Area of briars that drip blood.

18-20 Vineyard with grapes that have are faces of humans, young or old.  The grapes scream when they are squeezed.  Those that drink the wine are flooded with euphoric memories that are not their own.  This effect lasts 10 min per drink.

21-25 Rocky hills with shrubs.  In the morning a steaming fog rises off the ground.   By the evening everything up to 4’ high is encased in a 2” thick layer of ice, regardless of te time of year.

26-27 Plantation displaying a hideous level of opulence with slaves out in the fields working in the worst of conditions.

28-29 Tattered remains of a farmstead, crops overgrown with razor grass, thorns, and weeds.

30 A thick mist that makes it hard to breathe for any who are in the area.  Peering into the mists causes the person to see all those that have died, in various states of decay, flitting in and out of reality.

31-32 Abandoned fort of: 1) Eisenbar; 2) Fairweather; 3) Shadowfall; 4) unknown long forgotten empire; 5) goblin; 6) Klind.

33-34 Gnoll slaver camp.  There are always 3d6+3 gnolls and 2d10+10 slaves present.

35 Entrance to a Malfactorium underground stronghold.  They are tunneling through the earth towards: 1) Eisenbar; 2) Fairweather; 3) Shadowfall.

36 An orc warband attacking settlement.  They are using a gargantuan slug abomination to destroy the settlement’s keep.

37-40 Several Wretched and savage beastmen are dancing around a screaming emerald green fire.

41 Hangman’s Tree moving across the plains: 1) sneaks up on group making camp; 2) seen in the distance; 3) people fighting at its base; 4) someone being strung up.

42-45 Giant statue of the Spider Goddess, surrounded by chanting bugbears that are completing a terrible ritual.

46-50 Dry and brittle hillocks.  These hillocks are actually an extensive hive of bees.  Stepping on the hillocks causes them to crumble and break, releasing waves of angry bees that sting, bite and kill.

51-55 Small undefended farming community with 3d6+3 peiople.

56-57 Remains of unremarkable village.  Exploration of the ruins reveals two dozen bodies wrapped in thick cocoons.

58-60 Remains of unremarkable village.  A large idol of Set can be found in the center of the floor of the church.

61-62 Eisenbar paladins attacking and burning settlers.

63 Ancient keep of a forgotten empire.  Home to the self-proclaimed vampire queen, the “Red Lady.”

64-65 Large obelisk erected to the Great Slumbering Monlolith.  There is always 2d4 priests present.

66-67 Small mutant community (hostile to outsiders).

68 Discarded metal tower of Floating Island of Terror.

69-71 Area covered in strange glowing moss.  Eating the moss causes: 1) hallucinations; 2) ability to float 1’ above the ground; 3) glowing in the dark; 4) a great night sleep.  Effects 1-3 last for 24 hours.

72-74 Abandoned Eisenbar fort now occupied by Gnolls.

75-77 Fairweather labor camp.

78 Prison camp built entirely out of the bones of the guilty, reinforced in iron.

79 Cave filled with Vile Gut Clan goblins.  There are always 2d10+10 goblins present.

80 Hideous alter with serpentine body, arms of a baby, and five hundred screaming heads.

81 Asylum for the strange, insane, and mutated.  Patients are cruelly treated.

82-83 Lone inn for weary travelers.  Painted in prismatic colors.

84 Rip in the fabric of reality.  Walking through the rip will transport the characters to: 1-2) another area of Hubris; 3-4 a new world; 5) Different plane of existence (use Planes of Hubris table, pg XX); 6) into the Void.

85 Fissures in the ground belching up yellow steam.

86-88 Small tranquil pond.  Magic does not function while near it.  Should someone bathe in its waters, magic doesn’t work for 24 hours.

89 Abandoned orchard with fruit that has interesting magical properties.

90 An Eisenbar stronghold that has been taken over by orcs.  The orcs are corrupting creatures in their strange alchemical potion: 1) Fire Breath Clan goblins; 2) gnolls; 3) humans; 4) bugbears; 5) a chimera; 6) dire bats.

91 Bizarre upside down pyramid with a door made of liquid gold.

92 Crystalline cube with shadowed figures frozen inside.  Upon closer inspection each character sees that the frozen figures are themselves.

93 Bizarre metallic ruins that only emerge once every 100 years for 1d10 days.

94-96 An ancient wooden fort occupied by 3d8+4 Fire Breath Clan goblins.

97 A small stream that babbles softly.  After soaking a blank piece of parchment in the stream for 1d5 days it will have a random spell transcribed on it: 1-3) wizard; 4) cleric.

98 Cabin of the exiled prophet Crazed Tubble.

99 Field of strange waving shrubs that are actually tentacles of man eating plants.

00 Gigantic 25’ tall Murder Machine that has been deactivated for a long time.  Grass and vines have grown on and around the suit of armor.


Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow- Encounters

1-10 Bandits seeking easy money.

11-12 Small band of Malfactorium seeking the Skull of the Crying Peasant for their queen.

13 Gnoll slaving party (one is riding on the back of a Murder Machine).

14-15 2d4+1 Vile Gut Clan goblins (2 are riding on giant wasps).

16-21 Traders making their way to: 1) Fairweather; 2) Shadowfall; 3) Bogwood Swamp; 4) Glasturbury.

22-24 2d8 Bugbears accompanied by a giant spider-demon possessing the head of necrotic baby.

25 2d8 Eisenbar paladins attacking heretics of their faith.

26-27 1d4 Rabid hyenas led by a gnoll shaman.

28 Sentient twister that is lonely, but holds treasure in its eye.

29-32 A vampire thrall and 3d4+3 militia from Shadowfall.

33-34 Band of centaurs seeing vengeance for the murder of their leader, the Time Keeper.

35-36 The Wretched attacking a caravan.

37 Golem made of metal and spikes with bodies impaled on each.  Some are still living.

38-39 1d3 humans infected by the Metalphage.

41-45 Refugees of a recently attacked village seeking help.

46-47 Sorcerer falls out of the sky and dies.  Holding strange glowing orb in his hands.

48 1d4 dead victims of the Hangman’s Tree, all emit toxic miasma.

49-52 3d4+3 guards from Fairweather.  They are: 1) fighting Eisenbar paladins; 2) camped out along the side of the road; 3) investigating rumors of a haunted keep that has appeared seemingly out of nowhere; 4) harassing a small avarian caravan; 5) dead and been torn apart by a vicious troll; 6) are looking for the characters.

53-54 10 Skeletal Gun Runners from Floating Island of Terror delivering a shipment of guns and gunpowder to: 1) Fairweather; 2) Shadowfall; 3) Bogwood; 4) Glasturbury.

55-57 A raiding party of 5d3 gnolls riding in an armored wagon that was stolen from a group of Skeletal Gun Runners.

58 A mutant eunuch carrying the living severed head of Apalas, a mistress of Ithis the Bulge.  She was sacrificed to satisfy the needs of the Barking Moon, an ill omen of lunacy and starvation.

59 Stone giant infected with Metalphage.

60-62 Sorcerer making a deal with a small ice memphit with 4 heads.

63 Hunters of the Court of Delirium searching for Wretched.

64-66 Farmers about to burn someone they believe to be possessed.

67-70 1d4 +1 troops from Vigilance Keep.

71 Royal envoy of Fairweather headed to Shadowfall.

72-73 Earth elemental wandering around and melding boulders together to form a structure.

74-76 2d4 ghouls hunting the characters.

77-80 Eisenbar paladins seeking the characters for: 1) help with a problem beyond their ken; 2) to cleanse the characters by pain and fire for their perversions.

81-82 Swarm of biting flies.  Chance players become infected with larva.

83 A strange creature who claims to be from a different world called the Charred Planet.

84 A strange, otherworldly consciousness that guards the door to an ethereal library.

85-86 Mutant outlaws- 1) hostile; 2) friendly.

87 Necromancer with 1d4 zombies, 1d4 skeletons, and 1 ghoul.

88-91 Exiled fae offering passage through the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories to anyone who can offer him a bottled baby’s laugh.

92-93 Small community of mutants.  Always 5d4+3 present.

94 A man sitting on a boulder, smiling.  Says he’s been waiting for the characters for 1d100 years.

95 A beastman of the Wretched seeks protection from his own kind.

96-97 Burned bodies tied to stakes.  Stomachs are bloated with necrotic grubs.

98 An emissary of the Spider Goddess descends from the sky on a thick web, offering parlay with the characters.

99 Small village of children.  They were once adults, but sold their emotions to a demon to remain forever young.

00 A Witch coven has just finished a dark ritual that has brought forth the physical manifestation of their patron.  The physical being of the patron is weak and frail, so it is placed in the womb of a cow.  The patron will gestate for 3d3 months and then burst from the animal in a spray of blood, smoke and acid, fully formed and ready to bring darkness to the planet.




Blood River Chasm- Once a child of Eisenbar reaches eight years of age they are dropped into this craggy fissure and must fight for survival as they make it to the exit.  During this time they undergo the Trial of Pain, mutilating their flesh with whips, chains and ritual scarring to prove their worth to the Empire and Drallic the Flayer.  Monsters, traps, other children, and natural hazards bar the way to safety.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) No child has exited the Blood River Chasm for three weeks.  While the Trial of Pain is deadly, and many children die, there are always a few that emerge.  It is forbidden for any citizen of Eisenbar to enter the trial.  However, there is no law against sending in foreigners to investigate.

2) The Blood River Chasm has become filled with a thick crystalline web-like substance.  All attempts at removing it have failed.  A cleric of Drallic the Flayer has had a vision that the breath of a dying child prophet will remove this curse.



Capital City of Eisenbar– The smoke from the pyres that purge the unworthy from the earth can be seen for miles around Eisenbar.  The nation and its settlements lie south west of Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories, which helps to separate Eisenbar from Shadowfall.  Drallic the Flayer of Flesh, the patron deity of Eisenbar, passed down the Sacraments of Pain, Torment, and Intolerance, on which the nation is founded.  The Anointer of Pain, Altor Von Krall, rules Eisenbar from the Bloody Spire, a high red tower perched precariously on the Pit of Weakness.  The tower is said to have over a million hooks that hunger for the bodies of the weak.  Bodies of sinners, unbelievers, the infirm, the elderly, and other weak creatures can be seen strung up around the tower.  It is believed that should the Anointer of Pain ever fail in his duty, the Bloody Spire will crumble and fall into the pit.


Eisenbar does not tolerate outsiders and it is very rare that the gates of their Great Iron Wall of Pain is opened, save to allow Paladin’s to venture out into the wilds to purify heathens.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) Altor Von Krall has been growing ill.  The opposition is calling for the Challenge of Righteous Pain.  Either Von Krall will defend his right as Anointer of Pain, or a new leader will secure the title.

2) Altor Von Krall is seeking brave and worthy people to delve into the Ruins of the Barbed Mother, to the north of Eisenbar.  Recently discovered ancient lore tells of Drallic the Flayer’s own scared Armor of Pain and Misery is said to rest there.

3) An Eisenbar warband is planning to venture into the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories to search for the Well of Unfathomable Knowledge.  They are looking for recruits to help secure it.

4) Priests of Drallic the Flayer are seeking brave souls to infiltrate Shadowfall and pour the blood of their god into the Black Pool of Inexplicable Ecstasy.

5) An explosion has destroyed much of the market area; bodies are scattered throughout the square.  Officials are accusing agents from Shadowfall.  The famous sorcerer, Balbin Myvok, hasn’t been seen since the explosion.

6) Several townspeople have been rounded up and having been judged as impure and unfit for the blessing of Drallic the Flayer; these poor helpless victims are to be cleansed by being flayed into submission.  Suddenly one of the priests points at one of the characters and shouts, “Seize them!”


Sacraments of Pain, Torment, and Intolerance

Those that are weak, unworthy or unclean shall be purified by flail, chain, or hook until their blood quenches the thirst of the parched ground.

Those that are weak shall be flayed alive until their spirit breaks and all that remains is a worthless husk.

Those who are unworthy shall be cast down as slaves!  The boot heel and the barbed-flail shall be their only comfort.

The worthy shall pay tribute to Drallic through the scarring of their own flesh!

Do not wait for the filthy and weak to make bed in your home, seek them out and bring the will of Drallic!

Shall a child not survive to the Trial of Pain, they are mere dust and their name unspeakable. 

The tainted and abhorrent are to be destroyed without hesitation.

There are no allies, only tools to be used and discarded when broken or no longer serve a purpose. 




Lake of the Flayed- This calm lake is filled with the bones of those that were weak and unworthy of the blessing of Drallic the Flayer.  The punishment for those that succumb to the shameful weakness of death during the Ceremony of Righteous Flaying is to be thrown into the lake to spend eternity in constant torment.  When the sun sets the lake becomes luminescent and the moans and screams of the Flayed are heard throughout the night.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A necromancer seeks to free the imprisoned dead at the bottom of the lake.  The resulting wrath of the Flayed against Eisenbar would be overwhelming.

2) It is believed that the memories and knowledge of the Flayed can be gathered and extracted from the waters of the lake.  Several alchemists seek to use their properties in potent and dangerous potions.

3) An island with a moss covered has risen from of the Lake of the Flayed.  A skeletal boatman in a rickety raft waits at the lake’s edge.




Purity Keep- This Eisenbar stronghold is their strongest and most defended settlement outside of the great fortified wall of their capital.  This outpost watches the kingdom’s northern border.  The outpost will do trade with outsiders, including the Floating Island of Terror.


The outpost houses hundreds of troops and groups of Eisenbar Paladins who venture into Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow or the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories to spread the word of Drallic and purify the heathens.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A massive invasion force of orcs from the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire (pg XX) has conquered Purity Keep.  Eisenbar is sending a legion of Paladins from the capital to reclaim their fort and annihilate the heathen monsters.  Any outsider who helps will be rewarded.

2) A war party of Paladins has disappeared on a mission into the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories.  The men still in the outpost have heard the missing men’s voices in their dreams.

3) The great and renowned alchemist Setivus Marr Crop is being held prisoner at Purity Keep and will soon be put to death for his sins of dabbling into perverted arts of alchemy and witchcraft.  He has managed to sneak out a note with a caravan and is begging for help.  He promises a great reward for those who help him.



Fairweather– Fairweather was once considered the jewel of Hubis, but has slipped into the grips of madness, plague, decadence and debauchery in the three hundred years since The Twisted One first appeared before King Maldran, promising the way to power and knowledge was through the purity of blood.  The Reign of the Mad Kings dawned when King Maldran and the royal family of Fairweather struck a deal with the Twisted One, and began practicing the Ways of the Flesh.  As the royal family continues to follow the teachings of the Twisted One, engaging in inbreeding for the sake of purity of blood, each generation becomes more grotesquely deformed and unstable.  While the nobility is allowed to partake in the pleasures of the flesh of kin, only the royal family is allowed to produce heirs.  Any who are not of noble birth are denied practice of the Ways of the Flesh, and if caught doing so are executed in the most brutal fashion.  As the Twisted One’s teachings have become law, the rift between the nobility and the common citizens has grown wider.  The nobility wear extravagant avant-garde fashion, while the poor wear rags in varying shades of brown, grey, and black.


The current king, Ithis the Bulge, is extremely deformed and prone to terrible, violent mood swings.  Ithis is hailed as the God-King, as many believe he is the Twisted One made flesh.


Three years ago a terrible plague, The Metalphage (pg XX), began ripping through Fairweather, causing people to mutate into grotesque creatures; jagged metallic shards, wires, and tubing burst from the flesh of the infected, either driving them mad or killing them.  The mere touch of a Metalphage infects others and also corrupts metal, rusting it.  Entire districts of the city have been quarantined and sealed in an attempt to halt contamination.  The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil conducts terrible experiments on the infected from their heavily guarded Red Monastery, in an attempt to discover the secrets of this curse.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1)  Riots have begun in the poor districts over lack of food, poverty, inequality, and the plague.  Many nobles have been taken hostage or killed.

2) Several plague doctors have gone missing while investigating a district suffering from the plague.  The captain of the guard is eager for their return and is willing to pay handsomely.

3) The gates of a quarantined section of Fairweather burst open and metalphage surge into the square attacking all in reach.  The city guard is quickly overrun.

4) The ancient wizard Hepple is said to have contact with Malevolence, one of the Five Dragons of Hubris.  People shy away from him, for fear he will bring down a terrible fate like that of Mallanthory.

5) In preparation for the birthday of Corwin, King Ithis’s young nephew, all the jewelers in the city are being rounded up, their shops ransacked, and are being forced to craft beautiful gifts for the young noble.  A nearby shop owner has escaped the guard and runs up to the characters, shoving a large black ruby at them, whispering “this is too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands!  Please, take this!  It must remain hidden.  If I am ever free, I will come back for it!”  He then turns and runs back to his captivity.

6) The eccentric artist, Jean Le Tiepe, in a continued desire to be popular and relevant has begun kidnapping those he views as beautiful or unique and transforming them into sculptures or other pieces of art.

7) The extravagant Purple Moon Ball is about to take place.  It is one of the premiere events for the nobility of Fairweather.  Harold BiPhis, a noble of low-standing, is desperate to find the golden cluck cluck bird to stuff and wear as a hat, in the hopes that it will elevate his status.  He has agreed to take the characters as his entourage should they succeed.


Ravings of the Mad God King

1 All nobles shall wear orange on the day of my birth! 

2 All those not of noble birth are denied carnal pleasures for one year, save for when a noble demands it!

3 The consuming of animal flesh must be doubled on the third day of the week!

4 Those with hair of brown must wear a hat to hide their shame!

5 If a dog crosses your path, you must pet it and then bathe and scrub until raw to cleanse your flesh!

6 By royal decree all nobility must mock those of lower birth!

7 The sight of a bluebird is unlucky!  Kill it!

8 When an unworthy is executed it shall be celebrated in the streets!

9 None shall consume food, but for pork loin for one week!

10 At the fifth bell toll on the fifth day of the fifth month all must run naked in the streets to taste the pleasures of the Twisted One!




Twisted Angel Lake- Three hundred years ago, in the Year of the Beheaded Herald, the Twisted One rose from what was then called Fairweather Lake and offered the knowledge of the Ways of the Flesh to King Maldran.


Twisted Angel Lake is now a holy site.  All from Fairweather are required to go to its banks to bathe in the waters and be blessed and cleansed at least once a month.  Ithis the Bulge, with help from the Black Queen, has recently begun construction of a massive tower in the middle of the lake to honor the Twisted One.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The construction of the tower has awoken the horrific nightmare, the Unblinking Monstrosity, in a terrible wrath.  The beast and its minions will destroy the tower and flood the lake. The Unblinking Monstrosity will move on to the plains and wreak havoc on the land until stopped.

2) As the temple nears completion the air around it shimmers in random hues and crackling energy fills the skies… Each day a noise akin to a roar grows louder.




Port of Ustler- This small port and outpost serves the launching point for Fairweather’s trade vessels and warships.  The port was founded by Ustler the Babbler over 200 years ago in the Year of the Expired Monkey.


Recently the port has been covered in a thick murky fog that has made it difficult for ships to land and make sail.  The land around the village has been come damp and muddy, hindering land travel.  The sounds of thousands of frogs fill the air, day or night.  Several villagers have disappeared, their companions and family claiming to have seen grotesque frogmen grabbing their loved ones and then vanishing into the fog.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The waters around the Port of Ustler have become fetid and mucky.  The sludge is so thick ships cannot move through it.  All the fish have died or mutated into abhorrent monstrosities.

2) All the inhabitants of the town have suddenly been put into a deep magical sleep, slumbering in positions of daily activity.

3) The whole town has been turned into hideous frogpeople.  Is there a way to break this horrific curse?  Or is the village and port doomed to be put to the torch to cleanse this blight?



Glasturbury- The town of Glasturbury is a large city with an extensive farming community that serves as a resting point for caravans and traders traveling between the capitals and territories of Hubris.


Glasturbury is led by the Frail, a select group of five individuals that have undergone a painful and potentially fatal ritual that transforms them into immobile fragile husks that are strapped to intricately carved papoose boards.  This transformation allows the five to become virtually immortal, immune to magical effects, religious intervention, and gives them the ability to communicate telepathically.  A side effect of the transformation is that the Frail exude a toxic miasma, causing horrible mutations to those that stay in their presence for too long.  If a target is in the presence of the Frail for more five minutes in a 24 hour period they must succeed a DC 18 Fort save or gain 1d3 cosmetic mutations, and there is a 30% chance of one power mutation (pg XX).  Mutants are immune to this effect.  The Frail have a group of loyal mutants that serve their every need.


Recently a group of adventurers discovered the entrance to an extensive set of ruins beneath Glasturbury.  The adventurers disappeared into the depths, and after being gone for several days, only a few of the returned, but with many riches in hand.  The survivors remarked at the extensive array of corridors, traps, and monsters that they had come across, and that these ruins seemed to go on for miles.  Now others with hearts full of adventure, many would-be adventurers have delved into this dangerous and ancient dungeon in the hopes of making a name for themselves or the discovery of riches.


Glasturbury has begun charging an entrance fee of 15g per entry into the dungeon.  Those that leave the dungeon are allowed to keep any and all items or equipment found from the depths below, even the gear of adventurers that have died.  The items are then appraised by the council and a tax is levied on the adventurer.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A invasion force of Malfactorum surge down the mountain towards Glasturbury, seeking to expand their domain.  The city is looking to send an envoy to the stone giants, seeking aid.

2) A member of The Frail was found murdered.  Evidence has been planted that points to involvement by one of the characters.

3) A caravan of Avarians has set up a carnival on the outskirts of the city, offering entertainment of magic, music, and shows.  Their soothsayers are offering, for the right amount of coin, to delve into the depths of a person’s soul and read their future.

4) The animated corpses of dozens of adventurers that have died in the dungeon wander up from the ruin’s entrance and begin attacking the inhabitants of Glasturbury.



Hangman’s Tree.  This twisted tree was used as the gallows of the Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow, sending many guilty and innocent people to their deaths.  Eventually spite and malignancy warped the tree, causing it to become alive and hungry for more lives.  The tree wanders the plains attempting to string up unwary travelers.  The tree is left alone because of the rare and valuable nut it produces once every decade; The Heart of the Crimson Sorrow.  The Heart of Crimson Sorrow is said to have amazing magical properties, including the ability to resurrect any creature that has died.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The Hangman’s Tree is about to bloom.  A wizened, toothless old man wants you to retrieve the Heart of the Crimson Sorrow for him, at any cost.  There is always a huge fight for one of these invaluable nuts.

2) A large invasion force of Klind has made it to the great plains and is going to attempt to take the Hangman’s Tree back to the Blighted Sands and keep it there under heavy guard.  They hope to use the Heart of Crimson Sorrow to bring forth Set into Hubris.





Red Monastery- The secretive Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil (pg XX) conduct terrible and harsh experiments in their secure haven, far away from prying eyes.  The plague doctors have been granted executive powers by Ithis the Bulge in order to find the desperately needed cure for the Metalphage (pg XX).  People, whether sick or healthy, are rounded up daily by the plague doctors and transported to the Red Monastery, never to be heard from again.


People whisper that the plague doctors themselves are responsible for the Metalphage and are using it as an excuse to round up any and all that interest them to be used in their diabolical experiments.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) No one has heard from the monastery in months.  Fairweather is desperate for news on a cure.  A few brave souls are hired and sent to investigate.  However they discover much more than they bargained for.

2) The plague doctors believe that they are close to discovering the cure for the Metalphage, but they need a book which they believe contains crucial information.  According to their records the book was held in the vaults of the university in Mallanthory.

3) Nyxon, the head of the order of the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil is said to have opened up a trade agreement with the Black Queen of the Floating Island of Terror.  In exchange for potions, tonics, and slaves, the plague doctors are given wheellock firearms and other weapons of destruction created by the Black Queen’s artisans.



The Roving Nibbleton- Nibbleton is a gargantuan dog that was discovered in the Canyons of the Howling Red Rock by the Black Queen’s agents, The Black Guard of Abhorrent Action.  The Black Guard was quick to bring this prize to their mistress on the Floating Island of Terror.  Once in the Black Queen’s clutches, she altered the dog and enhanced him with her technologies to fit into her incomprehensible machinations.  Nibbleton’s flesh has been replaced with steel, his teeth made razor sharp, and his breath now jets of fire.  A small city of iron has been built upon his back to transport people and goods across the dangerous plains between Fairweather and Shadowfall.  Smokestacks and cannons line Nibbleton’s flank, and a few members of the Black Guard are posted there for protection.  Nibbleton is guided by a blind giant, Oog, who sees through the creatures glittering ruby eyes.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) Several of the engine rooms that burn coal to power Nibbleton’s walking have been sabotaged by unknown terrorists.  The smokestacks begin to belch fire and then explode; thick black smoke issues between the metal plates of the dogs hide, which creak and shift, bringing Nibbleton to a lurching halt.  The engineers will be able to repair the damage, however they need brave souls to go inside Nibbleton to deal with whatever was let loose by the terrorists

2) The people living on Nibbleton are aroused in the early hours of the morning by a claxon alarm.  During the night someone removed the ruby eyes of Nibbleton.  Oog thrashes about blindly in a violent rage.  It is whispered that Oog’s strange ability to see through Nibbleton was granted by the Black Queen for his years of devoted service as a torturer in her Screaming Prisons on the Floating Island of Terror.



Ruins of Mallanthory- These shattered ruins were once the care-holders of much of the knowledge of Hubris.  The University of Mallanthory researched history, documented events of time and space, and is believed to even have conducted magical experiments to access other planes of existence.  The crystalline towers of the university were crafted hundreds of years ago by magical craftsmanship and experimentation, and shone brightly in the weak Hubris sun.


One year ago, in the Year of the Blighting, the great Malevolence, one of the Five Dragons of Hubris, descended from the sky and destroyed Mallanthory, killing thousands.  Now all that remains of the city is ruins filled with the wrathful spirits of the dead, horrible sentient magic, and rips in the very fabric of reality that spew forth unimaginable malignant beings.


Those that are brave enough to delve into the ruins of Mallanthory will find riches and knowledge aplenty, but must be willing to risk more than their lives and souls to obtain them.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) Travelers have seen bright lights over the ruins of Mallanthory and have heard eerie high pitched screams from its direction.

2) Jabbin the Keeper, a crotchety 8’ tall old man with eight arms, is looking for an ancient tomes that will further his knowledge to help him unravel the mysteries of the arcane.  He is willing to fund the expedition (within reason) and allow the characters to take whatever spoils they find, save for the books he seeks.

3) Samson, a wealthy merchant, lost his whole family and his estate when Malevolence razed Mallanthory.  He desperately wants to return to what remains of this estate to find a family heirloom, call the Tear of the Fallen Angel.  It is believed to bring loved ones back from the Void.  He will pay handsomely for this.

4) Thick swirling clouds of smoke have begun billowing out of several of the ancient chimneys of the ruins of Mallanthory.  Those that get near can hear chanting, cries, and druming.  A shrouded specter seems to follow the characters, flitting in and out of reality, waving them towards the ruins.

5) A blind homeless woman wanders up to the characters and addresses them by name, stating that the spirits from beyond have given her a message.  She says that a rip in the fabric of reality will transport any who go through it to a realm of plenty and that they must travel to the ruins of Mallanthory to go through the portal.



Shadowfall- This city was built into the rock face of a large ancient sink hole that was created over a thousand years ago by The Bringer of End Times, a gargantuan worm.  The Vampire Lord, Depraved Genieva, and her Court of the Withered Hand have ruled Shadowfall for the last one hundred and fifty years since the time they marched into the sinkhole, culling all the bandits and monsters that had made this strange place their home.  Genieva has built a grand temple to Yelsa, the Goddess of Sex and Violence, at the bottom of Shadowfall, where she holds extravagant galas of decadence and depravity.  Only the most honored of her guests are allowed into her inner sanctum to bathe in the Black Pool of Inexplicable Ecstasy.  Almost the entire city of Shadowfall is in constant twilight.


Bathing in the Black Pool of Inexplicable Ecstasy

1 Your touch is able to bring people to the point of sexual ecstasy (lasts one week).

2 All your scars and wounds are healed (does not heal mutations or grow back lost limbs).

3 Removes one corruption (minor) or one mutation (not from mutant class).

4 Your flesh rejuvenates and you become 2d10 years younger.

5 Your flesh turns a golden color and you emit a pheromone that attracts all who see you (+2 to Personality, last 1d4 weeks).

6 You are able to communicate telepathically with one other person who bathed with you (permanent).

7 Your body is invigorated: +2 to one physical stat- 1) Strength; 2) Agility; 3) Stamina permanently.

8 Your flesh turns jet black.  You are able to cast the Scare spell as if you rolled a 16-19 (pg 191, DCC- this lasts until cast).  Your skin then returns to normal.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A strange orb of sunlight appeared in the temple of Yelsa, killing many members of the Court of the Withered Hand, and almost killing Depraved Genieva.  She is now seeking answers.  Was this an attack?  How did this happen?

2) The bodies of three vampires have been found.  All have had their fangs removed, their hearts cut out, and a strange symbol burned into their forehead.  Their bodies have been arranged in a ceremonial fashion.  The constable is looking for help in unraveling this.

3) A strange cult has taken up residence in Shadowfall and is recruiting members at an alarming rate.  No one has seen their faces, as they all wear full length burka-style garments.

4) A strange sickness is running rampant through the streets of Shadowfall, making the blood of the living toxic to the vampires.

5) A terrible earthquake rattles through the land.  Much of Shadowfall is damaged.  People need help getting out of the city, getting supplies, or rebuilding.  Plague, famine, crime, rioting, and death are constant.

6) Depraved Genieva is throwing a lavish masquerade ball and somehow the characters have been invited.  When they get there Genieva has them escorted to a side room.  She informs them that someone in her court is making attempts on her life, and she wants them to discover who the traitor is.

7) No one has heard from the small farming community of Nythol, which lies near Shadowfall, in several days.  Scouts report seeing small creatures with pumpkin-like heads dancing around a bonfire, and the smell of rotting meat permeates the air.




Saldov and Evernight Keep- Saldov is a small community that developed around the Evernight Keep, ran by the vampires of Shadowfall.  Evernight Keep defends Shadowfall and its lands against incursions from Eisenbar.  The Master of Shadows, a vampire of the Court of the Withered Hand, and his eunuch thrall Yeldan rule over the settlement.


The humans of Saldov serve as both labor and as cattle to those living in Shadowfall.  They toil in the fields during the day to grow food for the mortals and bleed at night to feed the vampires.


As incursions from Eisenbar have become more prevalent The Master of Shadows struck a secret accord with emissaries from Klind for aid.  In exchange for building a secret altar to Set in the basement of Evernight Keep, the Klind gave the Master of Shadows access to their alchemical baths.  The Master of Shadows has transformed dozens of loyal servants into grotesque behemoths that will guard the settlement from Eisenbar Paladins.  The Klind emissaries wait patiently, like a snake about to strike, for the moment when the Master of Shadows loses control of his monstrosities and they can claim Evernight Keep as their own.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The Wretched have completed a ritual that turned first born children of Saldov into pigs.  Sadly several were slaughtered before anyone realized what had transpired.  People are now crazed to eat the tastiest bacon they have ever had, with no regard to the consequences.  Yeldan is desperate to reverse the process.

2) A plague of giant hook worms has begun consuming all of Saldov’s crops.  The local garrison has attempted to stop the crops from being consumed, but was overrun.  However the Myrtle, a disgusting night hag, wants the worms to reach their full potential so she can use them as an army of minions.

3) The Klind emissaries have managed to link their secret shrine to the Holy Temple of Set in the Blighted Sands (pg XX).  The link between the two has created a portal which allows the Klind to send an invasion force from the Blighted Sands through to conquer the region.


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