The Bizarre and Horrible Gods of Hubris- Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence

I am posting each of the gods of Hubris with their info and Invoke the Name ability.

I also have tried to find artwork that is close to how I envisioned the clerics and gods looking.


Yelsa’s temples are often found in brothels where the Matron Whore preaches and practices the trades offered by her goddess.  Yelsa’s love rests precariously on the precipice where sex and pain are one in the same, but sometimes falling into the darkness completely, giving way to violence, torture, and mutilation.  Most of her clerics dress in whatever fashion they desire, but always with an aspect of flesh and sexuality on their mind.  Many have pins, hooks, and barbs sewn into their garments.  While not deadly, they can cause enough pain to be exhilarating.  Others followers surgically insert metal, spikes and fetishes into their flesh.

Yelsa’s followers are quite devoted.  It is believed that she keeps the men and women who ply their trade safe from harm.  This belief is further propagated by the fact that the clerics of Yelsa are always quick to met out justice against offenders of the faith.

Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence
Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence
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Invoke the Name- Simply roll a spell check (d20 + CL + Personality Mod).

Cleric of Yelsa
Cleric of Yelsa

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