Hubris Shadowdancer- Black Hack’d

Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Shadowdancer


Shadowdancer class by David Lewis Johnson

Starting HP: d6+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d6

Weapons and Armor: Shadowdancer’s are proficient with the following weapons: barbed net, blackjack, blowgun, bolas, crossbow, dagger, dart, hand crossbow, longsword, net, shortsword, shortbow, sickle, sling, spiked chain, and Gambeson, Leather, and Small Shields

Attack Damage: d6/1d4 unarmed or improvising.

Whereas a common thief uses the darkness to merely aid in their illicit acts, you have fully embraced it, truly making it your ally.  You have some inexplicable ability to merge with the shadows, becoming completely invisible in them, and even travel through them to another location!

You are the ultimate assassin, able to kill your prey, and then move yourself from harm before the alarm is even sounded.  You are highly sought after in the underworld, and you smirk at the various rumors that fools speak about you in hushed tones.  You laugh gleefully when you see a mark huddled in their room, surrounded by torches, as if the light would keep them safe from your blade.  The fools!  Never realizing that eventually the darkness will come… and with it death.

Shadowdancer Abilities

Roll Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2d6 damage.

Darkness: A Shadowdancer is able to cast the spell Darkness once per day.

Shadow Jump: A shadowdancer is able to manipulate the very darkness itself and create a portal that allows them transport to another spot of darkness or shadow. The Shacowdancer can travel a distance of Far Away or more. Using this ability is a movement action.  A Shadowdancer can do this a number of times equal to half their level (minimum 1).

Leveling Up

Roll to see if Attributes increase, roll twice for Dex or Chr.


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