Hubris Session Recaps- Group 2 Session 1 and 2, and Group 1 Session 1

So I’ve kicked off a new Hubris campaign that will be playtesting what I’ve created to make sure it works/is fun/what the hell ever before I publish this beast.

Thankfully I’ve gathered a large pool of players both RL and G+ that I can pull from to do this.  I formed two groups and each group plays every other Sunday.

I wanted to do a constantcon type thing where players could bounce from one game to the other and there isn’t “continuity issues”.  I’m also designing the world/sessions where there is a possibility of affecting one another.  Maybe not always in dramatic overt ways, but shit is changing based on the actions and decisions of each group.

For all my Hubris things- go here

Group 2, Session 1 (10/27/13)



Gene- Warrior

Sara- Warrior

Chuck- Kenku

Omar (group 1 player)- Alchemist

Fletch (group 1 player)- Cleric of Drallic the Flayer

We began our session with the players stopping off in the Market District of Fairweather awaiting the speech of Ithis the Bulge (picture) that would kick off the weeklong celebration of his birthday before heading to the sewers to kill demon rats.  As decreed by the God King, all nobility must wear vibrant orange from head to toe or face torture and death for the duration of the festivities.

Ithis the Bulge
Ithis the Bulge

The celebration is also an attempt to raise morale in Fairweather.  The mood of the city is grim, since a cure for the metalphage plague has not been found by the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil, despite their assurances that all the sacrifices made by test subjects and their families will gain results, and 2 districts have been closed off and quarantined, lost to victims of the plague.

During Ithis the Bulge’s speech the sealed gate to the quarantined Scabs District bursts open and several metalphage monstrosities flood into the Market District and begin attacking people.

Highlights of the Fight

  • No one died
  • Omar created a bomb and threw it at a metalphage, severally injuring it and killing 18 innocents in the explosion.
  • Chuck flying to the roof (hey he only has 3 HP) and shooting at beasties with his hand crossbow.
  • Players running around frantically attempting to find a piece of wood that will help bar the gate again.
  • Chuck diving bombing the gate to slam it shut on the oncoming horde of metalphage.
  • Finally finding a piece of wood to bar the door and survive.


The group decided to relax the rest of the night and lick their wounds before going into the sewers in the morning.

Everyone except Sara and Chuck went to sleep.  Sara and Chuck decided to try their luck on Jeff’s awesome Carousing Table.

  • Chuck got black out drunk and had the forehead feather shaved off and now has a glow in the dark KFC tattoo.
  • Sara got black out drunk in the Skye District, where all the buildings are made mostly of stone and look like creepy faces, and set it all ablaze.  158 people died in the fire.  Sara has no recollection of her atrocity.


Go ahead..  Rest for a spell...
The Sky District of Fairweather, now destroyed…

Into the Sewers

The group dove into the sewers and met several demon rats and eventually stumbled across a feral mutant (show pic), but Gene rolled a crit and head-butted the bitch, breaking the nasty freak’s face into a bloody pulp.

End Session 1, Group 2

Group 1, Session 1 (11/10/13)



Omar- Alchemist

Fletch- Cleric of Drallic the Flayer

Liam- Mutant

Nate- Murder Machine


Group 1 got off to a bit of a slow start due to G+ technical issues and character creation getting slightly bogged down.  Oh well.

I knew I wanted to kick off Group 1’s session with something that was because of Group 2’s first session, and what better way to do that than with the fire that Sara started.

The group was in the Skye District looking for a place to get some drinks and relax.  When the group gets to the center of the district there are several people fighting to get beneath the statue of the Weeping Woman.  It is believed that if you stand beneath the statue of the weeping woman on a certain night at a certain time, her tears will fall and heal all your ailments.  Every night people fight to sleep under the statue in the hopes that this is the night she will bless them.

As the characters are walking through the district a body falls from the highest tower (40’ high) in the district and liquefies upon impact, except for the head, which is in perfect condition and whispers Hardison Bryce, and then talks no more.  Omar recognizes the name as the second in charge of the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil.

I used my Tavern/Inn Generator to get the place where the group was going.

The group arrived at the Hanged Bard.

Here’s the info for the tavern:

Hanged Bard

10 patrons

Games- eating picked rats brains

Interesting Feature- Hot spring.. soak in it..  See what happens?

Patron: Exiled princess

Story: Woman who killed herself after her lover spurned her.

Food: Goblin Fried Fingers

Event: Has Deathbeds!   Beds that eat people

Eventually they heard screaming outside and saw the blaze ripping through the district.  Since Omar was present for Group 2’s first session he used his knowledge of the event and got the group down into the sewers.

I had developed a quick generator this part of the game because I didn’t know if the group would want to go through the city or into the sewers.  Here is the PDF: Sewer and City Key for Group 1 Session 1

The group made it through a few tunnels and we left off just as they reached the sewer grate to a new district and KNEW their ass was out of the fire.

This was a good session, but as I said things started out slow and it took a little bit to build the momentum up, and by the time it did, it was time to stop.  Oh well.  All the players now have characters and we don’t have to worry about it.


Until next time for Group 1!

Group 2, Session 2 (11/17/13)



Gene- Warrior

Sara- Warrior

Chuck- Kenku

Lisa- Cleric of Yelsa

Billy- Druid

Liam (group 1 player)- Mutant

Stephen (group 1 player)- Murder Machine


After the slaying of the mutant, the group looked around the room and discovered the freak was eating the corpse of a small bald man.  Inspection of the body showed a gold ring with a sinister looking skull with a rose in its mouth, which identified the dead man as a thrall to one of the vampires of the Court of the Withered Hand of Shadowfall.  The group pocketed that for later.  They also discovered a scrollcase that held a thick piece of parchment that registered as magic in the hands of Lisa, but they were unable to discern any more than that.

Eventually the group stumbled into a room of the sewers where the brick work had given way and they could see a large room with softly glowing yellowish stalactites and stalagmites.  The group took chunks of the rock and discovered that if thrown it bursts into a cloud that smells like a batch of rotten eggs.

Through exploration of this cavern the group discovered 20’ metal double-doors, and after setting off a trap the group stepped into the Portal Under the Stars module that is in the DCC book.  I have made some changes to the adventure, but won’t go over them until the group finishes the module.

The group got stuck in room three where a giant statue that hurls balls of fire.  Eventually Chuck decided to be brave and attempt to fly through the room.  He got a fireball up his ass for his trouble and suddenly the room smelled like KFC.

Eventually the statue ran out of fireballs to throw and the group ran to Chuck and kicked his body over, to discover that he was deader than dead.  Chuck has rolled a half-demon.  Yay our first death!

End Session 2- Group 2


I’m looking forward to both group’s sessions in December!  I am really enjoying seeing the different styles of play and cohesion and am excited to see how all their actions affect the world and one another.

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