Hubris- Die Drop Generator for Taverns and Inns


I will have several tables and charts in the Hubris book.  I’ve already posted one for the planes of Hubris on the Hubris Campaign Page.

All you need to do is roll a d24 twice to generate the name and then drop the following dice: d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d10 (%), d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30 and consult the tables below. There is an example at the end of the post.

Taverns and Inns

Roll Name 1 Name 2


Barmy Stone


Salty Urn


Hacked Bear


Bleeding Orc


Cursed Hammer


Hanged Corpse


Sleepy Noble


Bloated Cat


Exiled Wolf


Shadowed Maiden


Demonic Serf


Singing Fox


Angelic Hag


Lucky Axe


Haggard King


Crass Dragon


Dead Goblet


Rusted Bard


Angry Horse


Talking Priest


Gutted Goblin


Squished Rat


Rabid Princess


Salty Virgin


D3- Lighting

1)      Candles only

2)      Several torches

3)      Large chandeliers


D4- Number of Patrons

1)      5-10

2)      20-30

3)      30-50

4)      51+

D5- Place Smells Like

1)      Cinnamon

2)      Curry

3)      Sweat and blood

4)      Citrusy

5)      Vomit

D6- Games/Music

1)      Lone minstrel

2)      Bones/card game

3)      Hootenanny

4)      Brain maggot fighting

5)      Band of bards

6)      Pickled rat brain eating contest

D7- Barkeep

1)      Bald, angry and surly

2)      Obese with acne and red hair

3)      Thin, extremely tall, nervous

4)      Well-mannered and well-dressed

5)      Missing one eye and all teeth

6)      Extremely old and quite mad

7)      Young and naïve

D8- Interesting Features

1)      Singing moose head

2)      Rickety self-playing piano that starts playing a tune known to the player

3)      Pit in middle of bar that people throw food and drink down

4)      Zombie fighting pit

5)      Hot spring of crimson water

6)      Long feast table loaded with rotten food.

7)      Large exquisite portrait of the bar.  Painting moves.  It shows things 5 seconds in the future

8)      Strange blue torches that hum a lullaby

D10- Interesting Patrons

1)      Exiled Prince/Princess

2)      Leper with amazing voice

3)      Decorated war hero

4)      Spirit of old patron

5)      Hunted man seeking refuge

6)      Soldier who deserted

7)      Famous pretty bard

8)      Grizzled monster hunter

9)      The perfect mime- very annoying and can’t die

10)  High priestess of Yelsa

D10 (%)- Jobs

1)      Harvest the dreams of sleeping patrons

2)      Farm nearby hasn’t been heard from in awhile

3)      Barmaid fainted and is having violent night terrors

4)      Beast is stalking those who venture into the woods

5)      Story: Speaks of a wandering giant fire worm

6)      A strange creature played a flute and wandered off with all the children

7)      Strange sounds in a field at night, several herd animals have gone missing or found mutilated

8)      Story: The mists whisper secrets at midnight if you venture into them alone and naked

9)      Story: Woman who committed suicide after spurned lover

10)  Story: Goldie Locks type story but about players and drinking


D12- Random and Strange Food

1)      Maggot Paste Pasta

2)      Zombie Eyeball Stew

3)      Bear Liver Pâté

4)      Ooze Jello

5)      Pickled Rust Monster Eggs

6)      Bone Marrow Suckles

7)      Goblin Fried Fingers

8)      Horse Hooves Flambé

9)      Succulent Spider Sacks

10)  Orc Kidney Stones

11)  Owlbear Afterbirth Pudding

12)  Ghoul-ash

D14-Interesting Feature 2

1)      Floor is rubbery and bouncy

2)      Tables are warm to the touch and heat up food and drinks

3)      The beds are hammocks and made of weaved giant back hair

4)      Exquisitely painting showing horrific scenes of torture

5)      The bar is built from the ivory tusks of wooly mammoths

6)      All the drinking glasses are made of crystal from Wrath, the Crystalline Forest and shock the drinkers

7)      Fireplace shaped like a screaming mouth

8)      A hive of angry bees fly and swarm around the rum stinging the least intoxicated patrons

9)      The animated corpses of bears and lions dance obscenely in iron cages

10)  The tables are sculptures of humans on all fours with soppy expressions

11)  Steam issues up from holes in the ground creating a relaxing sauna

12)  Bar is built on stilts over a disgusting smelling stream

13)  The illumination in the bar is from large glow worms that move around the building

14)  The bar rotates like a carousel

D16- Side Business

1)      Sells people into slavery

2)      Gladiatorial games

3)      Loan shark operation

4)      Scam fortune teller

5)      Sells black market drugs

6)      Apothecary

7)      Whorehouse

8)      Information broker

9)      Spy network safe house

10)  Front for assassins guild

11)  Kidnapping and ransoming children

12)  Front for church of the Heathen Below

13)  Sells forbidden objects

14)  Junk collector

15)  Collector of rare books and manuscripts

16)  Insect breeder

D20- Random Event

1)      Summer Solstice!  Time for the blood letting in hope of safety!

2)      Oktoberfest!

3)      Food poisoned at feast, several dead.  Unknown perpetrator

4)      Has Death Beds! The Beds that eat people!

5)      Singer suddenly loses her voice.  Then dies

6)      Baby left on door step

7)      Druids gather around the inn.  Why?

8)      Woman comes in covered in scratches and scared.  Says forest attacked her

9)      Carnival is nearby

10)  Noble demands tribute

11)  The King or a high noble rides by, causes ruckus

12)  Thick fog appears for days, when lifts a graveyard surrounds inn

13)  Young prince gets in a fight and wets his pants.  Accuses other of trickery

14)  Cook is serving meat pies that are really made of people

15)  Man burned at stake as party approaches.  Villagers roast marshmallows

16)  Woman pukes up pea-green soup, speaks of nasty prophecy

17)  Fighting match to the death

18)  Were-creature hunting those foolish enough to stray into the woods

19)  Ancient hero, long dead, stumbles in alive.  Doesn’t know where or how

20)  Family member arrives at inn, they are in way over their head in trouble

D24- Second Job

1)      A dilapidated keep has appeared out of an ominous fog

2)      The children of the nearby village have all been turned to stone

3)      Ever since the wizard went into the forest two days ago, the sky has been blood red

4)      The dead have risen up from the grave and are slowly wandering towards the inn.

5)      A rich noble desires help transporting several valuable pieces of art

6)      A man has somehow gained control over all the women in the village and now the men need help

7)      The entire town has taken sick and are in desperate need of a rare herb that only grows on the bluffs

8)      Worms the size of a dog have burrowed through the ground destroying nearly all the crops

9)      The town’s famous pit fighter was found murdered in his cabin.  The town needs someone to take his place and to find his murderer

10)  A demon manifests in the center of the inn and threatens to kill all if he isn’t given 3 virgins and a golden apple by the time the sun sets again

11)  Everyone who drank a health tonic sold by traveling elixir salesman have turned into donkeys

12)  Several of the children in town have been replaced by fae

13)  A drake that bleeds smoke has been terrorizing the town

14)  Two nights ago the moon turned pale blue for only a minute, but all those who were asleep at the time have remained in their slumber

15)  The local thane has raised taxes to the breaking point and has imprisoned any who has spoken out against him

16)  Several bodies have been found in alleys, mutilated and their organs ripped out

17)  Several prominent members of the local thieves guild have been arrested.  They need to be sprung before they hang

18)  A demon has ripped out the Nardknock the Wizard’s eyes.  He wants someone to help him retrieve them

19)  Sinkholes keep appearing around town, several people have disappeared down them and have not returned

20)  A marauding force of goblins led by a bugbear are causing havoc on the trails just outside of town

21)  A lonely hag seeks 15 souls of the guilty to make her young and beautiful again.

22)  A band of Eisenbar paladins approach the inn and demand that the unworthy and unclean present themselves for purification

23)  A lone avarian seeks to enter the treasure room of the local magistrate

24)  A green flash of light around the town has caused all to become extremely apathetic and complacent.  Many have even stopped eating and are just lying around doing nothing

D30 Specialty Drink

1)      Pureed Bloody Toes

2)      Fermented Fly Spit

3)      Boiled Egg and Whisky

4)      Burning Orcs Blood

5)      The Happiness Trail

6)      The Ancient Alchemist

7)      Honey, Sap, and Sapphire

8)      Curdled Yaks Milk

9)      Aged Baby Mucus

10)  Bloated Gut Bourbon

11)  Fire Ant Piss

12)  Oatmeal Curdle Stout

13)  Bees Wax and Gin

14)  Not Thirsty Enough to Drink it

15)  Chilled Babies Breath

16)  Frog, Newt, and Leper

17)  Harpy Cream

18)  Ankheg Goo

19)  The Backstabbing Bastard

20)  Minotaur Rush

21)  The Hot Zombie Flu

22)  Black Smoke and Oil

23)  The Not-so-Virgin Virgin Shot

24)  Tilted Raspberry Wizard

25)  Gut-Wrenching Whirlwind

26)  Pimple Pus Mead

27)  Ekrask Mulled Wine

28)  Avarian Deliverance

29)  Mutated Mystery Drink

30)  The Druid’s Toenails and Shrubbery


Example: The Exiled Noble is a well-lit bar with large wooden wagon-wheel chandeliers covered in candles.  The bar smells strangely of cinnamon and the 7 patrons are all engrossed in a pickled rat brain eating contest.  The barkeep is well-mannered and well-dressed and greets the characters as they walk up to the bar, offering them a plate of fried goblin fingers or their specialty drink, the Happiness Trail.  Behind the bar are three large torches with eerie blue fire that are humming a sleepy lullaby.

At the edge of the bar is a horrific looking leper singing songs of love and loss; his amazing voice fills the room.  As the characters explore they begin to get stung by bees that are buzzing around the room.  The bartender informs them that the bees sting the least intoxicated patrons of the bar.

The characters with any knowledge of the underground may have heard rumors that this place acts as a safe house for a spy network.  Currently this network is working against the local thane has raised taxes to the breaking point and has imprisoned any who has spoken out against him.  They are eagerly seeking help from anyone willing to give it.

Several of the patrons are mumbling about the strange sounds that have been coming from the nearby field at night, and how several herd animals have gone missing or found mutilated.

As the characters are enjoying the evening a woman in the bar begins to tremble and convulse.  Suddenly she begins to puke up pea-green soup and speaks of nasty fortunes that will befall one of the characters.

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