The Hubris Druid- Black Hack’d

Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Druid

Druid final

Druid class by David Lewis Johnson

Starting HP: d8+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d8

Weapons and Armor: Druids can use any weapons or armor so long as they meet the requirements of the Druidic Restrictions (see below).

Attack Damage: d6/1d4 unarmed or improvising.

You are the sentinel of nature and alone in fully understanding her secrets.  While others can train animals to do simple tricks, you are able to summon them to do your bidding, tap into their ferocity to gain special abilities, or even transform yourself into one.

You are savage, uncouth, and unrefined.  You can be as calm and tranquil as a placid lake, as welcoming as a summer breeze, or as furious and destructive as a hurricane.

The civilized world makes as little sense to you, as yours does to the cultured and refined.  You understand that nature needs to be respected and cared for, and not just a tool to be used and discarded when no longer convenient.  And you will fight those that seek to do it harm, whatever the cost.

Druid Abilities

Druidic Restriction: A druid prefers natural weapons and armor.  If they use any armor, shields or weapons of metal they lose the following abilities for 24 hours: Woodland Stride and Animal Shape.

Survival Knowledge: A druid has an intimate knowledge of nature.  She is able to identify flora and fauna from her area with ease.  If she is in a foreign type of climate she must make an Intelligence check to identify the subject.  Druids are able to tell if water is clean and safe to drink.  A Druid can make an Wis check to successfully tell how the weather will turn out for the next 12 hours.  Druids are able to scavenge for food and shelter for themselves easily.  If they wish to find such for 2-8 people they must make a successful Wis check and spend 6 hours hunting and foraging.  Druids know how to make weapons of stone, wood, and bone with ease, should they have the materials available.  This can be axes, staves, spears, bows and arrows, swords, etc.  If the druid rolls a 20 on an attack roll the weapon breaks.

Woodland Stride: A druid is one with nature and is able to move through obstructions like thorns, brambles, roots, thick branches, and the like as if they were water.  A druid will suffer no damage from troubles like natural thorns.  A druid also leaves no tracts when walking in nature.

Animal Shape: The druid is able to transform into a small or medium creature (no larger than a wolf, boar, or cougar, and no smaller than a dog, cat, eagle, etc.) While in this form the druid can track by scent (rolling under Wis with Advantage), move as the creature would (IE. Swim, fly, etc.), gains their ability to breathe (IE. fish or frog can breathe underwater), a bite attack (and possibly a claw attack at a d6 as well- Judges call), gains 3 Armor Points (this does not stack with any other armor), and can see in a Nearby radius in the dark.  The druid cannot communicate with other people while in animal form.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.  A druid can change into an animal a number of times equal to their level.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if Attributes increase, roll twice for Str or Wis.


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