The Magical Item Alphabet!!- W- The Wondrous Bag of Holding

The Wondrous Bag of Holding*


This 60 pound thick tattered leather backpack is a highly sought after treasure.  It has the ability to hold an immeasurable amount of objects.  The mouth of the bag is wide enough to fit a canoe or similarly sized objects or smaller.  When someone attempts to retrieve something they must stick their hand into the bag and concentrate on the object for one round.  The person then must succeed at a Luck roll to find it.  Failure means that the object is swirling in the nether of the bag for 24 hours.  Burning a point of Luck will immediately bring the object to the person’s hand.


Should the inside of the bag ever been torn by a sharp object, calamity will ensue.  The ripped inside of the bag opens a powerful vortex to the Void and begins sucking everything in within 96,000 square feet (roughly 2 ¼ acres).  There is no save.  There is no escape.  Once the bag has been sucked into the Void, the vortex dissipates, leaving a huge bowl shaped crater in the area.

*- This item is from the Hubris campaign setting.


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