High Noon Art and The Showman Weird West Class

High Noon Pic

High Noon is coming along quite nicely!  The above picture was done by the talented Alex Mayo and is the first piece of art for High Noon.

I’ve begun layout for the book and making my edits.  Angie (my wife) still needs to do her round of edits as well- but she’s busy doing Hubris art right now.

I figured this would be a good time to post the last class of High Noon- The Showman

The Showman

Magicians, ringmasters, actors, flimflam men, and the like may fall into the category of the showman.  Where the cult of personality uses their natural ability and eloquence to negotiate and bend others to their will, the showman uses their strange magical abilities to ensnare and trick those around them.

The showman commands respect and awe of the crowds, but knows how quickly it can all turn against them.  They live for thrill of the crowd, seeking fame and fortune, but also constantly live in fear of failure and being forgotten.

Weapon Restrictions: A showman is proficient with pistols, shotguns, knives, and swords.

Prestidigitation: The showman is able to do minor illusions tricks.  This ability allows the showman to perform simple magical effects for one hour.  These effects are extremely limited, such as slowly lifting up to 1 point of material, cleaning an area of 1 cubic foot per round, chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of food or water, or create small illusions such as floating bubbles, shimmering butterflies, change the color of a person’s clothing, etc. These always look artificial and can never be mistaken for actual creatures, dyes, etc.  A showman can use this ability three times per day.

Fascinate: The showman begins speaking of grand times and adventures!  Any target that can see or hear the showman within 60’ must make a saving throw or become enthralled with the showman, unable to look away, suffering -4 to all skill checks (such as Perception).  Being attacked or in danger automatically breaks this effect.  This effect lasts for as many rounds as the showman keeps speaking.  A showman can use this magical effect once per day.

Illusionism: The showman is able to use magical abilities to awe and ensnare those that watch and hear them.  The showman knows that the crowd can quickly turn against them should they fail to proper use their abilities.

A showman is able to cast a number of spells equal to their showman level.  To cast a spell the showman chooses which spell they want to cast and then makes a base saving throw.  If the ST is successful, the spell goes off without a hitch.  Should the ST fail, the spell fizzles and the showman loses the ability to cast any spells until they sleep for night.

If the showman critically fails on the saving throw, the showman becomes dejected and worries about failure.  For all future charisma-based rolls (including saving throws) for the next 24 hours, the showman rolls 2d20 and takes the lower of the two.

Learning Spells: A showman begins play with two spells of their choice and gains an additional spell with each level they gain.

Luck Points: A showman is able to burn a Luck Point to automatically succeed on the saving throw to cast a spell.

Saving Throws: A showman receives +2 to saves against attempts to influence them or cloud their minds.

XP Bonus for Charisma: A showman with a Charisma score of 13 or 14 receives a 5% experience bonus, and those with a score of 15 or higher receive a 10% bonus.

Literate: A showman can read and write their native language.

Skills: A showman begins play with 3 skills.

Starting Gear: Horse, lantern, lantern oil x2, trail rations x5, water canteen, clothing and hat (fine quality), cutlass (D: 1d6, R: NA, RoF: NA), and light pistol (D: 1d6, R: 25’, RoF: 2, S: 6) with 15 bullets.

Melee weapon info is as follows: Weapon (Damage (D): X, Range (R): X, RoF: X) 

Ranged weapon info is as follows:  Weapon (Damage (D): X, Range (R): X, Rate of Fire (RoF): X, Shots (S): X)

Starting Currency: 4d6 x 10 dollars.


The Showman Level Progression
1 0 HP Option +0 15
2 2,500 +1 HP +0 14
3 5,000 +1 HP +1 13
4 10,000 +1 HP +1 12
5 20,000 +1 HP +2 11
6 40,000 +1 HP +2 10
7 80,000 +1 HP +3 9
8 160,000 +1 HP +3 8
9 320,000 +1 HP +4 7
10 640,000 +1 HP +4 6














The Showman Spells


Cause Fear: The showman speaks words of panic and terror to a target with less than 5HD (or levels) within 60’ and cause them to experience absolute terror.  The target must make a saving throw or become panicked and flee from the sorcerer for 1d4+1 rounds.


Charm Person: The showman uses their ability for oration and speaks a soothing word to a target, ensnaring their mind, and making the target treat the showman as an ally and friend.  The target will do whatever the showman asks, but will not obey harmful or suicidal orders; giving such an order breaks the enchantment immediately.  The target is allowed a saving throw to avoid this effect.  The spells duration is 1 hour per showman level.


Dancing Lights:  The showman can create up to four lights of varying colors (they will even change color periodically, should the showman wish).  These lights are spherical and have the brightness of a lantern.  These lights must stay within 10’ of one another or the effect ends immediately.  These lights can float up and down, around corners, or into tight spaces- all at the direction of the showman.  These lights can go up to100 feet away from the showman.  Only one version of this spell can be active at a time.


Disguise Self/Other:  You are able to wrap yourself (or another target) up in illusions and make yourself, including your belongings, look different.  You can appear up to 1 foot shorter or taller, thinner, fatter, or medium build.  You can change your hair, eye color, teeth, gender, voice, etc.  This feels real to the touch to others, however the showman or the affected target do not have the memories or mannerisms of who they are trying to impersonate (unless they have created a new looking person entirely).  People that the disguised target is attempting to fool receive a saving throw (or perception check) with a +2.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.


Emotional Control: The showman is able to affect a group of targets in a 20’ radius up to 100’ away.  The showman is able to amplify emotions or mute them.  This can stop people from fighting, or cause a simple dispute to erupt into a brawl.  The happy will begin to cry, the sad and grieving to become elated.  All targets in the area are allowed a saving throw to negate this effect.  Targets cannot be effected by Emotional Control more than once in a 24 hour period.  This effect lasts as long as the showman maintains control and 1 round after concentration ends.


Glitterdust: The showman summons a cloud of golden sparking flecks that covers everything in a 10ft radius. The targets must make saving throw versus spell or be blinded for the duration of the spell. The spell also visibly outlines invisible targets for the duration of the spell. The dust cannot by removed by any means until they fade away at the spells end.  This spell lasts one round per showman level.


Hallucinatory Terrain: The showman is able to affect a 50’ radius within a 400’ range of natural terrain to look, sound, and even smell like a different type of natural environment.  Structures, equipment, and creatures in this area are not changed.  Targets are allowed a saving throw to disbelieve.  This spell lasts a number of turns equal to the showman’s level.


Hypnotic Pattern: The showman creates a dazzling display of lights and colors that swirl, twist, and glow right next to them as they speak and tell stories of the wonders of the plains.  Any creature within 30’ of the display must succeed a saving throw or become utterly enthralled for 2d6 rounds.  They will not move, attack, speak, or react.  They are utterly immobile and fixated on the pattern.  Attempting to cause the targets harm will immediately break this enchantment.


Image: The showman creates a visual illusion of an object, creature, person, or force within 400’.  This illusion can speak, create sound, have a smell, and even texture.  The creature understands speech and can reply, but with extremely limited answers and knowledge (all based from the showman’s own experiences).  This illusion lasts as long as the showman concentrates and two rounds thereafter.  The illusion can move within the confines of the effected area (400’).


Inspire: The showman speaks words of excitement and glory to their comrades, granting them a +2 bonus to saving throws and skill checks for the next hour.


Invisibility: The showman is able to turn themselves (or another touched target) invisible.  The target cannot be attacked unless the attacker knows the invisible person’s exact location.  Should a target swing blindly at the invisible person, their attacks suffer   -4.  If the invisible person attacks, the spell is broken immediately.  The spell lasts until the showman dispels the effect.


Mad Hallucination:  The showman is able to affect the minds of up to four targets that are within 5’ of one another.  Surfaces swim, spin, and tilt.  Targets must succeed on a saving throw or become uneasy, moving at half their normal rate and suffering -2 on all physical actions for a number or rounds equal to the showman’s level.


Smooth Talker: The showman becomes more attractive and enticing.  Their charisma is increased to 18 for the duration of this spell and they roll 2d20 on all charisma checks and take the higher of the two.  This spell lasts a number of rounds equal to the showman’s level.


Swollen Tongue: The showman causes the tongue of a touched target to swell, making so they cannot talk intelligibly.  They sputter, can barely breathe, and have a bulging mass protruding from their mouth.  This effect lasts for 2d3 rounds.


Ventriloquism:  You can make your voice seem to appear far away (up to 50ft away) or even nearby, say over a guard’s shoulder.  Targets are allowed a saving throw to disbelieve this illusion.  It lasts for a number of turns equal to the showman’s level.


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