The Hubris Kickstarter is a Success! Hubris is Funded- Still a Week and Half to go!


That’s right!  Last night we hit 102% funding on the Kickstarter!  Hubris is NOW a reality!  Now I, and the others working on Hubris with me set our sights, anxiously, on the stretch goals!  We hope that we hit some of them!

If you’re curious as to what has inspired Hubris- here’s a post I did yesterday.

Uncle Sam Meme

I’m really flattered with the praise and support that people have given Hubris (and myself), so thank you!  I am excited and REALLY looking forward to seeing this bad boy in print!



Clarification on art, more art, and even more art- I’m talking oodles of art… Not just a few pictures.  My goal with Hubris was to have the book packed with delicious art that really gives the reader a sense of the world and inspiration.  I am of the mind of the immeasurable worth of pictures in regards to players.  It is so much easier to show them a picture and say “see, Water Bear” after you describe the creature.  This allows them to get it and move on.  

The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear

The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear

Or “see- Bog Witch!  Give her a kiss…”  FYI- my players are TERRIFIED of Bog Witches after they spent some time in the Bogwood Swamp.


I really want as much art as can be packed into this book- hence the reason for the stretch goals!  So remember- only you can help us reach them!

$5,000 Variant Cover and Art- Jez Gordon will design a variant cover that will be exclusive to kickstarter backers for the first year of release.  This stretch goal also allows more art to be added to the book!  

$6,000 MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project!

$6,600 EVEN MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with even more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project!

$7,000- MONSTERS FROM THE VOID: Harley Stroh, Wayne Snyder, David Lewis Johnson, Adam Muszkiewicz, and Kelvin Green have agreed to do five unique monsters each!  Kelvin Green and Wayne Snyder will be doing the art for their own creations and David Lewis Johnson will do the art of his, Adam Muszkiewicz’s, and Harley Stroh’s monsters.  That is an additional 25 kick ass monsters and art for Hubris!

Hubris Pimpage!

I know a good chunk of you have been seeing posts about +Mike Evans ‘s Hubris project (no that’s a proper name, not a value judgement). It’s getting damn close to funding and I just threw my own pledge into the pot. Why? 

Well one the thing is already written (has had two pass-throughs) and sounds like a fun backdrop for old schoolish anarchic shenanigans. That’s a big deal for me as it’s someone obviously trying to do crowdfunding right. All of the stretch goals are just value add-ons with art (which means that it’s likely not to drag into nowheresville).

Two it comes straight out of this DIY rpg milieu right here on G+. The explosion of ludic activity here with all the games over the last 4 or so years revolutionized the amount and breadth of my gaming. The cross-fertilization and support got me into micro-publishing and it makes me happy to see more and more things going to press out of this hothouse.

Lastly that roster of artists is made up of people that I have worked with very closely. They shaped the look of SUD and Marlinko and are all talented (and great fucking people).

Kelvin Green gives me some high praise and even calls me a lovely bloke!
Even Zak thinks I’m a nice guy! See- Mike is nice so I do what he says”  See!  Man- I’m a DELIGHT!

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