The Bizarre and Horrible Gods of Hubris- Digradia, Goddess of Sacrifice, Shadow, and the Poor

I am posting each of the gods of Hubris with their info and Invoke the Name ability.

I also have tried to find artwork that is close to how I envisioned the clerics and gods looking.


Digradia is the Goddess of assassins, cutthroats, vagabonds, and even some sorcerers.  She demands blood tribute from her followers and from those they slay.  Followers of DIgradia wear jewelry or have keepsakes that  once belonged to their the victims.  Some clerics go as far as to actually make such talismans and jewelry from the victim’s body.

Digradia’s followers do not have overt shrines, preferring the darkness of basements, seedy dens, and even in the strange liter-strewn back alleys of the nation’s cities.

Crossing a follower of Digradia is an unwise move and usually end full of regret, pain, and finally a lingering death.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Invoke the Name- Simply roll a spell check (d20 + CL + Personality Mod).

Cleric of Digradia
Cleric of Digradia

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