Hubris Half Demon Black Hack’d

So Black Hack is a damned cool version of D&D!  It’s right up there for me with Into the Odd, White Box, and DCC.  I thought it would be fun to Black Hack my Hubris races (and maybe the classes) with Hubris so close to being done (Alex is kicking butt on layout!).

So today here is the Half Demon!

Half Demon

The Half Demon by David Lewis Johnson

As sure as there is evil and corruption in Hubris, there are demons and devils scheming nefarious deeds and plans.  Some demons take men and women as mates; sometimes through trickery or force and other times simply out of boredom.  Myths tell of demons falling in love with a damsel or knight; this is a lie.  Demons do not love.   Demons do not care about mortals, their feelings, or their ambitions, unless it furthers their own ends.

You are the unfortunate result of such a union.  You wander Hubris shying away from temples and churches that warn of your unnatural evilness.  While there are those who accept you, most are wary and distant at best.

You can’t blame them, you feel the constant struggle going on within your heart; the battle for your soul.  Half demons can be found all over Hubris.  Most attempt to etch out a life for themselves, either by gaining power and forcibly bending the knee of those who would persecute them, or by living on the fringes, making ends meet by taking the odd job, using sword and spell.


Low-Light Vision: A half demon can see Nearby in low-light conditions as if it were day time.

Infernal Resistance: A half demon has Advantage on saves against one of the following: Roll 1d3- 1) Fire; 2) Cold; 3) Electric.

Demonic Vulnerabilities: A half demon suffers Disadvantage on saves if being turned by a cleric who’s deity has demons and devils as unholy creatures.

Demonic Powers:  A half demon can tap into their demonic nature once per day.  Choose which ability you wish to use.  This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the half demon’s level.

  • Increased Speed– Increased speed.  A half demon can move Far-Away as their movement action.
  • Increased Armor- Gain +4 armor points as if wearing leather.  Once consumed this effect ends.
  • Claws– Grow claws that do class damage.
  • Immunity– Become immune to damage based on resistance you rolled.
  • Regeneration– Regain 2 HP a round.
  • Wings- Grow wings and fly at a Far-Away rate.

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