Hubris- The Chart of Memories of the Forest- What Happens to Mortals While Inside the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories

Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories- This vast mist-shrouded forest lies to the east of Eisenbar.  During the day the lush green trees are so thick that the canopy blots out the sky.  When the night comes the leaves wither and fall to the ground, and the branches look like terrible gnashing teeth and clawed skeletal hands.  Stories have circulated for hundreds of years that the Well of Unfathomable Knowledge lies at the center center of the forest and is guarded by a terrible monstrosity; all attempts to find this legendary wonder have failed, and none have returned.

When mortals spend too long in the forest, they begin to have visions of memories and feelings that are not their own.  Most eventually succumb to these visions and their minds break, and they become the Lost; pitiable creatures that plague the forest and the Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow (see Memories of the Forest Below).

The fae of the Court of Delirium make their home on the material plane in the forest.   These enigmatic beings guard their secrets jealously and ask a high price for help.  They are constantly at war with The Wretched; a group of fae that have become corrupted by Hubris and were exiled from the court.  Baba Yaga, the mother of all witches, who is both more deadly and enticing than the monsters or fae that lurk here, makes her home within the boundaries of the forest.  She has been seen flying on her mortar and pestle through the trees, snatching and grabbing people who wander to close.  A few even claim that rather than mash their bones into meal, she offered them help.  Even fewer claim to have seen the bizarre home of Baba Yaga; a rickety hut atop giant chicken legs.

Here’s the PDF for the memories of the forest- Memories of the Forest.

Memories of the Forest

Each the day a mortal remains in the Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories, they risk being bombarded with memories of others, some even manifesting in a physical manner.  Each day, characters must make a Will save (starting DC 10, each day in the forest increases the DC by 1).  If the target succeeds their mind has avoided the effects of the forest for 24 hours.  If the target fails they must roll on the chart below to determine the effects the forest has had on their psyche.  Some of the effects listed below have a secondary effect.  Failure also results in a temporary loss of 1d3 Personality points.  The target will start regaining lost Personality points after being out of the forest for as many days as Personality loss.  If a target reaches 0 Personality, their mind is fractured and they must make another Will Save (DC 20).  Failure means they have become a Lost and are now under control of the judge.  Success means they permanently lose 1 Personality and go back to a score of 3 in Personality.

Memories of Weeping Forest

Roll Result Effect Secondary Effect
1 Woman who lost her husband to violent crime Overcome with weeping and hysteria, the target suffers -2 to all rolls for 2d4 hours. Make a second Will save, failure means that the target is so stricken with grief they must make a Will save (DC 12) to complete any task.  Failure means the affected person drops to the ground sobbing.  The duration is doubled from the initial roll.
2 Meek man being mugged The affected target begs, pleads, and whimpers in a pathetic manner.  All are repulsed by this display and must make a Personality save, DC 12 to help him.  This lasts for 1d4 hours. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails bruises, gashes, and cuts appear on their face, hands, and body.  The target takes 2d3 damage.
3 Child locked in a cellar The affected target becomes afraid of enclosed spaces and cries and begs.  Must make a Will save, DC 12, or unable to act when in enclosed spaces.  This lasts for 2d3 hours. Make a Fortitude save, DC same as the previous save.  If the target fails they become emaciated looking, immediately losing 2d12 pounds.  Their complexion becomes wane and waxy.  If they fail their Will save in an enclosed space they lash out violently and claw at any in the area.
4 Greedy man hoarding a large sum of gold The affected target laughs greedily and eyes any and all gold seen on others.  Boasts about their affluence.  This lasts for 2d4 hours. Make a second Will save, failure means that the affected target will attempt to steal any gold held by another.
5 Whore having sex with an unattractive man The affected target becomes queasy and disgusted with themselves.  They suffer -2 to all Personality and Will tests for the next 2d5 hours. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails they begin to cry and clutch themselves.  The must make all Personality and Will tests one step lower on the die ladder.  The duration is doubled from the initial roll.
6 Soldier being tortured The affected target rocks and moves as if being punched and harmed.  Their eyes swell and a small amount of blood dribbles from their mouth and nose.  They take 1d4 damage.The horrors of torture race through their mind.  This is an instantaneous affect. Make a Fortitude save, DC same as the previous save.  If the target fails they begin screaming until their throat tears and becomes a gurgling noise.  Their face becomes beaten and bruised.  They take 2d6 damage.  Their fingernails are ripped out one by one by an invisible force.
7 Small child playing with a friend The person giggles and prances around, becoming playful and extremely talkative (annoyingly so) to others.  There affected target suffers -2 to stealth or hide rolls.  This lasts for 1d2 hours. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails they are possessed with a manic energy.  They are unable to remain silent.  There is no chance of a successful hide or stealth check.  They run and prance screaming gleefully through the forest.  The duration is doubled from the initial roll.
8 Man on first date with woman of his dreams The affected target is elated and nervous, but charming and gracious.  All Personality tests gain +2 for the next 1d2 hours. NA
9 Mutant being burned at the stake by Eisenbar paladins The affected target screams and begs.  The smell of burnt flesh lingers around them.  Their clothing and hair becomes singed.  The target takes 1d3 damage per round for three rounds.  This is an instantaneous affect. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails their shrieks reach a high and horrific pitch.  Their flesh blisters and bubbles.  The smell of burning flesh makes others in the area nauseated.  The target takes 1d6 damage each round for 4 rounds.  If the target dies from this effect, they burst into flames until nothing but a charred skeleton is left.
10 Youth’s first kiss Their lips wet and skin flushes.  They become giddy and content.  They receive +2 to all Will saves for the next 1d2 hours. NA
11 Ekrask successful on first hunt, honored among clansmen Pride and victory fills the effected target’s heart.  They receive +2 to attack rolls.  This lasts for 1d4 hours. NA
12 Being ordained as a cleric of The Stillborn Unwanted Child The memory is so strong that the Stillborn Unwanted Child is moved.  If the target is injured in the next 24 hours they are healed for 2d4 HP. NA
13 A lowlife being made to eat his own fingers by a crime boss The affected target’s hands curl and become stiff and painful.  They cry and shriek as if in terrible pain.  They drop whatever they are holding and fall to the ground.  They are unable to act for 1d10 minutes. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails they slowly move their 1) right hand; 2) left hand to their mouth and begin to bite off their fingers and eat them.  They can be restrained and stopped.  The target attempts this for 1d5 minutes.  If unrestrained they will eat one finger per minute.  Each finger eaten results in 1d2 damage.
14 A woman looking on her newborn babe for the first time The target begins sobbing with joy.  The feeling of elation and happiness grants a +2 to bonus to all rolls for 1d3 hours. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails they believe that one of the other characters is their new born babe and will do anything to protect them from harm.  This lasts the initial duration.
15 The smell of a delicious meal after a long journey The smell of hot food makes the target extremely ravenous and craving food.  If they have rations or food they begin eating it in earnest. Make a second Will save, if the affected target fails they not only eat the food in their pack but also twigs, grass, bark, etc. of the forest floor.  The target must make a Fort save DC 12 to digest this roughage.  There is a 20% chance that something they ate will be toxic.  Choose your favorite herbs and fungi table or just use the below quick option:1- Sickened (Fort DC 10)- failure means target is queasy and has bad indigestion, suffering -1 to all rolls for 8 hours.2- Extreme (Fort DC 12)- failure means the target is sick and vomiting constantly, suffering -2 to all rolls for 24 hours.

3- Dangerous (Fort DC 14)- failure means that the target is suffering from fever, nausea, and hallucinations.  The target rolls all checks one step lower on the die ladder and has a hard time distinguishing reality from fantasy.  Each hour for 24 hours they must make a Fort save or suffer 1 point of temporary Stamina drain.  A Stamina of 0 results in death.

4- Deadly (Fort DC 18)- failure means the target has eaten something so poisonous that they die in a completely undignified manner.  They vomit, scream, lose bladder and bowel control, and then slump to the floor and twitch until the light fades from their eyes.  If anyone has a remove poison spell or antidote, it must be used within 1 hour of eating the deadly substance.

Author: Mike Evans

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