Hubris: God Eat God- The Gunslinger Class (Mörk Borg Edition)

The Gunslinger was not an original class in Hubris. This class showed up in Orcs! A High Octane Adventure (PDF here, Print/PDF here). This is a fun class and thought it’d be right at home in a shattered Hubris.


The Gunslinger

Art by James Hanson- For Orcs! A High Octane Adveture!

You’re a loner, drifting from place to place, selling your services for coin.  Guns make sense to you; the heft and weight, the acidic smell of the lit powder, and the kick as the bullet fires from the barrel and burrows itself into your mark’s head, blowing out the back of their skull… there’s just nothing like it.

Marksman: A gunslinger doesn’t risk hitting allies when firing into melee.  When using wheellock weapons and reloading, roll 1d6.  If the result is a 5-6, they reload the next round.  Gunslingers can spend an Omen point to quickdraw a pistol or throwing dagger and get a free attack at the beginning of combat.  Cannot do this if they are surprised. 

Begin with 3d10 x 10s, d3 Omens, a wheellock pistol or rifle (Agility + 10 bullets) and a dagger and roll d2 on the Armor Table.  Start with Toughness + d8 HP.  Roll stats as normal.

Gunslingers also being with:

  1. Ballpowder Six Shooter: Experimental weapon.  Holds six pellets, d6 damage.  Fan the Hammer: Unload all six shots at a single target in a single roll but suffer d4 penalty to test.  If successful, deal 2d3+3 damage.  Reloading gun takes 1 minute.
  2. Serpent’s Kiss: Rifle resembling a snake.  Bullets are snake fangs, d8 damage.  Target must pass DR 12 Toughness or fall ill for d6 rounds, suffering -2 to all tests.  Must find poisonous snake fangs for ammo.  Can hold four at a time.
  3. Old Mim’s Music Box: Some say she was a witch.  Silver and black music box.  When played, listeners hear a song they hold dear, but played backwards and perverse.  DR 12 Presence test or suffer madness, twitching and convulsing on the ground until successful test is made.  Success means immune for 24 hours.
  4. Mighty Fine Hat: Makes you look rugged, tough as nails, and full of grit.  Presence tests to intimidate or stare down DR 8.  Once per day automatically succeed on a test to avoid fear effects.
  5. Herb…: Herb’s your mule.  Had him as long as you can remember.  Hearty- d8+4 HP.  Kick, d4 damage.  Can read your thoughts and tries to help you. 
  6. Boomstick: A double-barreled shotgun.  Fire one barrel for d8 damage or both barrels for d8 damage.  If both barrels are fired at a large or smaller target at point blank, they must pass a DR 14 Toughness test or be knocked prone.  Takes special ammo (slugs, 10s each).  Start with Agility + 4 slugs.
Art by Alex Mayo- For Orcs! A High Octane Adveture!

During the Feast of the Gods, you: 1) Survived an orc raid on a train headed to the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire (pg XX); 2) Won a duel against a rival Gunslinger; 3) Hunted down a wanted scoundrel and brought them to justice; 4) Got drunk, married, and now are on the run from your spurned spouse; 5) Relieved a loan shark of some of their extra coin; 6) Took home the gold in a sharpshooting contest.

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Author: Mike Evans

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