Hubris: God Eat God- The Alchemist Class (Mörk Borg Edition)


Stinking of herbs, sweat, and brimstone you push the boundaries of science by concocting strange and wondrous potions.  Through your reckless push for knowledge, you’ve unlocked your inner beast and found it to your liking.

Mutagen: Once per day brew d3 mutagens.  Drink to transform into hulking monster.  Increase STR to +4 and decrease Agility to -1.  Make two fist attacks per round DR 10, d6 damage.  Tests to Defend are DR 14.  Lasts one combat.  Only you can drink.

Abilities: Charming, roll 3d6+2 Presence.  Scrawny, roll 3d6-2 Strength.  Roll d6 on Weapons Table and d2 on Armor Table.  You also carry a portable alchemy station.  Daily you have the needed ingredients to brew three random potions and have d3 doses of each.  These potions become inert after 24 hours. 

  1. Bomb: Light fuse and throw.  DR 12 Presence to hit, d8 damage to target and d4 damage to all around it.
  2. Spicy Red Potion: Breath fire at target.  DR 12 Agility to avoid, d6 damage.  2-in-6 chance to catch fire (d4 damage per round) until put out.
  3. Chaos Eyedrops: Applied directly into eye.  Take on resemblance of burning embers.  Can see in darkness.  Must release the chaos within an hour.  All within 30’ must make a DR 12 Presence test or be driven mad for d4 rounds.  You’re blind for 1 hour after.
  4. Chunky Bubbling Cruds: Disgusting but you’re satiated for 24 hours.  Heals 1d4 HP.
  5. Acid: Deals d4 damage and reduces armor by 1 tier.  Will melt through things given enough time.
  6. Stinking Salve: Heals 2d4 HP.  You smell terrible.  +2 DR to Presence tests for 1 hour.
  7. Love Potion: Imbiber must pass a DR 12 Toughness test or fall obsessively in love with you for d4 hours.  Lasts 1 hour.  1-in-6 chance afflicted will feel permanently scorned and vengeful when effect wears off.
  8. Ghost Vapors: Breath in.  Eyes become white and clouded.  You can only see in shades of grey, but you can see all spirits and invisible things.  Lasts 1 hour.
  9. Revitalization Cream: Stops infections and has a 3-in-6 chance to cure disease. 
  10. Maggot Paste: Drink and begin vomiting up small puddles of writhing maggots.  Vomit up d3 puddles.  Any large creature or smaller in the area must succeed DR 14 Agility test or slip and fall.  Lasts 10 minutes.
  11. Calcium Concoction: Imbiber makes DR 14 Toughness test or lose all their bones and become a lump of flesh on the ground, completely helpless.  Lasts for 1 hour.  When bones reform, suffer d10 damage.
  12. Black Smoke in a Jar: Throw on the ground and release a cloud of thick choking smoke.  Nearly impossible to see.  Targets in smoke have a hard time breathing.  Dissipates after 1 minute. 

During the Feast of the Gods, you: 1) Created a potion that turned a friend into a slime… you still keep them in a jar; 2) Accidentally blew up a city block; 3) Performed experiments on prisoners; 4) Encountered a being from the Void; 5) Were exiled from the Red Monastery (pg XX); 6) Survived a séance that accidentally summoned a vicious Necroid (pg XX). 

Other classes

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Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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