Hubris Weapons (Mörk Borg Edition)

Weapons (d12)

1- Femur (d4)

2- Staff (d4)

3- Short sword (d4)

4- Knife (d4)

5- Warhammer (d6)

6- Sword (d6)

7- Bow (d6, Presence + 10 arrows)

8- Wheellock pistol (d6, Presence + 10 shots)

9- Spiked Chain (d8)

10- Crossbow (d8, Presence + 10 bolts)

11- Great Axe/Hammer (d10)

12- Unique Weapon (see below)

Unique Weapons (d8)

1- The Spurilator- Giant motorized spur on a pole arm (d6 damage, on 1 damage, it destroys all armor). 

2- Devastator Hand Cannon- Two handed portable cannon, d8 damage, crits on 18-20). 

3) Shameful Reunion- Hook with chain and harpoon on end (d6 damage each). Can attack twice per dual wielding rules (pg xx), if desired. When attacking with harpoon, 1 point of damage means the target (large or smaller) is stuck and can be pulled towards attacker with successful Toughness test. 

4) Motorized Chainblade- Motorized blade, size of a sword. D6 damage, if a 6 is rolled, roll again a add the two.

5) Hunter’s Rifle- Large wheellock rifle with two barrels (d8 damage). Can make two attacks with rifle, even in a row, with no modifier. Must be reloaded per normal rules (pg XX). 

6) The Disgraced Hammer- Mail used in torture and executions d10 damage- if a critical is rolled, the target is smashed in the head and is dead. 

7) Corkscrew Blade- Blade with a shape and handle like a hand drill. (d6 damage. On crit, attacker cranks handle and pulls the guts of the target out.  They die in d6 rounds).

8) Giant Sheers of Death- Large two-handed bloodstained sheets (d6 damage, on a critical, the target, large sized or smaller, has their head clean pruned off). 

Hubris classes

Blood Witch

Pus Diviner

The Schismed

Murder Machine




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