Hubris: God Eat God- The Mutant Class (Mörk Borg Edition)

One of my favorite classes in Hubris is the Mutant. I enjoy watching people shift their playstyles and strategize with this class because it tends to not have “a role” and they have to be quick on the fly.


Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure art by Jeremy Duncan

Since birth you’ve been a corrupted creature, tainted by the chaos of Hubris. Shunned and feared, you survive on the scraps of civilization, hunting down your fugitive kin for coin.

Mutations: Start with two Cosmetic Mutations and two Power Mutations (pg XX).  Any time a Mutant gains more HD, they gain a new cosmetic and power mutation.  See pg xx for a full mutations list.

Hound Dog: Concentrate for one minute and pass DR 12 Presence test to sense other mutants in 100’ radius.  DR 16 Presence test to sense a particular mutant to know their mutations.  Can’t do anything else.

Begin with 1d6 x 10s, d2 Omens, and Toughness + d8 HP.

Abilities: Roll stats as normal.  Roll d4 on the Weapons Table and no armor.  Start with a wooden shield.  You also begin with:

  1. Ba-ba Billy: A goat that sings.  Very fussy and demands praise and pettings.  3HP, horns d2 damage.  Once per day the goat can perform a song.  Earn 2d10s but attract unwanted attention.
  2. Fire Whisky: Once per day drink from this black bottle and spew d3 fireballs for d3 damage.  Each target is allowed a DR 12 Agility test to avoid.  Make a DR 10 Toughness test or suffer d4 damage.
  3. Dung-crusted Pitchfork: Covered in the worst type of dung imaginable.  DR 12 Attack/Defense, d6 damage.  If a 1 is rolled, the target must pass a DR 12 Toughness test or get sepsis and die a horrid death d3 rounds later.
  4. Rooster Bones in a Bag: At night dump the bones on the ground.  They will reanimate as a skeletal rooster.  Acts as guard at night so you can get a good night’s rest.  Anything sneaking up must pass a DR 14 Agility/Presence test to avoid detection.  Falls apart at first light.
  5. Flesh Mask: Painful to put on as it fuses into user’s pores.  While worn, look like a bland normal boring human.  Cannot use any mutation powers while one but remain undetected by other mutants.  When taking off suffer d6 damage.
  6. Horn of Revok: Completely silent when blown.  Once per day point at a target and blow (do this for five rounds).  Each round the target must pass a DR 10 Presence tests.  If they roll three failures, their head explodes.

During the Feast of the Gods, you: 1) Got hammered in celebration!  Down with the gods! 2) Were a slave to a cruel master, you killed them with glee; 3) Served a loan shark in Shadowfall (pg XX), collecting payments; 4) Were in hiding in Fairweather after killing a guard; 5) Saved a beautiful human- they are now annoyingly obsessed with you; 6) Did hallucinogenics and touched the very fabric of reality with but a single finger.

Starting Mutations

  1. Chameleon Skin: Become invisible until attacking or damaged.  Attacking/defending with DR 6.
  2. Immunity: You are immune to: 1) Fear effects; 2) Diseases; 3) Poisons; 4) Illusions.
  3. Extra Limb: 1) Arm- gain additional attack a round, DR 16 attack; 2) Leg- You run fast.  Get there before everyone else.
  4. Bleeding Eyes: Constantly weep thick blood.  DR 8 Presence test to intimidate.  Can see in non-magical darkness.
  5. Acid Blood: When struck by a sharp weapon, spurt acid on attacker (melee only), d3 damage.
  6. Natural Weapons: DR 10 attacking/defending.  You have: 1) Spiked tongue (d3 damage, ranged); 2) Claws (d4 damage); 3) Tusks (d4 damage); 4) Mandibles (d6 damage); 5) Antlers (d6 damage); 6) Goat legs (d4 damage).
  7. Carrion Eater: Eat a pound of carrion and regain d4 HP.  Cannot eat more than 3lbs/day.
  8. Eyestalks: You have eyes like a snail.  Presence tests to notice hidden things/traps DR 8.  Eyes can be sucked into your skull.
  9. Brute: You’re large.  Increase Strength to +3 if lower was rolled.  Fists deal d4 damage.  You move slow, lower Agility to -1 if higher was rolled.  Defense for you is DR 14.
  10. Obsidian Skin: Like the rock, pitch black.  DR 8 Agility test to hide at night.  Ignore one point of damage.  Stacks with armor.
  11. Compound Eyes: You have eyes like a fly.  DR 8 Presence test to spot hidden enemies.  Can’t be back attacked.
  12. Exploding Pustules: You are covered in large pus-filled lumps.  Once per day make them explode by sheer force of will, d8 damage to all around you.  All targets in room must pass DR 12 Toughness test or vomit for d2 rounds. 
  13. Malformed Conjoined Twin: Perpetually infantile with gnarled skin, like a moist raisin.  Can perform a Flesh Weave (pg XX) d3 times per day.  Each day roll for what they can use.  Rests on your stomach and has half your HP.  If killed, you suffer 3d6 damage.  Never rots.
  14. Thick Mucus: d3 times per day you can blow a thick bubble of mucus at a target.  They must pass a DR 8 Agility test or become stuck to a wall and immobile.  DR 10 test each round to break free.
  15. Swarm of Flies: Once per day belch a huge swarm of tiny biting flies.  These occupy a space roughly 10’ in diameter.  While in the area suffer 1 point of damage (armor does not block) and all tests suffer d4 penalty.  Mutant is immune.  Lasts 2d4 rounds before disappearing.
  16. Plant Head: A plant/small tree grows out of the top of your head.  If cut off suffer d4 damage extra, grows back in a month.  Grows d4 berries per day.  When eaten heals d3 HP.  Lasts 24 hours before becoming mushy and useless.  Once per day you can “communicate” with another plant.
  17. Deathless: When knocked to 0 HP by normal weapons, you fall unconscious but aren’t dead.  On the next round regain d4 HP and consciousness.  Magic items, Flesh Weaving/spells can kill you.
  18. Thorns: You can shoot thorns out of your palms.  DR 10 Agility test to attack, d3 damage each.  Start with d4 thorns in each hand.
  19. Animal Face: Your face resembles: 1) Bat- you’re blind by have echo sense (60ft); 2) Dog/wolf- track by scent, DR 8 Presence test; 3) Pig- Can eat almost anything and be just fine; 4) Feline- see in low-light vision like normal light; 5) Goat- can scream like a goat, downright unsettling- Once per combat all who hear must pass DR 10 Presence test or suffer – penalty to next test; 6) Beaver- you can chew through wood given enough time.  Bite attack, DR 10 attack, d3 damage.
  20. Serpentine Body: You look like a snake, no legs- but you don’t have scales- just a long fleshy sack of human meat.   Defense is DR 10.  Increase Agility to +1 if less was rolled.

Cosmetic Mutations

  1. Hair is constantly wet and slimy.
  2. Face has split and looks like you have two faces.
  3. Skin has changed color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
  4. Your eyes have the consistency of poached eggs.
  5. Your sweat has a maple syrup-like consistency. 
  6. Your teeth fall out and are replaced with: 1) Fingernails; 2) Worms; 3) Open sores; 4) Small gasping mouths; 5) small writhing tentacles; 6) Chunks of bark.
  7. Your face and eyes look like that of a human/frog hybrid.
  8. Your body is covered in hundreds of desiccated eyeballs that blindly move around in their sockets.
  9. You blow bubbles when you breathe.
  10. Your scalp is made of seven hands melded together.  They move like they are massaging your head.
  11. Your nose looks like an elephant trunk, but it can’t move like one.
  12. You don’t have fingernails, in their place are tiny infant-like hands.

Other classes

Blood Witch

Pus Diviner

The Schismed

Murder Machine

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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  1. I really get the impression writing the mutant class was a one handed affair with the other hand busily pleasuring yourself. Truly inspired and gross work here.

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