Hubris: God Eat God Blood Witch Class (Mörk Borg Edition)

Yesterday I blathered a bit about starting the writing process and motivations behind this new edition of Hubris. Today I thought I would share one of the original Hubris classes in this new form:)

Blood Witch

You have delved deep into the forbidden arts of controlling the blood of others.  You revel in the smell of blood, its taste, and warmth- even as it leaves your victim, cooling and congealing in an ever-growing pool on the floor. 

Coagulate: Spend an Omen (pg XX) to cause the blood of a touched living target to thicken.  While affected all tests are made one DR higher.  Lasts 1 hour.

Begin with 3d6 x 10s and 4d Omens.  Toughness +d4 HP.


Shrewd, roll 3d6+2 Presence.  Weak, roll 3d6-2 Strength.  Roll d4 on the weapons table and no armor.  You also begin with:

  1. The Silver Dagger of Fukäll- Magic glade with gorgeous glinting blade.  Deals d6 dmg with d10 attack/defense while wielding it.  Deal d4 damage to self to gain Omen point. 
  2. Familiar: Summoned from the remains of a fallen enemy.  Mass of thick, partially congealed blood with two large eye stalks, pulsating brain, and writhing intestines.  Attack/defense DR 12 (barbed intestines, d6 damage x2), 8 HP.  Each day roll randomly for what Fleshweaving power it can use (pg XX).  If killed, summon new one from an enemy slain by your hand.
  3. Blood Potions: You can craft 1d2 potions from your own blood.  If you drink, heal self for 2d4 HP.  If anyone else drinks, suffer 1d8 damage and wracked with pain for 1 hour, only can move or attack.  Potions become inert after 24 hours.
  4. Inflict Wounds: You pull the blood from a living target with a successful DR 10 Presence test.  Deals d6 damage.  If you fumble test, you hemorrhage and suffer d8+1 damage and cannot act until successful Presence test.  If you Critical, the target is killed.
  5. Book of Bloody Secrets: Written in blood and bound in human flesh.  Once per day read from the book.  Roll 1d6:
    1. 1-3: Your eyes bleed, suffer 1d4 damage, see in darkness for 10 minutes.  Shoot steaming hot blood from eyes at enemy with successful DR10 Agility test.  d6 damage.
    1. 4-5: Cause the organ of a living creature to fail.  They die in 10 minutes unless they succeed a DR10 Toughness test.
    1. 6: Summon a bloody rainstorm in an area roughly the size of a barn.  You are healed for 1d6+1 and all test DRs are reduced one level.  Effect lasts 10 minutes.  Enemies must make Morale test or flee.
  6. Bloodwalk: You can jump into a human-sized living being and travel through blood, emerging out of another living being within 500 ft.  Emerge early and deal 2d6 damage to target.  Make DR 8 Toughness test or be stunned for 1 round after emerging.  You can do this 1d3 times per day.

During the Feast of the Gods you: 1) Had a substantial collection of a variety of blood; 2) Ruled over a small tiny village; 3) Lost your loved ones to a Necroid (pg XX); 4) Severed in the royal court of Fairweather; 5) Assassinated five nobles on five moonless nights; 6) Made contact with a planar being (pg XX).

Be well

Mike Evans

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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