The Fallen Angels of Hubris

Here’s the PDF version: Fallen Angels of Hubris

Fallen Angel


Angels all hail from the far off realm of light and healing; a dimension which has little in common with the twisted world of Hubris.  Angles rarely choose to come to Hubris except when forced to do so and those that survive the journey across the void are usually unable to withstand the corrupting nature of this putrid mortal realm for very long.  Eventually the angel succumbs to their own desires, and it is only a matter of time before they are corrupted into vile creatures of hideous cravings, powers, and machinations.  These beings use their special powers and abilities to influence and corrupt others, often forcing the masses to worship them as some sort of god.

Wizards can strike bargains with fallen angels using the patron bond spell.  Fallen angels will bestow their subjects with power and abilities, so long as the wizard remains true to their master.  Those that fail, or forget their place, find that that wrath of a fallen angel is as brutal, horrific, and painful as any gods.

There are many different types of angels in the plane of light and healing and any can fall from grace by the warped nature of Hubris.  Thus all fallen angels are unique with the own goals and personalities, but can be quantified using the charts and tables below.








Type I Speech (celestial and common) Infravision, Protection from good (+4 check) Half damage from non- magical weapons and fire


Type II Speech , ESP (read minds, but not converse) Infravision, Protection from good (+8 check) Immune to non-magical weapons or natural attacks from creatures of 3 HD or less; halfdamage from fire, acid, cold, electricity, gas


Type III Speech, telepathy Infravision, Protection from good (+12 check) Immune to weapons of lessthan +2 enchantment or natural attacks from creatures of 5HD or less; half-damage from fire, acid, cold, electricity, gas


Type IV Speech, telepathy Infravision, Protection from good (+16 check) Immune to weapons of lessthan +3 enchantment or natural attacks from creatures of 7 HD or less; immune to fire, cold, electricity, gas; half-damage from acid


Type V and above Speech, telepathy Infravision, Protection from good (+20 check) Immune to weapons of lessthan +4 enchantment or natural attacks from creatures of 9 HD or less; immune to fire, cold, electricity, gas, acid



Unique Fallen Angels

All fallen angels are roughly human in appearance and have large wings that grant them to fly at great speeds (fly 90’), but each angel has distinguishing characteristics that separate them from one another.  A fallen angel’s physical appearance is also altered by the corruptive forces of Hubris.  Each fallen angel has become obsessed with some want or desire which once fixated upon expedited their fall from grace.

Fallen Angel Special Appearance (roll 1d3 times)

1 Shimmering appearance

2 Unnaturally beautiful

3 Blue skin

4 Alabaster skin

5 Black skin

6 Green skin

7 No hair

8 Feathers for hair

9 Pointed ears

10 Yellow eyes

11 Red eyes

12 Purple eyes

13 Metallic flesh

14 Musical voice

15 Wings are red

16 Wings are black

17 Has four wings (fly 120’)

18 Tall

19 Extremely muscular

20 Lithe

21 Large hands

22 Veins glow

23 Black eyes

24 Smells of soap

25 Constantly warm

26 Face of dog

27 Face of hawk

28 Rumbling voice

29 Ghostly appearance

30 Extra set of arms

Fallen Angel Corruption (roll 2d2 times)

1 Elongated arms and legs

2 No flesh

3 Distended stomach

4 Two faces

5 Many hands

6 Many eyes

7 Skin covered in seeping scabs

8 Two heads

9 Face on stomach

10 Bat head

11 Chest cavity exposed

12 Black veins

13 Horns

14 Aura of stench

15 Unhinged jaw

16 Tusks

17 Bat wings

18 Controls vermin

19 Touch withers plants

20 Slimy skin

21 Weeps acidic blood

22 Super strength

23 Super intelligent

24 Extremely obese

25 Many mouths

26 Mouth is a beak with needle teeth

27 Body is covered in fur

28 Elongated torso

29 Spiked tail

30 Protruding bone spurs

Fallen Angel Obsession (roll one time)

1 Love

2 Riches

3 Power

4 Jealousy

5 An object

6 Revenge

7 Purity

8 Beauty

9 Youth

10 Knowledge

11 Death

12 Getting back to home realm

Fallen Angel Base Attack (roll 1d2 times)

1 Bite

2 Claws

3 Constriction

4 Eye beams

5 Charge

6 Gore

7 Weapon (normal)

8 Weapon (overlarge)

Fallen Angel Special Ability (roll 1d4-1 times)

1 Poison*

2 Curse**

3 Drain ability score

4 Drain XP

5 Sleep

6 Paralysis

7 Possession

8 Drain blood

9 Spells***

10 Suffocation

11 Swallow whole

12 Breath weapon

13 Necrotic touch

14 Aura of pain

15 Inflict wounds****

16 Corrupting touch *****

17 Teleportation

18 Charm Person (as DCC spell, HD as check modifier)

19 Change shape (as Polymorph, self only.  HD as check modifier)

20 Rusting touch (metal rusts in 1d6 rounds if touched, magic items get save)

* See Appendix P.

** See Appendix C.

*** Of wizard type. 1d4 spells of random level; spell check modifier equal to HD.

**** Same as Cleric Lay on Hands ability, but inflicts amount healed as damage.

***** Target must make save or gain a mutation.  Roll 1d5: 1-3 Cosmetic Mutation; 4 Power mutation; 5- Corrupting Mutation

Fallen Angel Statistics Range by Type

Type HD AC Attack Modifier Target DCs forspecial attacks
I 1-4 10-15 +2 to +6 10-14
II 4-8 13-18 +6 to +10 14-18
III 6-12 15-20 +8 to +12 18-20
IV 8-16 18-23 +10 to +16 20-22
V 10-20 20-25 +12 to +18 22-24
VI 15-30 22-28 +20 to +24 25-27




Named Fallen Angels

The beautiful and benevolent Ophelia
The beautiful and benevolent Ophelia

Ophelia (type VI fallen angel): Init +12; Atk overlarge sword +20 melee (dmg 3d8+6), bite +22 melee (2d6+6 plus swallow), or spiked tail +22 (3d4+6); AC 24; HD 15d12; MV 30’ or fly 90’; Act 3d20; SP  tears of acidic blood (1d4+4 damage), swallow whole (Ref save DC 26),  Charm Person  (+15 spell check, Will save DC 25); Protection from good (+20 to check), fallen angel traits; SV Fort +15, Ref +12, Will +15; AL L.

Deep in the Frozen Wastes, in the protection of the Crag, the fallen angel Ophelia sits upon a throne of slaves and served by her devoted and enamored frost giants.  In the realm of light and healing Ophelia was admired for her breathtaking beauty and soft and musical voice. Now she is a twisted horror and only a shadow of her former self remains.  Her bare distended stomach shows the face of Bale, a vile personality that mumbles thoughts of torture and disease to Ophelia.

When Ophelia arrived on Hubris she quickly fell in love with a spoiled noble from Fairweather, but he spurned her advances, thinking her only a pitiful mortal woman.  She quickly became obsessed with making the noble love her, and became more and more desperate with each spurn of her affections.  Ophelia’s transformation occurred when she lost herself to the throes of passion and lashed out and murdered the noble.

She wandered Hubris for years, eventually finding a home in the Frozen Wastes and now enjoys being revered by the frost giant tribes.

Fallen Angel

Maxsus (type III fallen angel): Init +8; Atk war hammer +12 melee (dmg 1d8+3 and poison and corrupting touch), touch +10 melee (dmg 1d4+3 and poison and corrupting touch), AC 17; HD 10d12; MV 30’ or fly 90’; Act 2d20; SP  Poison (Fort save DC 20, failure means permanent paralysis that can only be healed through magical means), Corrupting Touch (Fort DC 20, failure gains mutation.  Use mutant class tables), Spells- Turn to Stone (lvl 3), Breathe Life (lvl 3), and Magic Bulwark (lvl 5); Protection from good (+12 to check), fallen angel traits; SV Fort +12, Ref +10, Will +12; AL L.

Maxsus was the Keeper of Knowledge and Guardian of Histories for hundreds of years in the realm of Light.  His shimmering blue-skinned visage was a common sight at the various libraries throughout the realm.

Eventually Maxsus’s hunger for knowledge could no longer be satiated pouring through the annuals of history of all the different realms of existence and he plunged into traveling from plane to plane.  Eventually Maxsus came to Hubris and here he met his downfall.  Consumed with knowledge, he began hording secrets, seeking out magical objects, even stealing memories of the living.

His hands were constantly grasping for knowledge and eventually consumed his flesh, tearing away his own face and exposing the emptiness of his own hollow existence by ripping away his chest cavity.  Maxsus’s touch is horribly poisonous to mortals, can wither plants, and can corrupt people into mutated beasts.

Maxsus wanders Hubris, manipulating others, to gain knowledge, secrets, memories, and magic.

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