Hubris Session Recap- Session 15- Carousing and a Fight That Ends the Thought of All Good Things

It’s been a month since we’ve played due to me getting really sick and having friends come visit me…  So, yeah.


Fletch- Shadowdancer (was human, but got turned into a Skaven last session).

Liam- Mutant

John-Cleric of Yelsa

Stephen-Human druid

Chuck- Half Demon


Last session– we ended with group discovering the entrance to an abandoned secret thieves den that would become Hammer and Sword’s new headquarters.

I refreshed the groups memory about this and explained that henchmen and people from the tavern The Lying Lady were overseeing cleaning and restocking the place, because that is fucking boring and I didn’t want to take up game time with that.

Foreshadowing…  Well Kinda.

I said two weeks later… I described the group being two days travel from Fairweather and watching two wagons waiting as a third (the one they tracked for two days) pulls up.

The two wagons waiting belonged to the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil and to the Skeletal Gun Runners of the Floating Island of Terror (Patron inf0).

Helmet of a Skeletal Gun Runner, loyal to the Black Queen
Helmet of a Skeletal Gun Runner, loyal to the Black Queen
The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil
The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil


I described the wagons, and that the one pulling up had 10 slaves on it…  That these poor souls had been arrested by the Magistrate of the Craftsman District for being unable to pay his high taxes.  Throughout the sessions the group found out that the magistrate was selling these people to the Black Queen and to the plague doctors.  They decided to hit one of these trade-offs of slaves to A) hurt the magistrate; and B) to hopefully recruit more people to their cause.

I then flashed back two weeks and asked what that group did during that time…  I decided to do this type of set up for a couple reasons: 1) we hadn’t played in a month and we only have one other session in August due to more company arriving at my house; 2) I wanted to allow the group to metaplan this out rather than through investigating and planning taking up the whole session.

My players told me what they did over the last two weeks- and on the night before they set out to track the wagon I asked what they did…  And four of them decided this would be the perfect time to carouse!  Stephen did not carouse- instead he searched for a place to plant the golden seed given to him by Yelsa.

I busted out the awesome tables by Jeff and Zak (and make modifications of my own to fit my setting).  The first two up were Chuck and Liam.

Chuck woke up with a glowing black tattoo of Samuel L. Jackson on his chest with the words “Bad Motherfucker” around him.  I have not gotten further on his tattoo than that.

Liam woke up in his bed and found a golden locket next to him.  He looked at it and saw a baby in the fetal position, but its top half was facing the opposite direction as its legs and it was screaming in agony.  He recognized it as a symbol of the Twisted One.  He opened it and saw the horrible visage of a woman that is clearly a byproduct of inbreeding and the teachings of the Way of the Flesh.  The note expounded on the magic of that night and that she looked forward to their wedding!  Liam had too bad a hangover to worry about it at that point.

Both of them lost 400 GP and gained 4 XP.

Then Fletch and John stepped up to the plate.

Fletch decided to hit up some whores at the Lying Lady and found an ugly one that would take his new ratty appearance…  He woke up the next morning in the sewers with his female doppleganger.  She purred at him and smiled, speaking of their love.  She rubbed her belly and said that his seed had been planted well and that soon they would have a litter.  Aside: Fletch is now a happy and proud father of a beautiful baby boy and asked if I did this because he is now a dad…  I said absolutely.  

John decided to go into a back alley and play some cards with some shady blokes- he promptly was taken for all he was worth and more…  When it came time to collect the thugs started beating him to a pulp.  He called to Yelsa for help and she answered.  John woke up in the morning to find blood on the walls and chunks of meat hanging from hooks…  The blood parted to form a message, “Go to Shadowfall and investigate the strange new cult there that is affecting my followers… or feel my wrath.”  I love the quest spell!

Both of them lost 5oo GP and gained 6 XP.

Stephen didn’t carouse but instead decided to plant his seed in the Skye District, which is currently under reconstruction after one of my other players set fire to it (carousing again) and burnt most of it down.  He planted his golden seed and heard “give me blood to help me grow”.  He stabbed himself with an arrow and dropped his blood on the place where he planted the seed.  The ground shook and then a huge tree burst forth and grew at an alarming rate.  The tree obliterated the Skye District and destroyed the walls and immediate buildings of the surrounding districts.  When the dust settled a strange and horrible visage met their eyes (see below).

The Life Tree of Hubris
The Life Tree of Hubris


The tree opened its mouth and bellowed, “I AM THE LIFE TREE!  I HAVE BEEN RESURRECTED!!  NOW STARTS A NEW DAWN AND NATURE SHALL RECLAIM WHAT HAS BEEN LOST!!!”  So now Stephen will have an Invoke Patron for his character…  I just need to decide how I want to handle it.

With that the group decided it was time to hit the ol’ dusty trail and track down those wagons.

A Random Encounter That Derails the Best Laid Plans…

So the group set off to encounter the wagons, traveling two days north in the Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow.  I had a player roll 1d6 with the chance of an Encounter or Lay of the Land on a 1 or 2- they rolled a 3..  No luck.  That night they made camp and set up guard in 2 hour segments.  The first two passed without any drama.  The third, Chuck’s watch, is when I rolled an encounter.  I rolled 26 on my Encounters chart, which is 1d4 rabid hyenas (I rolled a 4) and a Gnoll Shaman.  I used the stats of the Hellhound in DCC and a gnoll shaman is treated as a level 4 cleric.


This was a pretty brutal fight.  One hyena grabbed Fletch’s level 1 warrior hireling and drug him off into the night (he broke free the next round and then was promptly downed by the same hyena).  Liam was downed by a hyena during the second round (and sorry to say spent the whole of the fight bleeding out).  Chuck got off Flaming Hands (and since this was his first time casting the spell we rolled for his random effect, aaaaannnndd…..?  Raining frogs!  All in a 30′ radius were knocked prone and took damage (if they failed their saves) from falling amphibians.   Chuck also got of another spell, Scorching Ray I think, which helped hurt the hyenas.

Stephen did animal summoning and summoned two Black Mambas (he fully admits watching Kill Bill recently).  His deadly snakes killed 3 of the hyenas.  The other was cut down by John…

The shaman was a tough cookie, casting word of command on Fletch and commanded him to attack Chuck (who he thankfully missed and returned to normal the next round).  He then attempted to cast it again the next round and failed.  Finally the group started to work on him and he turned to flee with the group giving pursuit.  The gnoll turned around and cast turn unholy- everyone failed except for John who decided to let the shaman go so he could turn his attentions to his fallen comrades and bring them back from the brink of death.

After they regrouped they looked at their wounds and since I had given them this one metagame advantage, decided fuck it…  Let the plague doctors have this group of slaves…  they were wrecked, needed to rest and heal up and there was NO WAY they were going to survive such an assault with such wounds.

I asked what they wanted to do next session and John said, “well I have to go to Shadowfall (more info in my Great Plains link), so that’s where I’m head.”  The rest of the group agreed…  So next session that’s where they are headed.


Next Time

My players have a tiny bit of experience with Shadowfall when I first started writing Hubris.  I’m excited because we are coming up on nearly a year (2 months shy) of running this campaign (huzzah) and they have spent most of their time in Fairweather.  I’m not complaining because it’s been a great campaign thus far and pretty brutal.  I’m looking forward to them trudging across the plains and seeing what they come across.


In conclusion I’ll leave you with this tasty image…


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