The Sands Territory for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth

Good day all. Writing continues for my adventure/setting book for the United States in Barbarians of the Ruined Earth. I have broken the map down into 8 territories, each “ruled” by a powerful Sorcerer. Within each territory are several interesting locations (Usually between 5-10), a d12 encounter table and d12 interesting location table.The book will have a bunch of new baddies, Stupendous Science devices, several new classes/race-as-class, Strange Weaponized Animals, and other stuff that I’ll go into more detail later (I gotta write it first).

I shared a sketch of the map and gave a little info previously.

Anyways, here’s the territory as an example:)

Technodabbler the Artificial- Ruler of the Sands


  • Emaciated, cadaver-like and cruel, the Technodabbler rests on his throne in the Processor Tower. He is calculating and eternally patient.
  • His cybernetic eye can see into the future and control robotic technology.
  • His breath is a constant drone, like a computer fan.

Plot Hooks

  • The Technodabbler has sent out Circuit Guards (pg XX) to begin retrieving as much Anceint Earth technology and Stupendous Science as possible.  Whispers of the construction of a huge robot Devastation Machine (Barbarians, pg 68) drift across the sands.
  • The Technodabbler is developing a virus that transform the infected into his loyal bio-engineered subjects.
  • The Slave Drive has begun an aggressive push into the throughout the sands to gather as many slaves as possible to construct The Processing Pyramid of Power for their master.

Territory Description:

  • Endless sand blows with the wind, constantly changing the landscape, exposing ruins of Ancient Earth all while hiding others.
  • In defiance of the dangers, civilizations sparsely dot the landscape with Nukatomi Plaza (Barbarians, pp. 153-157) rising as a beacon of hope.
  • Fiends, fierce and deadly, lurk in these sandy wastes, as Circuit Guards (pg XX) patrol for their master, The Technodabbler.
Roll 1d12Result
1A caravan of Turtle Beastmen (Barbarians, pg. 106) making their way slowly across the desert towards Nukatomi Plaza in the hopes of trade.
2A hive of Giant Wasps (pg XX) has been constructed around an Ancient Earth van that looks to be in good shape.
3A band of 1d4+1 Circuit Guards (pg XX) and 1 Cyberhound (pg XX) is making their way across the desert.  They are: Roll 1d4- 1) Attacking a small encampment of humans; 2) Pulling 3d8 slaves with them; 3) Escorting a rotund Strange One (Barbarians, pp. 137-138) that is riding on a hoversled towards Circuitry Fortress (Barbarians, pg. 152); 4) Escorting a band of slaves that are carrying a huge Ancient Earth mainframe.
41d6+1 Fire Beetles (pg XX) are attacking a band of travelling Strange Ones (Barbarians, pp 137-138).
5The self-proclaimed Demon Biker King (pg XX), Rude Jeremy, is riding on his hellfire-fueled motorcycle, Terror, looking for the next great challenge. 
61d4+1 Tunnelers (pg XX) begin attacking the group.  If the group is on mounts, the Tunnelers will attack the mounts first.
7A flock of Riptors (pg XX) appears overhead and begins making horrible guttural noises at the excitement of the prospective prey.  They will attack in 1d4 rounds.
8A Mutated Scorpion (pg XX) lies in wait for the group to pass by.  All must pass a WIS test with Disadvantage to not be caught off guard.
9The dastardly biker gang, The Hearty Porkers, is blazing a trail of destruction across the sands.  The gang consists of 2 Pig Raiders, a Pot-Bellied Pig Person, 1d8 raiders, and 1d2 Flaming Raiders (Barbarians, pp 127-130).
10A gaze of 5 racoon bats (pg XX) launches an ambush on the party, hoping for an easy meal. 
11A hunting party of 3 Silverfish Insectoid’s spring a trap on the characters hoping to gain some new slaves.
12A Giant Sand Spider (Barbarians, pg 116 with damaging poison) springs from beneath the sand to grab prey and drag it back to its lair. 
Interesting Location
Roll 1d12Result
1A small hidden oasis tucked away in a crag.  The water has strange properties: Roll 1d4- 1) Causes the imbiber to become pass out for 8 hours unless they succeed a CON test; 2) If bathed in, removes any gained mutations; 3) Heals the imbiber for 1d4 HP; 4) A glowing blue rune appears on the characters arm (must be living). They can summon a gout of water (roughly 2 gallons).  This can knock a target prone or douse a large campfire.  The rune remains until used.
2A garden of 15’ tall cacti. The massive flowers are blooming spectacularly. The fruit would fetch a decent price or high gratitude if brought to a starving village.  There is a hive of Giant Bumblebees (pg XX).  
3An Ancient Earth graveyard that has somehow been largely untouched by the ravages of time.  In the center of the site is Helmet of Tomorrow (pg XX). When disturbed 1d4 ghosts (Barbarians, pg 112) rise from their graves.
4The Sorcerer Zardak the Soundwave, lurks in an abandoned Ancient Earth department store surrounded by a field of quicksand (WIS test with Disadvantage to notice).
5Small village has been utterly destroyed.  There are people on the roofs of the few remaining structures, screaming for help.  There are 1d6+4 Tunnelers (pg XX) in the area and will begin attacking immediately. 
6A small moisture farm in the middle of the sands. A teenager whines about having no friends and going on adventures while his gruff uncle manipulates him into staying on the farm for another season because he’s really too cheap to hire on more hands and his passive aunt gives disapproving looks but still allows this to continue and just makes disgusting blue milkshakes in their small kitchen.
7A still functioning Ancient Earth drive-in theater.  A group of Mole Beastmen (Barbarians, pg 106) gather here nightly.
8A field of alien plants, mostly bulbous shaped succulents and corkscrew-leafed ferns.  There are human-sized cacti that can move around on their roots on their own volition. 
9The ruins of an Ancient Earth robotics testing facility.  Haywire robots, Stink Bug Insectoids (pg XX), and Stupendous Science all lurk within.
10A Tower Prison of Technodabbler. Prisoners toil in the dangerous mines below mining ore and minerals.
11An area covered in perpetual snow, ice and frost.  The remains of a brief but deadly class between the Technodabbler and The Ice Emperor.
12During the Great Calamity a large area of land was raised into the air, creating a lush mesa.  Dilapidated buildings are home to a group of humans who are battling the Warlock (Barbarians, pg 143) and his band of Sand Apes (pg XX) for the land.


#1- City of Golden Gates

  • Sitting on the ruins of the ancient Golden Gate Bridge. Ruined cars, semi-trailers, and abandoned structures made of pulp by long-dead Insectoids (pg XX). 
  • Home to Hawk beastmen and few humans. 
  • In a constant state of warfare with Beetle Insectoids (pg XX) who are drawn to the gates for some unknowable reason.

#2- Blood Cove

  • Waters are filled with psychic flying piranhas (swarm, pg XX).
  • A small cave leads to the treasure horde of Bad Mama, a fearsome pirate.
  • The waters of the cove have strange magical properties because of the psychic energies of the piranhas.

#3- Western Sands

  • See Barbarians of the Ruined Earth, pp. 148-157.

#4- Nowheresville

  • Abandoned Ancient Earth Wild West Tourist Town. 
  • People dress like ragged cowboys and say “howdy” and “ma’am” and tilt their hats to one another.
  • The Lawmen (Barbarians, pg 92) have a dedicated congregation here and meet in the chapel above Boot Hill.

#5- Giant Rubik’s Cube

  • Floating 3’ in the air, the Rubik’s Cube (2ft wide, high, and deep) is rotating slowly as if bopped by a gentle wind.
  • The colors flash in a brilliant display like a technicolor dream when the sides are moved.
  • When solved, becomes a massive Rubik’s Cube and a door opens to a small pocket dimension, home to the Cosmic Being, Quartso.   

#6- Crystal Plateau

  • Crystals of all shapes and sizes grow in this expansive plateau. Many of these crystals have unique properties.
    • Roll 1d10- 1) Eat and make Luck roll- if it favors character, heals for 2 HD.  If it doesn’t favor the target, they are changed to a random color of the rainbow for 1d4 days; 2) Toss at a target and release electrical discharge for 1d10 damage; 3) Freezes a target in place for 1d4 rounds; 4) Can be crushed and sprinkled on head to float 2’ off the ground; 5) Thrown at a large target or smaller, knocks them on the ground and stunned for 1 round; 6-7) Absorbs the effect/damage of one spell directed at holder; 8) Warm to the touch; 9) Cool to the touch; 10) Weird lumpy piece of crystal that feels… sad.
  • Magical energies are drained here.  Characters that are in this area for more than an hour must make their tests to cast spells with Disadvantage. If the characters are in the area for more than 24 hours, they lose the ability to casts spells until they leave and 24 hours afterwards.
  • Crystal Monstrosities (pg XX) prowl the area, looking for fresh prey. 

#7- Lost Vegas

  • Dilapidated, tumbled Ancient Earth casinos and entertainment centers stand in varying states of decay and use; flashing neon lights, roars of engines and the screams of crazed revelers fill the air.
  • Hot rods and motorcycles rip through the streets, ready to burn rubber on the dangerous road race on Route 666 (pg XX).
  • The Demon King, The Great Flaming Mo, observes the decadence and street races from his throne of mufflers and steering wheels. 

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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  1. FYI, I’m an illustrator if you find yourself in need of one, I typically tell people this but Your concepts remind me of my own absurdist ideas. I am an absurdist for sure but I’m a versatile artist. I’m already the lead artist on an independent video game. Also it’s writer. If you like I can show you some examples

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