The Blighted Lands Territory for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth

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Good day all. Writing continues for my adventure/setting book for the United States in Barbarians of the Ruined Earth. I have broken the map down into 8 territories, each “ruled” by a powerful Sorcerer. Within each territory are several interesting locations (Usually between 5-10), a d12 encounter table and d12 interesting location table.The book will have a bunch of new baddies, Stupendous Science devices, several new classes/race-as-class, Strange Weaponized Animals, and other stuff that I’ll go into more detail later (I gotta write it first).

I shared a sketch of the map and The Sands territory previously.

Be well!

Mazmog the Ignominious- Ruler of the Blighted Lands


  • Robotic dome with dark black circuits.  Corneas are made up of dozens of tiny rings of metal, all spinning furiously both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Thin and twitchy, arms and legs of metal that can telescope up to 15’.
  • Wears a robe of smoke made solid. 

Plot Hooks

  • Mazmog has sent some of her loyal cybernetically enhanced mutants out to capture the hellfire-fueled rides of the Demon Biker Gangs, believing this substance to hold powerful magical properties and secrets. 
  • After earthquakes have been felt for days huge robotic spiders (the size of a cargo van) with electrified pincers and rocket launcher eyes burst through the ground and start patrolling Blighted Lands, bring more under land under Mazmog’s control.
  • Mazmog’s sorcerous experiments have caused huge amber crystals to burst from the ground all over the Blighted Lands.  The crystals have been shooting fragmented lightning into the sky periodically.  Strange clouds have begun forming…

Territory Description:

  • A vast dusty wasteland filled untold dangers and adventures.  The parched earth cracks under foot.
  • After the Great Calamity, the ruins of the Ancient Earth have become twisted, merging with material from other worlds and realities.
  • Hidden oases, mirages, sinkholes, and tears and reality are all dot the landscape of this harsh environment while massive dust storms, sentient dust-nados, and Drought Lighting (Barbarians, pg 98) are commonplace.
Roll 1d12Result
1A Demon Biker Gang crew (2d4+1) members are roaring through the Blighted Lands, heading to Route 666.  They have: Roll 1d4- 1) A small canister of Hellfire Fuel they are willing to sell; 2) A group of humans that are riding with them.  They looked shellshocked at what they’ve experienced but are having the times of their lives; 3) A small, wizened turtle Beastman riding in a sidecar with spiked leather helmet and goggles.  He has a strange metal box he cannot open but is willing to trade; 4) A bunch of spoils they are willing to trade.  There is a 25% chance they have Weaponized Animals (Barbarians, pp 61-63) and a 10% chance they have a Stupendous Science device. 
2A Scavenger driving a jury-rigged van across the Blighted Lands looking for stuff to collect and sell. 
3A band of humans are traveling to the Greatest Lake to build a line of pumpkins around its edge, believing it will bring prosperity to their people.     
4A lone demon is taking a spiritual journey across the Ruined Earth on her ride, named Thelma.  She will welcome friendly beings into her camp or to ride with her.  Jerks and raiders get to meet Louise, her flame blast shotgun.
5A hive of Fire Beetles (pg XX).  The hive is a sink hole with the bottom half of an Ancient Earth school bus sticking out. 
6A pack of 2d6 Dactlyenas are attacking: Roll 1d4- 1) A band of humans, several have already been killed/taken; 2) A small Demon Biker Gang; 3) A group of peaceful Strange Ones (Barbarians, pp 137-138); 3) Another band of adventurers; 4) A caravan of newt Beastmen.
7Cobra-Lion-Spider (pg XX) hides in the upper recces of a craggy rockface waiting for prey.  Targets suffer Disadvantage to spotting this hunter. 
81d3 Silver Fish insectoids (pg XX) are devouring the remains of a small band of humans. 
9A lone robot with a massive club on its back.  It wanders the Blighted Lands looking for: Roll 1d4- 1) Its companion that was kidnapped by raiders a few weeks ago; 2) The entrance to a Sorcerer’s secret compound.  They believe it houses experimental robotic technology; 3) A fresh oasis that it can set up an outpost for traveler; 4) Vengeance- a friend betrayed the robot and killed its group.  The robot barely survived and has been on a quest ever since.
10The Shadowed Moon, a vile cult, is about to sacrifice a group of captives in a dark ritual.  There are 2d3 Cultists, 1 Cultist (Blessed), and 1 Cult Leader (Barbarians, pg 109).
11Group of Robotic Orbs (pg XX) on patrol for Mazmog.  There is 1 Defender, 2 Blasters, 1 Stalker, and 1 Scatter.
12A Car-Serpent (Barbarians, pg 108) is viciously devouring the rusted remains of Ancient Earth cars, hungry for a real meal.
Interesting Location
Roll 1d12Result
1Gas station that still has a robot attendant and a few people.  Some Technothusiasts are cobbling together Ancient Earth technology for some sort of “experiment.”
2A field of mud, bubbling and steaming from volcanic activity.  There is: Roll 1d#: 1) A group of travelers soaking in the mud, happy for relaxation; 2) A wooly mammoth-caterpillar stuck in the mud and sinking; 3) The remains of an Ancient Earth airplane stuck in the mud; 4) A monster made of mud and rock (1d4 HD) protecting a large cactus with a single crystalline fruit growing on top. 
3The ruins of an Ancient Earth neighborhood.  A single house stands amongst the wreckage.  Inside is a skeleton in a chair, child’s toys around her, a picture of a young child in its skeletal hands.  There is a sullied library in the home but there are 1d6 books that can be read (Barbarians, pg 91).
4A set of jagged twisted rocks, spots are covered in large purple mushrooms with red and yellow spots.  Atop the mesa is a village made of giant reed hanging baskets, home to Eagle Beastmen. 
5An Ancient Earth trucking depot lies in ruin.  Semi-trailers covered in rust and caked in dust.  A working semi-truck is rests in a garage.  There are 1d3 Tunnelers (pg XX) lurking beneath the ground. 
6A metallic fortress, alien in design, floats above the ground, strange vehicles zip from edge to edge, transporting large glowing cubes back and forth. 
7A petrified forest with tress resembling human figures.  The Despair, a shadowy creature that feeds on the life force of the living is said to dwell within. 
8A field of makeshift, creaky wind turbines spin lazily in a gentle breeze.  These generate energy for an underground robot factory of the Stupendous Scientist, Mal Mack.  
9A swirling vortex of sand and wind that spirals up high into the air.  In the center, the eye of the storm is a small dwelling, home to a powerful Terramancer (pg XX). 
10A length of subway tunnels that have been moved partially above ground, exposing a labyrinthine structure.   Scavengers, monsters, treasure, and lost secrets can be found by the brave and bold venturing below. 
11The small village of Nettles is ruled by the Sorcerer, Gilgoomesh the Boneless.  Gilgoomesh rules with a strong pseudopod and pays fealty to Mazmog.  There is a giant robotic spider rover loading supplies and slaves as the group arrives.
12A field of green, yellow, blue and orange corn; a bountiful harvest for the starving and downtrodden… except the field is home to a tribe of Cannibal Antment (pg XX) and some Giant Wasps (pg XX).


#1- The Great World Wound

  • Jagged, twisted and covered in ichor.  Hot air blasts forth, stinking of the World Below (pg XX).
  • Strange insects and monstrosities emerge occasionally, causing havoc in the four surrounding territories. 
  • Revered by a group of mutated and techoaugmented Armadillo Beastmen who guard it ferociously.  It is said they have a stash of treasure from those they have killed.

#2- The Ruins of Family Fun Park Adventures

  • Coaster Gang rides the rails of the thrill carts and runs gauntlets of death and pain for amusement and for their master.
  • Occasionally riffraff cruising Route 666 will stop here to trade or try and make trouble.
  • Orbtro, a Sorcerer, rules his area and fears attack from more powerful Sorcerers.
    • Orbtro’s head is a giant eye with a neon green cornea and wears billowing robes, its hovering robotic body is hidden beneath.

#3- Route 666

  • This vast highway was once the famous Ancient Earth Route 66 but in the Ruined Earth it is a highway of hellfire and the roars of motorcycles; the smell of sulfur and demon fire lingers in the air.
  • Demon Biker Gangs race across Route 666 from the Niagara Hellmouth all the way to Nukatomi Plaza.
  • Epic road wars, death races, and raging tailgate parties stretch the length of the highway. 
Route 666 Encounters
Roll 1d6Result
1The Demon Biker Gang, The Fury Roaders, are blazing a trail of fire down Route 666.  Their leader, The Razor, is looking for new recruits to help take out their rivals, The Charred Remains.
2A hellfire-fueled drag race is about to take place over a stretch of Route 666.  No rules, no hold barred race in whatever rigged ride a contestant can find.  The Overseer, an agent of the Sorcerer Mazmog, is judging the race.
3Pink Death (pg XX), a sentient hotrod murdermobile created by Stupendous Science and Sorcery tears a trail of blood, carnage, and gore along Route 666.  It is hot on the tail of the group of heroes.   
4The spirits of those that have died on Route 666 line the road, some of them with their thumbs out, hoping to take in one last ride.
5The Dirty Diesel Dozen, a band of blood thirsty raiders, rides Route 666 in two heavy modified semi-trucks and trailers causing as much mayhem as possible. 
6A caravan of modified vans travels Route 666 looking to party and trade. 

#4- Ariel Fields

  • Ancient Earth airfield for light aircraft.  Bits of small planes litter these now hilly rolling fields. 
  • Surrounded by blighted lands, these fields are plentiful.  Gorgeous flowers shimmer and move lazily in the calming breeze, their fragrance wafting on the air.
  • A village of Strange Ones lives under the hills in burrows.  Many use the metal from the planes to surf down the hills. 

#5- Canyon of Screams

  • Once called “The Grand Canyon” this area is now home to the lingering spirits of the dead. 
  • Thick swirling mists roll between the canyon walls, the screams of the dead torment the ears of travelers.  Lament, anguish, and fear echo in their minds.
  • The ziggurat of The Bone Church, rests on the canyon floor.  Zi, a powerful Death Priest, wears the bones of the dead as armor, a moose skull rests on their head, and controls their congregation, taking them on vision quests with the aid of the spirits. 

#6- Thundarr Mountain

  • Huge mountains of jagged red rock jut from earth.  The violence of their rise during Great Calamity still evident after millennia. 
  • Atop one of the peaks is a small monastery and shrine.  A few monks tend the grounds to survive in this harsh environment.   
  • Red crystals grow from the rocks, said to amplify the powers of Sorcerers, are highly sought by Mazmog’s agents, causing constant troubles for the monks high above. 

#7- Chunk of Moon

  • A huge chunk of the moon crashed down in the Blighted Lands, creating a huge crater.  The moon chunk radiates energy and strange alien life has grown around it and the surrounding lands. 
  • A group of depraved beings called the Crater Cult worship the moon chunk as a Cosmic Being, sacrificing themselves and others to it or allowing themselves to become mutated monstrosities. 
  • Vicious-looking alien plants, insects, and animals wander this area, looking for easy prey to snatch. 

#8- The Gateway

  • Ravaged by the convergence of multiple realities, the ruins of the Ancient Earth city of St. Louis have become a warped and nightmarish landscape. 
  • The Gateway Arch was repurposed by foul sorcery and Stupendous Science to be a gateway to other dimensions.
  • Turning a few knobs, spinning a few dials, and channeling Sorcery will open The Gateway to: Roll 1d6- 1) Malgor– Dimension of fire and brimstone; 2) Zifi– Dimension of technology and science; 3) Azma– Dimension of energy and consciousness; 4) Omega Prime– Dimension of travel and exploration; 5) Earth One– parallel dimension to the Ruined Earth, save the Great Calamity didn’t happen but WWIII is about to; 6) Sha- Dimension of shadows and darkness.

#9- Mazmog’s Molten Pit of Power

  • Four bridges with moving sidewalks hold this massive fortress above a pool of lava. 
  • Waves of energy are released from magma eruptions and harnessed in giant spinning generators beneath the fortress.  The energy travels to a central unit and is blasted into Mazmog.
  • Flying robotic drones that resemble a spider with 8 cybernetic laser eyes zoom around the skies, looking for threats to their master. 

#10- Pit Stop

  • Neutral ground that rests on the side of Route 666.  Bounty Hunters, bandits, raiders, Sorcerers, and Demon Biker Gangs all come to Pit Stop to view the wild entertainment, heckle travelers, and find work.
  • Run by Muze, a huge four-armed two-headed alien creature from another reality.  
  • Built atop the remains of a compound of a long-gone Sorcerer, many venture inside for Stupendous Science devices and riches.  Most don’t return.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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