Star Wars Campaign: Trouble in Phynol

I’ll be honest- I really dig the new Star Wars movie.  It isn’t perfect- and there are glaring plot holes, pacing issues, etc. that plague the movie- but it’s the Star Wars movie we’ve been waiting for since 1983.  With Star Wars thundering through my head, I figure it’s a good time to start playtesting my Star Runners Kit (here’s what I’ve posted on the blog thus far) for White Star (gotta playtest this while I’m playtesting High Noon)

I decided that I would start the group off in my own sector of space, called the Phylon Sector.


The game starts roughly 5 months after the destruction of the first Death Star.  The empire has placed blame on the destruction of Alderaan on the Rebel Alliance and has begun clamping down on all systems, justifying it as “protection from the terrorists and their kind.”  Aliens are treated even more harshly and civil liberties and planetary government control are being stripped away.


The group are o smugglers/treasure hunters and members of the Phynol Sector resistance cell, the Free Roamers.  The resistance cell fights against the Imperial presence in their space.

The Phynol Sector is an area of space that is difficult to get to due to a dense asteroid field that requires patience and meticulous hyperspace coordinates.  There are six worlds, five of which are ruled by a House and a space station owned by Obsidian Industries that guards its corporate interests and harvests the asteroids for minerals.

At the end of this sector is a dense nebula that emits electrical discharges- very few are foolish enough to use it for cover, etc.  Harvesting the gases of the nebula are profitable and the Houses and Obsidian Industries send in droid collectors as well as small manned expeditions to gather the gases.  Recently a manned ship was damaged and drifted too far into the nebula- their last transmission before the ship exploded- radioed coming across a large metallic structure and a planet in the distance.  Now scavengers and the corporation are curious to figure out what is lurking in the nebula, as is the Empire.

The Empire has established a hold on the Phynol Prime with the help of the recently assassinated leader of the House of Stars and the House of Water.  The Imperial leader, Moff Rhymers has begun taking control of the government, siting possible insurrection as justification.  Propaganda floods the airwaves and holovids, Imperial banners fly from every building, and Storm Trooper presence is seen everywhere.

The start of the campaign have the characters encounter the first two Star Destroyers, one an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer (generates gravity wells).


After I came up with the premise I decided to use the Awesome Rule of One that I talked about after watching Killjoys and came up with the following:

Rule of One for Campaign

One city– Undertown- exists in the catacombs of the city capital.  Where all the downtrodden and poor go on this lush and beautiful world.

One government– The Consortium of Five- one ruling family from each of the 5 inhabitable planets.

One point of contact– Young prince of the House of the Stars- the house of the main world that holds more power- trying to prove himself, secretly funding rebel resistance as Moff takes more of his power away.  Father was supporter of Empire, recently assassinated.

One law agency– P-Sec- Law for whole sector

One point of contact– Commander Crux- Human

One religion– Believers of Utomak- believes that we are too advanced, attempting to bring the people of the Phynol Sector back to a simpler time- fears the Empire and its interference.

One resistance– The Free Roamers- Phynol Sectors new resistance- not part of the Alliance yet- but desires to make contact.

One point of contact- Jy’rill Mar- Twi’lek soldier

One major evil corporation– Obsidian Industries

One point of contact– Riker Gribbs- Human

One bar– Fried Mon Cal

One Face– Gr’ack Vin- Mon Calamari smuggler

One Johnson– Hyz “The Blitz” Flip- Human

One Dickhead villain– Zertak- Falleen smuggler/crime lord- has protection racket, ships, etc.  Functions in Undertown.

One Dickhead Rival– Bendick Greel- Rodian smuggler/treasure hunter- has similar ship and crew to players.  Has rival with one player- loves rubbing it in their face when he wins.  Ship is called Gleeful Thief.

(other info)

Five Houses

House of Stars

House of the Sun

House of Water

House of Air

House of Night


Rule of One for Empire

One government– The Empire- biding time before completely taking over the sector.

One point of contact– Admiral Valeese- human- believes in the mission of the Empire, however does not like the brute force or death that he has seen in his time with the Empire.  Clashes with Moff Rhymers often on need of force and torture that the Moff employs.

One Dickhead Villain– Moff Rhymers- human- believes in the message of the Empire.  Hates non-humans- wants to subjugate the whole sector.


Then I came up with the Phynol Sector

Phynol Sector

The Phynol Sector
The Phynol Sector

Then I created a Star Wars crawl thanks to the Star Wars website

Aside: The website is being a dick and not loading the crawl that I created- so here are the words


Episode IV.V

Trouble in Phynol

It is a time of galactic strife. Imperial forces are clamping down on all systems after the destruction of their secret weapon, the DEATH STAR.

Blamed for the destruction of Alderaan, the Rebel Alliance has had to all but vanish for the time being as agents of the Emperor search high and low for these fighters of justice and freedom.

In the Phynol system a strange machine has been discovered in the nebula. The local resistance cell, the Free Roamers, now race to discover what it is before the Empire can claim it as their own…


Planets of Phynol Sector

I used my Die Drop Planet Generator for most of the stuff on these worlds (this will be in the Star Runner Kit)

Phynol Prime: is a lush jungle world and the most developed and densely populated planet of the sector.  The most powerful ruling family, the House of Stars, governs the planet from a large starship that hovers around the planet.  The newest fashions and technologies find their way to Phynol Prime (if somewhat slightly delayed).  Recently the leader of the House of Stars was assassinated.  The public is divided as the young prince ascends to the throne.  The leader was a supporter of the Empire and had made it easier for them to get a hold in the sector.


Most of the buildings in the cities are made of prefabricated metals and fiber-plastic.


Undertown lies in the old city catacombs.  Many smugglers, ne’er-do-wells, and the downtrodden live here.  Recently several grizzly murders have occurred in Undertown, causing many to become fearful and paranoid.

I went deeper and used my Instaplanet Generator for Phynol Prime for surface level info

Phynol Prime

Tech Level: High; Population: Several billion


Hyssia: is an arid moon that orbits Phynol Prime, and home to the House of Air.  Tensions are running high currently as the Believers of Utomak are openly resisting the noble House- crying for the Phynol sector to go back to a simpler time.  To make matters worse, the planet is suffering for an infestation of rodents that breeding at an alarming rate.  The House of Air resides in an inverted pyramid-shaped building in the center of the Hyssian capital.  All the buildings are covered in solar panels to harvest the energy of the sun.


Tech Level: High; Population: Several billion


Mirror: is a mountainous planet filled with high peaks, and low valleys filled with trees, rivers, and lakes.  The House of the Sun rules the planet from their government building, which has been carved from an asteroid that fell to the planet thousands of years ago.  Currently Mirror is under quarantine as a sickness is running rampant through the small planet.  All the housing and buildings are constructed from prefabricated metals and fiber-plastic.


Tech Level: Medium; Population: Tens of millions


Anglor: is the home to the House of Water and is a swampy planet covered in massive mushrooms.  Recently a strange, virulent form of fungus has grown on much of the planets crops, ruining them.  The planet has had to go into rationing to make sure their food supply lasts.  Anglor is in a state of faux-celebration after the House of Water, with the help of Imperial Stormtroopers, brought a 15 year civil war to an end, and wiped out all the resistance leaders to the House of Water’s regime.  Anglor is home to a massive penal colony that is built on a massive crabwalker that wanders the planet.  Structures of the affluent and powerful are crafted from a bronze-like metal mined from the planet.  The metal is slightly warm to the touch, regardless of season.


Tech Level: Med; Population: Tens of millions


Eddat:  This was once a planet overseen by House of the Wind, thousands of years ago.  The House of Wind was doing testing on a biological agent for war when it was accidentally released.  Nearly all the population was killed.  Those that survived have been transformed into horrific creatures, as have all the indigenous animals and beasts.  Ancient ruins filled with artifacts and prizes dot the landscape of Eddat, but the planet is extremely dangerous.  People have to go down in full protection suits and sit in isolation for 1 week as the disease still exists.


D-5517: Is a barren ice rock and home to the House of Night.  D-5517 furthest from sun and has a minimal population.  There is a penal colony, several mining stations that harvest large chunks of ice and rock from the planet and ship them to other worlds for trade, and a single spaceport and station.  The settlements have been suffering difficulties lately as violent electrical storms have raged through an area, severely damaging any equipment or droids that were active.


Tech Level: Med; Population: Several thousand


I’ll do the instaplanet generator for the other planets and post them all as I flush them out.


We will be playing once a month and hopefully start sometime in January.

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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