Killjoys and the Awesome Rule of One



Last night I wrapped up watching the Killjoys.  I actually really enjoyed it.  I’m not saying it’s an award winner or fresh and new…  In fact several times it falls into cliche and trope traps… however, I still enjoyed it and thought it would make for great inspiration for a sci-fi RPG setting.


What really got me about Killjoys, from a campaign standpoint, was the lack of complexity.

It starts off very simple and doesn’t overwhelm the view (or gaming group).  It’s a great jumping off point- hell even  for a whole first part of a campaign.

I’m looking at it as the Rule of One.  You only have one thing to represent an aspect of the game.  Obviously as sessions continue on, more things will emerge, form, and develop.  I’ll break it down using Killjoys as the example.

One city- Old town- where the downtrodden live (most interesting adventure location)

One government- the Company

One point of contact- Old grizzled veteran of the company that lingers in Old Town

One law agency- The Rac

One point of contact- Asshole Rac officer that doesn’t like the group

One religion- The Pain monks

One resistance- Headed by the pain monks, but even non-believers are involved

One major evil corporation- Same as the Company, but serves in a different faucet here

One bar- The Royale.  Serves for hangouts, fencing, info gathering, etc.

One Face- Owner of the Royale

One Johnson- The Killjoys handler

One Dickhead Villain- the main big bad that is orchestrating level 6 of the Killjoys.

Royal families- there are nine- however only one has come into focus and only one point of contact has come out.


This right here is a decent (robust even) start to a campaign and can keep players entertained and engaged for awhile.  As the players adventure, make choices, etc. more and more locations, adversaries, NPCs, etc will emerge.  I always find that front loading a campaign with too much stuff overloads the players OR never sees the light of day.  Gonna have to give this format a go next time I do a campaign.


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