High Noon Playtest Session 2- Investigating Around High Noon

Session Two


A grumpy, pushy shaman(Angie)

A Showman who is trained in the etiquette of the West, motherfuckers! (Amelia)- I haven’t put this Weird class on the blog
A scout that can move silently, has a badass rifle, and knows nature and shit (Tyler)
And a gunslinger who’s quick on the draw (Kevin)

Not Present

A “I’m an evil warlock” sorcerer (Chad)

A pugilist that has fists of fury (Nate)

Spring Water

Town of Spring Water

When we ended session one, the group staggered into the town of Spring Water battered, bloodied after their bout in the abandoned mine.  They ran into Sheriff One-Eye Janey outside of the Three-legged Dog Saloon and Inn.  She greeted them cordially enough, but warned them to stay out of trouble in her town.  With a deep inhale from her cigar, she sauntered off to the Sheriff’s Office in the distance.

The group made their way into the Three-legged Dog Saloon and bought some whisky.  Amelia went to the broken down piano and started playing Old Susana (link) while Kevin and Angie drank (Angie testing how the bartenders would react to having a Native as a customer- they didn’t seem to mind).

After some palaver about the town, the group found out about some of the troubles in Spring Water.  Many of the folks didn’t take kindly to Variss Industries coming from Cold Smoke City and taking over their land and building an ore refinery plant on the outskirts of town.  Also that the strange green fog that was turning people inside out was coming from the valley where the refinery resided.  The tavern owners also informed them to steer clear of the Judge O’Mallery, for he is a hangman’s judge (can dispense justice without trial and he is extremely firm).

The group then went to the Sheriff’s Office to confirm what they heard at the tavern.  After a lengthy conversation, Sheriff One-eye Janey told them to go rest up and she’d have a small posse assembled in the AM.

With that we ended for the evening.

Note about this session: this was a fun info gathering session, but it was very low energy.  Several of the players were extremely tired after work and long days, the session didn’t start until 7:15pm instead of 6pm and I called it at 8:30 because I could tell people were too tired to keep playing- and it made sense for a stopping point there. 


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