Strange and Nasty Diseases Table

Here is another table I did today (first one here) for my Complete Wilderness Kit: A Vornheim Hack.

Diseases should be cool and disgusting and awesome… However, as with the Pathfinder RPG, they are reduced to nothing but evocative names and then ability score damage..  That equals snoozetastic in my book.

On G+ I had a conversation with Stuart of Strange Magic and Cole of Abraxas and they came up with some cool ideas on the Pathfinder plagues… This inspired me to finish my disease chart

Works easy- Pick a disease and have the character roll the appropriate save.  If failed have them roll a 2d6 and a d4.  The d4 is the length of time; even- weeks and odd- days.  The 2d6 is the amount of time.  (IE- 7 on the 2d6 and a 3 on the d4 is 7 days before the disease starts to take effect).

I like to keep things simple and sweet and not have random incubation times for each disease.  That’s more shit to remember when I could be focusing on the game.

I want to thank Cole for allowing me to steal his creative awesomeness on Demon Fever (which I renamed Devil Fever) and Red Ache (I changed to Red Plague).

Here it be:

Diseases of the Wild
Roll Name Save Effect
1 Lunar Burning Con You’ve become sensitive to the moonlight.  You burn horribly as if you were out in high sun for days.
2 Madness of the Witch Int Your hair goes lanky, skin pallid, warts on your nose.  When you laugh, it’s a cackle and bats, rats, black cats, toads, and ravens show up to say hi.  People want to burn you at the stake.
3 Necrotic Rot Con You skin turns dead and rots off.  It’s disgusting and smells bad and is highly contagious.  You take 2d4 Con damage per day until zero- then you die and rise up as a ghoul.  Nasty.
4 Brain Fire Int You’re brain hurts and you scream and claw and scratch at your scalp and face (you suffer -4 to all actions).  You must succeed a Wisdom check to hold it in or it bursts out in a 5 ft area doing 1d6 damage.
5 Weeping Pustules Con Small pustules develop on your body that look like little mouths.  They ooze, bleed, and weep.  The pus is acidic and will destroy anything if is in contact with it long enough.  You take 1d6 damage each day.
6 Twitches Con You twitch and shake and tremble.  You cannot perform delicate tasks and suffer -4 to all actions including bladder control.
7 Withering Con You wither and closely resemble something that has been mummified.  You suffer -2d6 from all physical stats, however your cough is toxic and does 2d6 damage (1 time per day).
8 Sludges Con You’re melting into a puddle of goo.  Eventually you will join the ranks of the mindless oozes.  Anyone who touches you takes 1d4 acid damage.
9 Blighted Eyes Con Your eyes swell and become covered in a fuzzy mold.  After 2d4 days your eyes burst and spores are spread in the air.  Anyone in the immediate area must make a save or become infected.
10 Rock Hunger Con You develop an insatiable hunger for rocks.  All other food seems disgusting to you and you must make a Wisdom check to force yourself to eat.  After a few days all your teeth are busted and gone and your gums are bloody and bruised.
11 Necrotic Frenzy Con You think dead people are out to get you.  The sight of a corpse, any corpse, you fly into a blind rage and hack and slash and mutilate the body.  You are not popular at funerals and you disturb people after combat.
12 Red Plague Con You turn coop-devil red and are nearly blind beyond 1′ but gain 30′ infravision. Yu can only move half speed due to pain. If immersed in water you create a weak red dye.  Anyone who touches you must save or become infected as well.
13 The Swelling Con You retain water and swell to epic proportions.  When you walk, sloshing is heard.  You lose 2d6 Dex, but are able to ignore 2 points of physical damage.  You cannot fit into tight spaces and if you fall, you’re fucked.
14 Ghost Pox Wis There is nothing there, but your skin itches like hell.  You scratch until you bleed.  But there’s nothing there.  However when you scratch a faint moaning can be heard.  -4 to all actions.
15 Whistler’s Lament Wis You can’t stop whistling.  Ever.  Even in your sleep.  It’s annoying and people hate you.  They want to beat you and break your face.  You can’t hide or stealth.
16 Devil Fever Wis You sweat unholy water, count as evil in all case where that’s a bad thing, and are ritually impure to most religions.  Your sweat makes people itch.
17 Weak Bones Con You’re bones become brittle and break easily.  All physical damage to you is doubled.  Criticals are quadrupled.
18 Hangman’s Curse Wis You develop a strange bruised ring around your neck, your eyes bulge, and you have a hard time breathing.  -4 to all physical actions.  You cough up blood too.
19 Retching Laughter Con When not distracted you laugh and laugh and laugh until you throw up and throw up and throw up until there is nothing but bile and dry heaving.  You can’t act when this happens.
20 Hive Mind Wis Your head develops holes and bees make their nest in your head.  The buzzing is distracting (-2 to all perception/concentration checks) and honey drips out of your nose constantly.


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6 responses to “Strange and Nasty Diseases Table

  • David Macauley

    Great tables, both this one and the previous one. These will definitely find use in my games. Thanks Mike.

  • shortymonster

    Those are killer. Not a Pathfinder player, but a tiny bit of a tweek, and they would make a lovely fit into my fave game of the moment, Unhallowed Metropolis. Could work just as well as curses too, if you’re playing a game that utilises them.

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    […] 1- You make a complete fool out of yourself in public.  You gain no XP.  Roll a Luck roll.  If successful you suffer -2 to Personality rolls for 24 hours.  If the Luck roll failed you gain reputation as the drunken lout and all Personality rolls are made one step lower on the die ladder for the next 1d4 months. 2- Get into an epic pub brawl!  Roll 1d3: 1-2) there are an equal number of brawlers to party members; 3) There are 1d4 more brawlers to party members.  Party members suffer -2 to attack for being drunk. 3- A slight drunken misunderstanding with the local constabulary that results in a fine of 2d8x10gp.  Failure to pay said fine results in 2d10 days in jail. 4- You wake up in bed with someone… roll on Wake Up in Bed With… table below. 5- You lose an additional 1d10x50 GP in gambling loses and gain 0 XP. 6- You drank and celebrated and were the life of the party.  Roll a DC 10 Personality Check- if you fail, you manage to be forgotten and fade into the mists of inebriation.  If you succeed on the roll you become the stuff of legend and all future carousing in this location cost double due to people who glom onto you for free drinks and revelry. 7-8- You insult a notable person of importance.  Roll on Local Person of Rank table. 9- Sharing mugs, swapping spit (or worse) isn’t the smartest thing…  You picked up a disease..  Roll on the Diseases of Hubris table (pg XX).  Use this util the book is published. […]

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