5e Session Two Recap- Into Saltmarsh… A Celebration, a Horde of Zombies, and Death…

Session Two


Liam- Gnome paladin

Stephen- Halfling barbarian

Chuck- High elf sorcerer


Aside: This session ended up being a little light on players, but the three who could make it, stepped up to the plate and kicked some ass.

Last session we left off with group resting before heading into Saltmarsh… Arriving at Saltmarsh the group was demanded to play a small tax of 5 silver to enter into the town.  The retired merchant that they were escorting that he must pay 25 gold for his wagon of goods.  After debating and grumbling, the merchant paid for everyone’s entrance fee.

The group wandered into Saltmarsh and were greeted by the sights, smells and sounds of the Merchant District (see map below).


The City of Saltmarsh

The City of Saltmarsh

The group bid farewell to the merchant and decided to explore the district together.  I used my City District Generator to generate all the districts, distinctive features, rumors/hooks, and an event happening in that district.  For the merchant district event I rolled “A festival celebrating life and happiness is currently underway!  The Cleric in charge of the sermon misreads the wrong passage and causes people to drop dead and rise as zombies and ghouls!”  I described the event underway and that there was free food and drink…  they took the bait and watched.  They then watched in horror as the priest read the passage and transformed into a massive bloated zombie that bellowed out a ferocious roar.  The blood floated to the ground and was surrounded by a sinister aura.  Suddenly people in the crowd were transformed into zombies (20 of them to be exact).

Bloated Zombie

The group leapt into action!  Chuck ran away most of the fight (and missed pretty much all of his spell rolls) shouting, “I’m a sorcerer, dammit!  I don’t have the HP for this!”  Liam defended the helpless people in the crowd now being munched on by zombies…  A few city guard came to help him.  Out of the six that showed up, one survived (I think I need make this character show up again).  Stephen made his way through the surging crowd to the bloated zombie and began hacking away at him.  After Stephen dropped the bloated zombie, it exploded and three 1′ long maggots with barbed teeth

The fight was quite vicious and took roughly an hour and change to get through… but it made me happy.  It was deadly, and for a D&D combat of the modern era to take only an hour with 30 different combatants was refreshing and made me happy!

Chuck and Stephen then focused on killing the book while Liam continued to mop up the remaining zombies in the crowd.

After the fight they were met by Barnes, the captain of the guard in this district, who thanked them profusely for their deeds and said he needed to escort them to the leader of Saltmarsh in the Pirate’s Quarters.

That is where we left off for the session.  The experience gained was enough to allow them all to hit level 2.  Chuck and Liam upped themselves to level 2 in their classes.  Stephen took a level in Fighter (he wanted Fighting Style, and more importantly Second Wind).


Afterthoughts: We are really still enjoying 5e


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