5e Session Three Recap- Carousing and Investigating in Saltmarsh- Sinister Secrets, SMURF, an Ankheg, and Death…


Fletch- Dwarf barbarian

Stephen- Halfling barbarian

Chuck- High elf sorcerer

John- Wood elf rogue

*Omar- Half demon Cleric

*Coley- Wood elf ranger

*Omar and Coley join us this week for some fun.  Omar has been rpging with me for years, but has been absent for nearly a year due to a busy RL schedule.  Coley is his g/f and it was her first time RPG.  She kicked butt.

Cleaning up the Mess


Last session we left off with the three heroes, Chuck, Liam, and Stephen, being escorted by Barnes- the captain of the Merchant District guard to the Pirate’s Quarters to meet with the leader of Saltmarsh.  The group got into a cart and were taken up to the Pirate’s District.  At the edge of the Merchant district the group saw a dilapidated building with guards in leather armor and masks.  A line of homeless and helpless looking people were being allowed into the building.


As the cart got near, a cultist in a red robe and white mask approached the wagon, “Excuse me my brothers, would you like health, happiness, and eternal life?  The Universal Brotherhood can grant you salvation.”  Barnes pushed the cultist off the cart, “Be off, you damned weirdo!”

Barnes grumbled and filled the party in on this new cult that has sprung up in Saltmarsh.  “They are growing at an alarming rate.  They are promising health, happiness, food, and a gateway to eternal life… Thus far they have made good on their promises.  They haven’t done anything suspicious or illegal, so we have no way to move in on them..  but I don’t like them.”

The Universal Brotherhood
The Universal Brotherhood

The group rolled into the Pirate’s Quarters, past a massive cemetery, up to a large mansion and were shown up to the second floor into a large office by a snooty butler.  Inside the room was Omar and Coley’s characters.  The group was served drink and food.  After a few minutes they could hear arguing from another room- a gruff voice saying that Saltmarsh must give concessions to one of the kings of the North (there is a civil war going on in the northern kingdoms between three brothers and a sister).  A female voice retorted that the River Kingdoms are free and that Saltmarsh is the gate to the south and will not give such requests.  The gruff voice made a snide remark and called the female foolish.  The door flew open and a dwarf came crashing out, landing on his back- a dark elf female came out and told the dwarf to remember his place and that she was the leader of Saltmarsh, not him.  The dwarf got to his feet and scurried away.

The dark elf introduced herself as Neteela, leader of Saltmarsh.

The group talked for a bit and got some info on the city, the status of affairs, and was asked if they would be interested in a job of investigating a creepy mansion that has been abandoned for 25 years.  It was home to a wizard named Gargomel, who made a fortune on appraising antiquities and dabbling into the dark arts.  It is rumored that he was a demonologist.

Liam, Chuck, and Stephen were given 100gp each and the choice of a weapon from her armory (with a % chance that the weapon had special properties- silver, masterwork, or magical).  The whole group was given one week stay in the Lady Dragon’s Inn in the Pirate’s Quarters as a thank you for taking on the mission.  Chuck got a silver weapon, Liam and Stephen got masterwork (+1 to damage).


Carousing, Investigating, and Avoiding Taking a Bath

The group decided to split up here and do their own thing(s).  I was happy about this because it’s been awhile since the players have been able to do this.

I’ll just go through the highlights here:

Chuck– He decided to carouse and rolled a 6 on the table.  He is now known as a party animal.  All carousing costs are doubled in Saltmarsh.  He also didn’t have the money to pay for said revelry and is now in debt to someone, but doesn’t know who.  He woke up in the Planks District with a crow standing on his head.  He shooshed it away and it landed next to him, squawking.  He shot a ray of frost at it.  The bird split in two and squwaked, its jaw then dislocated and a small head came out of it’s mouth, “you owe me…  You owe me recompence…”  Then the birds died.  Chuck said, “Well… I guess I owe someone more than money…  Great.”

Fletch– Fletch also caroused and rolled a 15 and ended up joining the Guardians of the Egg that has Yet to Hatch.  He knows all their handshakes, passwords, and codes…  He also got a nifty lil hat with an egg on it.  He also woke up naked next to an old woman, having had some fun that night.

Omar and John– Omar and John went to the library in the Law District to investigate Gargomel and his mansion.  They talked to a very rude and crazy librarian who referred to Omar as “imp” and was drawing pictures in a book, and muttered to himself.  The librarian gave the two a key to the third basement and a said, “watch out for the rodents of unnatural size.”

I did a good job scaring them in the basement, and described a rat tail whipping out of sight… Omar found the book and when he pulled it from the rack a necrotic rat sprang from the bookshelf and hit Omar in the face and exploded.  John ran.  When they got back upstairs the librarian had drawn a picture of what had happened.  Omar grumbled and took the book with him.

Reading through the book- Omar discovered that Gargomel made a fortune off crafting a strange blue substance called Smurf… and it was highly sought after.

Coley and Stephen– Stephen was bogged down with weapons and equipment and wanted Coley to show him the best place to sell the gear.  She failed her local knowledge check and instead took him into the Vagabond District to Mad Max’s Used Weapon Emporium.  When they got inside there was a halfling on his back being fed grapes by a fat half demon female.  I gave the halfling a faux-British accent (like Penguin in the Arkham Asylum games).  Stephen and him bartered for a few minutes and came to a great deal.  Stephen then mentioned he needed a bath (he was still covered in zombie blood and goo from the fight last session).

Mad Max jumped up and said, “Well you’re in luck!  My sister Hairy Henrietta has the finest bathhouse in all of the Vagabond District!  Go to her, tell ‘er I sentcha!  She’ll treat you right!”  Stephen and Coley agreed and when they got there the found a ramshackle hut and a surly, butch female dwarf with a round face standing by two iron bath tubs.  There was three homeless people standing behind her getting served soup labeled, “Bath Leavin’s Soup- only 2 copper!”  Sure enough- a ragged old lady was dumping the bath water in a pot to warm it up… mmmmm..

After hearing Hairy’s offer to give them a free massage with the bath (holding up her hands and showing open sores), Stephen and Coley fled and headed back to the Lady Dragon’s Inn.


Setting Off For Adventure… And Death

The group left the next morning for the mansion.  Being only 8 miles away it didn’t take too horribly long, but their movement was slowed due to the bog.  After a few hours of walking the group saw something coming towards them in the sky.  When it got closer the group realized it was two goblins on a bicycle.  There was a carved wooden monkey with actual feather wings on the front and back of the bicycle that flapped as the two goblins peddled.  When the goblins got close to the party, they started laughing and shouting obscenities at them.  Coley shouted, “I want to kill these fuckers! (Yeah- I think she fits right in… Already a murderhobo). ”

Initiative was rolled and Stephen, Coley, and the goblins all went first.  Coley fired an arrow at one while Stephen tried to run to where he thought there were going to land/crash (Coley missed though).  One of the goblins shouted, “I am prince Ibrogrik!  How dare you!” and let lose a jar of glowing beetles.  When the beetles hit the area of the group- they exploded.  Those that failed their save were knocked prone and took 1d4 damage- those that passed were still standing and took half damage.

Chuck threw a firebolt up at the goblin peddling and killed him… down went the bike and the prince goblin screaming curses… crash, dead… ouch.

The group proceeded on and eventually found the mansion in the distance.

Mansion of Saltmarsh

As they were walking through the fields, a large insect erupted from the dirt and attacked Omar, dropping him to zero HP instantly.


The group began attacking this creature, doing decent damage (especially Fletch, who connected with a holy shit 19 points of damage with his great axe).  Omar failed his first Death save at the end of the round.

The creature released a spray of acid at all the characters, doing 15 points of damage, dropping Coley’s character… Omar critically failed his Death save… and thus ends the great tale of the half demon cleric…

After two more rounds, the Ankheg was killed and the group was able to revive Coley (she made all three of her saves, but she was at two failed, two successes… so it was hairy for a moment).

We left off the session outside the mansion with the group, bruised, bloodied and tired.  They mourned the loss of their new comrade by looting his body and dividing up the spoils.

Next Week: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

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